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What Does UVO Mean For Kia?

What Does UVO Mean For Kia?

Several people do not know about a Bluetooth advanced UVO feature on specific Kia models. 

What Does UVO Mean For Kia? UVO for Kia stands for “Your Voice”, and its features are remote-controlled start and door locking, regulation of climate control, connection of smartphone music, accessibility to the navigation, identification of car on parking, and connectivity to roadside assistance.

It is an advanced upgrade that provides live navigation, with digital regulation and connection with the Android or iPhone.

How does UVO work on Kia?

The UVO (your voice) on your Kia includes various features.

Remote-controlled start and door locking

The UVO (your voice) is a technologically advanced feature of the various Kia models. In addition, you can find it in the models after 2013.

It can develop a specific link on your Android and iPhone. You should connect the Android or iPhone with this feature by the link.

Also, it becomes the remote control of your vehicle. You can open the app on Android and iPhone and push the link.

You should select the lock or unlock option according to your preference. You can do it from a distance from this car.

The link connects the smartphone and UVO and controls the vehicle with a remote/mobile. You should push the icon to start on the app of your Android, and the engine will start spinning.

Keeping the Key fob outside the car is essential during these procedures. Sometimes, a few people forget the Key fob inside the Kia car cabins.

In such circumstances, you can use it while pairing with your Android or iPhone app.

Regulates climate control

You can enable the UVO on your car by digital settings. Then, it shows the temperature of your cabin, and you can modify it.

You can regulate the climate control feature of this car model with your voice property. Regulating climate control through your Android is possible when you pair the phone with this property of your vehicle.

You should then select the climate control/remote option on the Android or iPhone app. You can push the positive and negative signs to increase or reduce the cabin temperature.

You can control the climate control feature through its link and regulate the temperature limits according to the environmental heat level.

Connecting and pairing the mobile with the car is essential for the standard performance of this feature.

Connection of smartphone music

Several people connect their iPhones and Androids with the Kia models and the infotainment system. In such circumstances, the passengers can enjoy their favorite music inside the vehicle cabin.

The UVO (Your Voice) feature benefits these travelers because it connects the Android or iPhone with the infotainment system of these vehicles without a wire.

The wireless connection is stable and relies on the smartphone app and a link. You can pair the Android or iPhone with the infotainment system of your Kia models with your voice feature and enjoy your favorite music.

This connection has maximum stability because of the stable pairing. In such circumstances, the car’s UVO plays Android music because it works with the speaker system of these vehicles.

You can pair the music system of your iPhone or Android with the UVO of this car on the digital screen. You should select the option phone and open the settings from the digitally regulated menu.

You should push on the icon to add a new device and pair them. Turning on Bluetooth on the Android or iPhone is essential for stable and quick pairing.

Accessibility to the navigation

The automatic and live navigation display on the car screen increases the driver’s focus. It increases the driver’s visibility and reduces the chances of accidents.

Therefore, the manufacturers of Kia cars have added an upgraded UVO in a few models. It is a technologically designed feature that shows maps without using manual controls.

The driver can see the maps and get instructions through the audio when they enable this feature.

The voice commands free the hands of drivers and increase their focus. The navigation system activates, and you can see the maps continuously on the touchscreen of these vehicles.

Identification of the car in the parking

Several individuals park their Kia cars in busy parking lots in emergencies. Then, they forget the location of their cars in these parking areas.

In such circumstances, you can use the UVO and identify the car in the parking lot. You should activate the UVO link and use it within four days before using it to identify the Kia vehicle in the parking lot.

You should open the Kia access app on your mobile and push the icon locations.

Pushing the option to locate my car on your smartphone is better to identify the map and location of your car in the parking lot. It prevents you from frustration and protects the vehicles in busy parking.

Connectivity with Roadside assistance

The Kia cars undergo breakdown due to mechanical and technical defects. Sometimes, these vehicles undergo engine failures, and you cannot drive them.

In such circumstances, roadside assistance facilities help the driver. It is a specific service that includes a team that helps the drivers when the vehicles break down suddenly.

You can call them through the UVO of your car. In such circumstances, you can enable this feature by pushing its icon on display.

You can develop a connection with the road assistance on your Kia models and push the UVO, activate the tab 911 connect, and agree to the terms and conditions.

It connects the vehicle with the nearest road assistance, and professionals can repair your vehicle.

How do you connect your smartphone with UVO on Kia?

You can enable the UVO (your voice) feature on your Kia car in the digital settings. The various models have digital screens of around 7 to 8 inches and touchscreens because of their designs.

Enable the feature by turning on the display screen. You should ensure the Kia engine remains ON while you activate the feature.

Also, pushing the icon settings is better on the digital screen. You should push the icon UVO and select the option of its settings.

It opens the next page with variable bars, and you should select the activating UVO option. Also, pushing on the terms and conditions bar is better.

You should agree to them by pushing options with the symbol agree. Then, it opens the other page on the touchscreen that shows the option to continue, and you should push it.

You should select the option next and enable the feature by pushing the icons with the symbol activate. You can connect your smartphone with the feature.

In such circumstances, you should download the UVO application on your smartphone. You should open the app on your smartphone and select the language from the options.

Pushing the option to make an account is better and selects your country. You should select the option agree and accept all terms and conditions on your smartphone.

Writing your personal information, such as your email address and other things, in the given columns is better. You should select the option add my car and push OK.

Writing the VIN is better for the quick and stable pairing of the Android or iPhone with the Kia UVO.

What Kia models have UVO?

Kia models have several upgrades and specific properties according to the layouts and cabin designs. You can turn ON the UVO on the 2013 to 2020 Kia models.

The manufacturing companies introduced these advanced features in 2013 models and continued til 2020. You can identify it in all variants of 2019 because of their cabin upgrade and touchscreen.

They have a specific instrument cluster with a touchscreen and digital settings. Furthermore, you cannot identify this feature in older models before 2013.

The manufacturing companies did not install the upgrade in the older models because of the less upgraded touchscreen.

The feature is an essential component of the models of 2013. It is prominent in the 2019 and 2020 models because several people use it.

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