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Are Rough Country Tonneau Covers Good?

Are Rough Country Tonneau Covers Good?

Rough Country is famous due to its premium quality products like tonneau covers that make it trustworthy.

Are Rough Country Tonneau Covers Good? Rough Country tonneau covers are good as they are made of high-quality raw materials that ensure durability and are easy to install. Moreover, they protect from weather, fading, and moisture. Furthermore, they are inexpensive, lightweight with better finishing, and fit perfectly over the truck bed.

You can get products that have a sleek appearance and amazing finishing that helps improve fuel economy.

Furthermore, they provide cost-effective and durable products that can retain their color and texture for a long and you do not have to replace them even after years.

Where are Rough Country tonneau covers made?

Rough Country is an American brand providing automotive products, including light covers, tonneau covers, roof racks, and other bed accessories.

It manufactures the products in the US and sells them widely in different US states.

It started production of leveling and lift kits in 1986 and is considered a well-known brand that provides after-market products for performance improvement, steering, etc.

Furthermore, it designs products for off-roading, like tonneau covers, that can help protect your truck bed from dirt and debris when driving on rough terrains.

Why are rough country tonneau covers good?

There are many benefits of Rough Country tonneau covers that make them a good choice for all truck drivers, as they can help protect the bed from damage due to UV rays, water, etc.

Weather protection

They protect the truck beds from the elements that can destroy their structure due to corrosion.

Every bed cover cannot provide enough protection, as they can get leaky during rain and makes the bed wet; that’s why you have to find a cover that perfectly fits on the rails providing better coverage.

So, Rough Country has introduced these covers that can resist uncontrolled rainwater, scorching sun rays, and air elements.

They can keep a truck bed dry due to the high-density flat seal that allows it to fit perfectly to the sides, leaving no hole for water and dirt particles to reach inside.

Protecting the bed against water and snow is essential, as excessive moisture and salt can make it prone to corrosion and rusting, affecting its longevity.

No fading and UV resistant

They ensure tonneau covers are resistant to UV light that can be harmful to the bed of a pickup and decrease the durability of the bed material.

These rays are harmful and accelerate the damaging process of bed liners. In addition, it can cause warping, and cracks will begin to appear over time when there is continuous exposure to harmful rays.

In the same way, these protective covers can also get affected by these damaging rays.

However, the Rough Country products ensure protection from the sun rays as they are made of high-quality material like high-grade aluminum having a smooth coating of resistant material.

This smooth coating helps prevent direct exposure to UV rays on the cover and increases its durability. In addition, there is no risk of fading and retaining the matte black finish for a long time.

Easy to install

It seems frustrating to spend long hours installing bed covers that require drilling procedures for proper fixation. 

The Rough Country offers products that are easier to install without much effort.

These take no time in the installation process, and you can fix them over the bed in almost 10 to 15 minutes. You can complete the task within 20 minutes when you are a newbie.

There is no need for tools and drilling to install them as you can only use bolts to fix it on the rails. The soft roll-up is easier to install and open within a few seconds.

All the necessary instructions are provided in a written format that can help you during installation.

High-quality raw material

They use high-quality material in the manufacturing process of tonneau covers as most of the frames are made of aluminum material that is durable and strong enough to resist stress.

In addition, the soft folding covers are made of leather grain and marine-grade vinyl that requires a little bit of maintenance but stays for a long time.

They prefer to pay equal attention to other components like bolts and locks as they use quick clamp locks that can work quickly.

All of these materials ensure their durability and make them good to use. Moreover, you do not have to be worried about their weight as they are easy to carry without help.

These covers are made of cost-effective material that reduces the overall cost of the product and makes it accessible to all truck holders who want better covers for protecting beds.

Security of luggage

Many people like road trips and want to carry food items and clothes with them, but it is sad when they have enough space for their luggage but cannot carry it due to safety issues.

The bed covers are usually added to the bed when you want to protect it from bad weather, but there is an additional benefit that you can put your possession under them.

It ensures the security of the luggage when you have to leave the vehicle on the road for some time. In addition, no one can get access to the bed when you have correctly fixed this tonneau cover.

Moreover, you can secure it in fixed places using safety latches that need to be disengaged when you want to fold it back. It is better to avoid keeping valuable things under a soft cover.

One of my friends had purchased a hard tri-fold tonneau cover from Rough Country and was extremely satisfied as he found no theft issues when keeping its possessions inside.

What type of tonneau covers does rough country provide?

Rough Country manufactures four types of covers for the truck bed with varying resistance to air particles, water, and durability.

Moreover, they manufacture soft folding tonneau covers for the tri-fold beds and are made of marine-grade vinyl and aluminum frames.

They are good at protecting from bad weather but do not ensure security from thieves.

The hard folding covers have three parts and a low-profile design, which means they will not add much weight to the truck providing protection from dirt, rain, and sun rays, and pose no risk of theft.

In addition, the retractable covers provide enough resistance against water and dirt and provide security for the items on the bed.

They are made of powder-coated aluminum and give a black matte finish without hampering their sleek design.

Furthermore, the soft roll-up covers are not only easy to install, but you can open them easily by rolling them up to access the bed.

High-quality leather is used in their manufacturing process that is durable and ensures protection of the truck bed from UV rays and air elements.

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