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Best Suspension Upgrade for Tundra

Best Suspension Upgrade for Tundra

The suspension system of a full-size pickup truck like the Toyota Tundra plays a vital role in its stability, handling, and comfortability.

You should keep your vehicle up-to-date condition to absorb the impacts on bumpy or rough terrains to ensure a safe and smooth driving experience.

There are 2 best options to upgrade the suspension of the Toyota Tundra. The first one is to replace the front coilovers and rear shocks only. Options available are Bilstein 5100 shock absorbers, Eibach shocks, ADS shocks, and King and Fox RR coilovers. The second choice is to buy the complete suspension package or lift kits to increase the ground clearance and upgrade the system. You can install the TRD Pro, Dobinsons, ICON, Pro Comp, and Rough Country lift kits to add a height of a few inches according to your requirements.

This article will guide the truck owners regarding upgrading their suspension system and several OEM and third-party solutions available in the market.

In addition, we will also discuss other related aspects like its impact on tires and the benefits of a quality system for an optimal and safe driving experience.

Reasons for suspension upgrade for Toyota Tundra

If you use your truck for heavy payload applications or as a frequent off-roader, these upgrades are imperative to improve its stability and ride quality.

Using a good quality kit will also enhance the useful life of other structural components of your pickup truck.

Moreover, if you feel discomforted and experience a jerky ride due to older or faulty shocks, upgrading these parts is inevitable.

Finally, it will also improve the ground clearance of your pickup truck for off-road applications.

What are the Best Suspension upgrade options for Toyota Tundra?

There are many OEM and third-party solutions available to upgrade the suspension system of your truck.

Most of them directly replace stock components, while others require slight modifications.

Moreover, each has its quality features suitable for a specific application and price range.

Here is an analysis of a few of them to facilitate you in choosing the most appropriate option for your requirements:

Bilstein 5100

Bilstein is a quality brand for shock absorbers and is one of the best for its durability and improved vehicle handling.

Bilstein 5100 shock absorbers can improve the ride quality and add a lift to the vehicle, increasing its ground clearance.

They have the adjustable height for front shocks from 0.8″ to 2.5″ while rear shocks can add lift up to 1″.

You can use it for better vehicle handling, improved off-roading driving, and avoiding routine problems.

It costs around $450-$470 for shocks only and is compatible with its 2007-2021 models.

They are suitable for use with stock springs already installed on the pickup truck.

However, you can combine these components for a complete system modification, including front springs, upper control arms, and rear lift options from other manufacturers.

Toytec Boss

Toytec Boss suspension system is available for 2000-2006 and 2007-2021 Toyota Tundra in 2 different options.

They have shocks made of hard-anodized aluminum with red-colored coilover springs for a fabulous look and protection against corrosion.

Front shocks are adjustable up to a height of 3″ in distinct settings. Rear shocks have a pressurized nitrogen design to prevent damage due to cavitation and fading.

Furthermore, it has a protection system against dust, corrosion, and high temperatures.

The manufacturer recommends using them with upper control arms to add 2-3″ of lift.

According to customer reviews, it has significantly better on-road performance and comparable off-road performance.

Its price can vary from $1500 to $2800 according to the number of available options for other its components.

Eibach suspension system

Eibach stage 1 Pro-Truck suspension system is compatible with the 2016-2019 models with a 2WD drive configuration.

Both shocks and springs have high-quality materials for long travel. In addition, they have features like improved balance control, suitable for racing, and off-road capability.

Moreover, the manufacturer also offers a million mile warranty that clearly shows the product’s durability.

According to your requirements, the front shock can add lift up to 2.5″ while the rear can go up from 0 to 1″.

Stage 2 of the system can provide lift up to 3″ for front shocks and 1.5″ for rear ones.

Its price range is $700-$710 for both front and rear pairs, while the stage 2 system is a bit expensive at $1080-$1090.

You can add other components from OEM or other third-party manufacturers.

TRD pro suspension system

TRD Pro trim level has the best suspension system specifically designed for off-road applications.

TRD Pro package is available for upgrading your pickup truck with many interior and exterior features.

It has 2 red-colored front coilover springs with a dual-rate mechanism for a softer initial rate.

It can also add lift up to 1.2″ to increase travel length. Other components are 2.5″ diameter Fox shocks with proven design for their durability and performance quality.

Red-colored front anti-roll bar also has red paint and a hollow structure to provide stability at road corners and sharp turns.

Toyota Tundra TRD pro or off-road package costs from $950 to $3100 according to the trim level of your truck and available features.

King shocks

King stage 3 RR series shocks with spring coilovers are the best from the same manufacturer to modify the 2007-2021 models.

Its main features are the standard short-finned reservoir with an external compression adjuster to provide optimal performance for extended periods due to better heat dissipation.

Moreover, it’s anodized aluminum construction ensures durability in rough operational conditions. It can also lift the vehicle by 1.4″ to 2.6″ in predefined steps.

It is the best in the category, and you have to pay $2900-$3000 to purchase the coilovers.

It is pertinent to mention that these shocks work best with the upper control arm from any third-party manufacturer.

Fox 2.5 RR Coilovers

Fox 2.5 factory series remote reservoir coilovers are compatible with the 2007-2021 models.

