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Can You Add a Spoiler to a Honda Civic?

Can You Add a Spoiler to a Honda Civic?

Spoiler is the aerodynamic device that people usually install on the front or rear side of their cars to decrease air resistance and drag. It improves fuel efficiency because the engine produces power at lower RMPs to propel the wheels forward. You can add them to your Honda Civic as an aftermarket addition because these are not factory-installed.

Can You Add a Spoiler to a Honda Civic? You can add a spoiler to a Honda Civic on its trunk. Clean the trunk lid and attach the tape or template for screw installation. Punch the marked points and drill the holes to install jack nuts and seals. Attach brackets over jack nuts and adhesives. Prepare the spoiler and attach them over the drilled holes and brackets.

Honda Civic does not come up with spoilers on its front and rear sides; you can attach them as an aftermarket addition. It is a hectic procedure, and you have to do it precisely to protect the trunk lid from damage during the hole drilling procedure. You require 30 to 40 minutes for its installation.

How do you install a spoiler on a Honda Civic?

I have a 2015 Civic and installed a spoiler on the rear side. I also got help from my friend because he already added this aerodynamic component to his car a few years back. He guided and helped me throughout the procedure, and we completed this in less than an hour. I installed this on the rear side of my car to enhance stability at high speeds.

Selection of spoiler

You have to select the right spoiler for your car. These are of two types, including adhesive and screw types. I added the screw type in my Civic because of its strong mounting.

In addition, you also have to check their compatibility and sizes according to your vehicles. Check the dimensions of your car according to the model and trim.

Measure the width of the exterior panel and select the spoiler according to it. Moreover, you should also check their material because they are made of plastic, fiberglass, and polymer-based materials.

You should select it according to your choice and the car’s exterior dimensions. My Honda Civic is gray, and I selected the black for it because this combination looks good.

Clean the trunk lid

You have to clean the trunk lid because of the tape and template attachment. You also receive the template or instruction manual with spoilers so that you can follow those steps for their addition.

Clean the trunk and remove the dust from it for better tape adhesion. Avoid using a wet cloth for trunk lid cleaning because it causes corrosion on metal material.

Use soft and dry cloth or tissues to remove dust from their surface.

Attach the tape

You have to drill holes on both sides of the trunk lid to add spoilers. Attach the tape to mark the points for hole drilling. You should select the right tape so it does not cause paint scratching when you remove it.

Moreover, the kit also comes up with a template for screws and bracket installation. Inspect the template and attach it on both sides of the trunk lid.

Tape both sides of the hood and attach the tape so that their black side faces the edge of the trunk lid.

Drill holes

Mark the holes on the tape using a template and punch these holes with a punching tool. Put the punching tool in the holes and lightly tap it with a hammer.

Use the drill machine to drill the punched holes. Use the right size of drill bits because you have to make 8.5mm upper and 11mm bottom holes.

Keep the drill nozzle upright to make holes of the correct diameter. Clean the chunks from the surroundings to clear the mess and remove the tape.

Remove the cover and paint the surface

You can see underneath the trunk lid, and you have to remove it to access the bolts and screws from the inner side. You cannot secure the bolts without removing the underneath covers.

Several pins are attached to these covers for their installation. Remove these pins by pushing and popping them out to detach the cover from the trunk.

You can see two metal covers and detach them from both sides of the lid. Paint the surface near the drilled hole area to smoothen it and decrease corrosion risk.

Installation of jack nuts and seals

Use the tool for jack nuts installation, and these spread out when applying force from the bottom surface. Secure the jack nut with a screw and tighten it by holding it with a 14mm screw wrench.

You have to seal the jack nuts with rubber adhesives. Clean the nuts’ surroundings because you have to use double-sided tape to install seals.

You can clean its surface with rubbing alcohol, but avoid spraying it directly. Remove the blackening material and center the seals over the jack nuts. You have to use the template to attach the bracket to the jack nuts. Secure the bracket with adhesive material on the mounting screws.

Tighten the screws after the installation of the bracket, but I also used the adhesive material on it for extra protection.

Prepare and attach a spoiler

You have to prepare the spoiler for its attachment on the mounted bracket. Attach the clips to the slots on the spoiler’s bottom side.

Clean the grooved area with rubbing alcohol because you must add adhesive tape. Attach the covers on both sides of the spoiler with double-sided tape.

Fit it inside the drilled holes and apply slight pressure on it. You can hear the clicking sound because of the screwing of the bolt. Tighten the bolts from the lower side and clean the surroundings to remove chunks.

Things to consider

You have to consider several points to install a spoiler in your vehicle for its correct mounting. You should select their material according to your preferences.

In addition, these are available in different colors, and you have to purchase them according to the exterior body panel paint.

Moreover, you should check their compatibility because some are compatible with a few Honda Civic models and are not universal. Check their weight because these can also add to the weight of your car.

You have to maintain them to reduce corrosion, which can also come on the trunk lid.

Benefits of adding a spoiler to a Honda Civic

Many people prefer adding spoilers to their cars to make them aerodynamic and improve fuel efficiency. These are helpful to reduce the overall air drag and distribute the unwanted air across the body of the vehicle.

The engine requires less power to propel the wheels forward because of the less air resistance. You require fewer gallons of fuel while driving on highways at high speed after their installation.

In addition, its primary purpose is to direct the air in a downward direction. My friend told me he installed this aerodynamic device in his Honda Civic to maintain stability while driving at high speed.

He complained about the bouncy ride at high speed because of the air drag. Installation of a spoiler directed the airflow towards the tires for their better grip on the road surface.

It reduces the vibrations you usually feel while driving at high speed by providing more grip to tires. Furthermore, it improves braking efficiency and stability because the downward force increases the traction.

How much does it cost to install a spoiler on a Civic?

You require $100 to $480 without mechanic costs for spoiler installation in your car. Many people prefer to do this on their own to save the mechanic cost.

However, it can be a challenging task, so it is better to hire a mechanic. You require an additional $300 to $400 for mechanic costs.

The cost for their installation can also vary according to their quality and manufacturing material. These are made of ABS plastic, carbon fiber, or polymer-based material.

Furthermore, adhesive-type spoilers are affordable, and you can cost around $100 to $150.

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