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BMW X5 E70 Gear Selector Problems And Solutions

BMW X5 E70 Gear Selector Problems And Solutions

The gear selector is part of the automatic transmission in the BMW X5 E70 that allows you to select different gears while depressing the clutch pedal to engage and disengage the drivetrain and provide power to the wheels. It can become faulty and can make gear selection challenging.

BMW X5 E70 gear selector problems include electric issues, grinding noise, stuck gear selectors, incorrect gear indication on the screen, delayed shifting of gears, and vibratory motion while changing gears.

I love my X5 E70 because of its roomy interior and fascinating appearance. However, the issue came when my luxurious SUV became a challenging experience for me. It was a sunny morning last Saturday, and I was cruising down the highway. I faced a problem while shifting gears, but at first, I ignored it and pressed the clutch.

The problem worsened, and suddenly, I heard a grinding noise. I opened the hood of my vehicle to check the spark plug and ignition system, but they were fine. I called the expert mechanic to resolve my problem and safely continue my journey. He told me about the failure of the synchronizer of gear selectors, and he replaced it with a new one.

Problems Solutions
Electric problems Replace broken electric cables
Grinding noise Deglaze clutch pedal
Stuck gear selector Check battery voltage
Incorrect gear indication on screen Realign shift indicator
Delayed shifting Check transmission fluid levels
Vibratory motion during gear shifting Inspect engine mounts

Electric problems

The transmission system, including the gear selector in your BMW X5 E70, relies on mechanical and electrical components to function.

These cannot work correctly because of the electric problems in your SUVs. The transmission system relies on several sensors and electric connections for their functioning.

The transmission range sensor is the major safety component that records the transmission speed. It transfers the recorded information to the control unit for pressure regulation.

Moreover, these sensors regulate the pressure to allow gear shifting according to the type of road. The shift position sensor is also considered part of the gear selector, which provides the information to the engine control module.

In addition, these sensors are connected with transmission components and gear shifters with electric cables. These electric cables allow signal transmission between different parts.

Sometimes, these electric cables become bad because of their age-related degradation or short circuits. These cannot provide the correct information to respective components, which can affect the overall functioning.

Electric wires are also vulnerable to rodent attacks when you park your SUVs in open places. Rodents chew the electric cables and cause signal interruption.

Electric issues can also come because of the failure of the transmission control module. It is necessary to inspect the electric wiring that connects these sensors and control modules.

Keep the windows, trunk, hood, and vehicle doors closed while parking in open places to avoid rodent entry. Replace the broken electric cables with new ones for signal transmission to the sensors and the engagement of gears.

Grinding noise

Many people complain about the griding and whining noise from the gear system while using gear selectors. The grinding noise issue comes because of several reasons that do not allow the gears to engage and disengage properly.

You should not ignore the uneven noise and continue driving with a faulty system because it can cause damage and costly repairs.

Grinding noise comes because of a faulty clutch pedal that does not disengage properly and allows the rotation of gears. The clutch pedal becomes bad because of broken linkages and springs.

Moreover, you can face problems because of damaged gearbox components. Damage to BMW X5 components increases because of bad driving habits.

Aggressive and frequent shifting and carrying heavy loads affect the delicate components and increase the risk of their damage.

Damaged gear selectors produce grinding noise, and you feel resistance while engaging gears. Avoid overloading your vehicles because it can damage the transmission parts.

My friend also faced the issue because of a bad clutch pedal. He faced a slipping problem because of the glazed surface, which decreased the friction and caused slipping.

He told me that he deglazed the clutch pedal to reduce slipping issues and for better engagement.

Stuck gear selector

Gear selectors sometimes get stuck in one position and cause problems. You cannot shift from the lower to higher gears because of the stick selector.

It can also affect the driving conditions when you cannot engage the gears. The problem comes because of dead batteries.

Moreover, these can also get stuck because of the failure of the clutch pedal, which does not engage the engine. It happens due to broken cables.

I faced the same issue while driving in city areas. I wanted to engage the gears from parking to drive mode but could not because of faulty parts.

I found that the issue came because of the malfunctioning of the brake light switch. A failed brake light switch does not allow you to shift gears when the clutch pedal is not properly depressed.

I contacted the BMW dealerships for repair of the clutch pedal and brake light switch. You should also check the battery voltage and ensure it is adequately charged.

Incorrect gear indication on the screen

Many people complain about the incorrect indicator on the BMW X5 E70 screen. You cannot see the correct gear on the display screen that is engaged in your vehicle.

The problem comes because illuminated gears on the screen remain in one position and do not change. It can occur because of display screen issues and bugs in their software.

In addition, misinterpretation of gears on the display screen comes from faulty transmission range sensors. These sensors cannot provide the correct information to the engine or transmission control.

They cannot give the correct signal because of damaged electric wires. You can also face this because of a broken shifter linkage cable that comes from the aggressive shifting of gears.

You should inspect the transmission range sensor and replace it with a new one. Checking the alignment of the shift indicator is also better for safe driving and receiving correct information on the screen.

Yesterday, I faced this issue while driving in city traffic. I checked the gears on the display screen, and these were at the pre-selected position. I moved the gear selectors, but the information on the display screen did not change. I found the real problem and went to the dealership to fix the shifter cable.

Delayed shifting

You can also face the issue of delayed gear shifting because of the mechanical faults in gear selectors and transmission components.

You feel resistance while shifting gears because of the failure of their parts. It seems your SUV is taking more time to shift from higher to lower and vice versa.

The delayed shifting issue comes because of low levels of transmission fluid. The low-level fluid does not allow the gears to engage efficiently.

Moreover, you can also face problems because of faulty shift solenoids. It is vulnerable to wear and tear because of high temperature and continuous use.

You should check the transmission fluid and ensure the correct levels in the reservoirs. In addition, it is also better to replace the contaminated fluid.

Vibratory motion during gear shifting

Many drivers complain that they feel vibrations while driving. It can come because of the wear and tear of gearbox components.

Moreover, you can face vibratory or shaking movements because of weak and poorly tightened linkages. The issue is common in used BMW X5 E70 that are driven for more than 100k miles.

Worn-out engine mounts cannot dampen the vibrations and transfer this to the transmission parts. You can feel vibrations while shifting in high gears and increasing speed.

You should check engine mounts and replace them with new ones because oil contamination and age increase the risk of their wear and tear.

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