They have a 2.5″ diameter and are best in their category in all aspects, including construction material, durability, resistance against harsh conditions, and oil seals against dust.

Moreover, its lubrication oil performs well for a range of temperatures without decomposition.

Furthermore, it has a zinc coating on its seamless body made of alloy material.

In addition, it has a remote reservoir made of anodized aluminum to improve its cooling efficiency to ensure prolonged operations.

TRD pro kit also uses Fox coilovers because of their performance. Moreover, it has better quality than King shocks in all aspects.

The front pair of Fox 2.5 RR coilovers cost $2000, while the complete system will cost $7,000-$8,000, including other compatible components from other manufacturers.

ADS Shocks

ADS 3.0 coilovers with an adjustable remote, clicker or long travel reservoirs for the front are good options.

For the ear side, they are available in a 2.5″ diameter body with different types of adjustable reservoirs and hydraulic bump stops.

It is compatible with the 2007-2021 models. They have the unique characteristic of producing a clicking sound during their operation that is loud enough that you can hear it from windows.

You can use it with other components like Eibach springs to upgrade the overall system.

They have excellent user reviews and have consistent performance with King and Fox coilovers.

Moreover, it has better weather-resistant properties to prevent rusting or corrosion.

They are also rebuildable and easy to tune while installed on the vehicle. You can buy them for $3200-$3500.

Dobinsons suspension kit

Dobinsons offers a complete suspension kit for 4WD Toyota Tundra 2007 to 2021 models for off-road applications.

It has gas-charged shocks with coil springs available in 3 different colors.

Its shocks and springs are heat-treated and have a special coating to perform well in extreme temperatures and harsh conditions like salty air in coastal areas.

In addition, they have a twin-tube design with a 2″ -3″ diameter and improved valving that provides better stability and vehicle handling.

It costs $1900-$2000, which is a reasonable choice if you have a low-level budget.

ICON suspension system

ICON stage 1 to 4 suspension system is available in different levels and quality components for the 2007-2021 model Toyota Tundra.

Stage 4 system is the most advanced and can provide a lift height of 1-3″. It gives truck owners the choice to increase tire size because of more space available due to adjustable shocks height.

It is suitable for both on and off-road applications. Moreover, they have a remote reservoir to provide cooling in case of rough use of the shocks.

Rear shocks have a 2.5″ diameter piggyback design with an aluminum body. Moreover, this truck has adaptive valving to ensure optimal performance.

They have a price range of $3200-$3500 for 2 pairs of shocks and a rear expansion kit.

Pro Comp Suspension system

Pro Comp stage 2 lift kit is compatible with the 2007-2021 model Toyota Tundra.

The driver’s requirements make it available in different variants to add a lift from 5″ to 6s.

This package also includes Pro-VST front coilovers and rear shocks.

You can directly install it without any modification, cutting, or welding work.

Its salient features are better vehicle handling, off-road performance, and added lift at an economical price. It costs $3600-$3700 for the complete package, including both pairs of shocks.

Rough Country suspension kit

The Rough Country suspension kit is available in different packages with options for various front and rear shocks, including adjustable, monotube, and N3 designs.

Best amongst them is Vertex adjustable front coilovers and rear shocks. It can also add a lift of 6″ -7″ using a high clearance crossmember design on the front and Block and u-bolt on the rear.

You can choose the option due to the high precision quality of construction, robust material, longer lifespan, and no modification required for its fitment.

It is compatible for use with 18-inch to 35-inch tires.

You can buy the complete kit, including the steering stop, all brackets, knuckles, front and rear cross members, and strut spacers, for $3300-$3400.

You can install it on the 2007- 2015 models, available in different trim levels.

Does the quality of the suspension system have an impact on the tires?

The quality or condition of the suspension system has a significant impact on the service life of tires because both have a direct connection.

Therefore, if you observe any symptoms like misalignment of wheels, excessive wear and tear, and uneven driving, you need to inspect and upgrade its parts.

Moreover, the quality and types of tires also impact the better on-road and off-road driving experience and smooth ride.

Therefore, you can think of upgrading the tires to all-terrain, all-weather, and heavy-duty options while changing its parts as both complement each other’s performance.

Is it costly to upgrade Tundra suspension?

Several options are available to upgrade the suspension system in different price ranges.

It is not very expensive to update only its prime component, the front coilovers, and rear shocks.

However, it will be pretty heavy on your pocket if you go for the complete package or lift kit.

Complete packages from different manufacturers with King and Fox coilovers are the most expensive ones in their categories.

On the other hand, Bilstein shocks are an economical yet quality product.

Other low-priced solutions, including Dobinsons, Pro Comp, and Rough Country suspension kits, are also available.

They are easy to purchase and have good customer reviews. Moreover, you can add these in stages if you don’t have money for a complete package.

Is upgrading the Tundra suspension worth it?

Upgrading the Toyota Tundra suspension system with a lift kit and new shocks can be costly, and its price is between a few hundred to thousands of dollars.

However, it is worth it because of the many benefits and comfort it offers.

Moreover, it saves money on repair costs of other components like tires and frames that go worn out due to faulty parts.

Other benefits are high ground clearance, increased safety due to better road handling, comfortable journey, enhanced off-road capability, and reduced wear and tear of other structural parts of the truck.

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