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BMW X5 iDrive Controller Not Working

BMW X5 iDrive Controller Not Working

iDrive is the infotainment system of BMW vehicles that allows drivers and passengers to communicate with the computer system of their SUV. It contains several features, including sound system, climate control, and navigation. Sometimes it stops functioning, and the touch screen becomes irresponsive when you move the circular knob in a different direction.

BMW X5 iDrive Controller not working can be due to damaged sensors and cameras, damaged buttons, overheating of control, faulty circular knob, blown out fuse, Bluetooth connectivity issue, bad electric wiring, faulty computer units, non-compatible devices, liquid drink spillage, and debris accumulation.

I also like the iDrive feature in my SUV because it is convenient because of its multiple features. I mostly use the navigation system while moving to different locations to find the correct route and improve fuel economy.

Problems Solutions
Damaged sensors and cameras Keep sensors and cameras clean
Damaged buttons Carefully operate buttons
Overheating Turn off the engine
Faulty circular knob Replace dial knob
Blown out fuse Check the fuse box to replace the fuse
Bluetooth connectivity issue Turn on Bluetooth on one device at a time
Bad electric wiring Contact dealerships
Faulty computer unit Re-soldier motherboard pins
Non-compatible devices Checklist of iDrive compatible devices on manual
Liquid drink spillage Clean liquid spillage
Debris accumulation Run compressed air to remove debris

Damaged sensors and cameras

iDrive controller also allows you to operate the touch screen with hand gestures. It contains a gesture control feature that makes it easy for you to accept phone calls, adjust the rear-view camera angle, and decrease or increase the volume with your hand movement.

It uses several cameras and sensors that are mounted on the roof and dashboard, depending on the model of your BMW X5. Many people complain that the screen becomes irresponsive when they move their hand over the center console.

The issue comes from damaged sensors and cameras that are not capable of detecting the object’s movement. It is better to keep the roof cameras clean and inspect them regularly to see any signs of damage.

Damaged buttons

A movable dial or several buttons that operate the iDrive controller are located on the center console unit. You can see buttons for media, map, navigation, and menu on the center console.

It stops functioning because of damaged buttons. You cannot use several features on the screen because of broken buttons.

Buttons can break when you press these forcefully to activate and deactivate certain features. In addition, the issue also comes because of their corroded contact points that do not allow you to use different features on the touch screen.

It is necessary for you to replace the broken buttons with new ones to restore their respective functioning. Moreover, you can also pry off the plastic cover to clean the corrosion from the contact points. It is also better to coat their metal contact with dielectric greasers for future prevention.

Overheating of control

The iDrive controller becomes faulty because of the overheating of its components. Overheating issues can affect the longevity and working efficiency of the controller parts.

Moreover, my friend also faced the same issue while he was driving his BMW X5, and he told me that the touch screen became irresponsive and blank. He pressed the buttons several times but could not engage any feature.

I told him to turn off the engine for a few minutes and start it again. He did this, and the screen became fine because of the temperature maintenance.

Overheating issues can also come because of their continuous use and long-term exposure to high temperatures. Choose indoor parking areas to park your vehicles.

Faulty circular knob

You can see a dial or knob over the center console unit to operate the iDrive controller. You can use the dial to select several alphabets while entering a location on the navigation system.

Move it in a circular motion and highlight the specific alphabet that you want to select. Sometimes the dial knob becomes faulty and does not allow you to enter the specific location.

Moreover, you cannot select the setting options when these become faulty. These become faulty because of their continuous use and mishandling.

You should operate it carefully and not exert extra force while rotating it. However, you can replace the broken or faulty dial with a new one.

Blown out fuse

iDrive controller system also contains a fuse to protect its parts from high voltage currents and serious damage. These cannot function because a blown-out fuse breaks the electric circuit and restricts the power supply to the respective system.

The touch screen does not show any feature and becomes blank because of the blown-out fuse. The fuse can blow out because of voltage fluctuations.

Voltage fluctuation issues arise because of short-circuited wires and incorrect battery charging. Open the fuse boxes to remove the blow-out fuse and install a new one there.

Bluetooth connectivity issue

Many people complain that iDrive stopped functioning in their vehicles, and they cannot connect their mobile phones with touch screens.

The issue comes because of faulty Bluetooth connections. I also faced the same issue while driving, and I always prefer to connect my phone to the controller to reduce distractions while accepting phone calls.

I tried to add my phone via Bluetooth, but it was not working. My family was also traveling with me, and I told them to turn off the Bluetooth from their devices.

They turned off the Bluetooth, and I successfully connected my phone to the iDrive system. Bluetooth connectivity issue usually comes because of the interferences from multiple devices.

Bad electric wiring

Many people face issues with their iDrive controller because of bad electric connections. Wires that power the touch screen get damaged and do not supply sufficient power for their functioning.

Wires can get damaged because of their age-related deterioration, short circuits, and rodent attacks that can chew electric wires.

It is necessary to call the expert mechanic for electric connection inspections and their fixing. The expert mechanic also uses scanning tools to identify the real issue.

Faulty computer unit

iDrive computer systems can also become faulty because of software glitches and non-updated software. Moreover, damaged soldier pins on the motherboard also affect the functioning of the computerized system.

Soldier pin connections become loose because of age-related wear and tear.

It is better to open the system and re-soldier the motherboard pins for smooth electric current flow to power the system.

Non-compatible devices

iDrive system in different models of BMW vehicles is compatible with some mobile phone devices. You cannot connect these with all mobile phone devices because these are not compatible with the computer system.

You cannot use their feature when you connect the non-compatible devices with the controller. My friend also faced the same issue, and he became worried.

He checked the electric connections, but they were fine. He went to the dealership, and they told him the current mobile phone device was not compatible with his vehicle’s iDrive system.

It is better to read the owner manual to check the list of compatible devices.

Liquid drink spillage

Buttons and dial knobs are located on the center console unit, vulnerable to liquid spillages. Liquid spillages can affect their contact points because moisture can seep inside and trigger an oxidation reaction.

In addition, sugary liquid drinks make the dial knob sticky and affect their functioning. You cannot move it freely in different directions because of stickiness.

Debris accumulation

Accumulation of dust and debris around the dial knob (iDive Controller) affects its normal functioning. It can also cause issues during the alphabet section to add certain locations in the navigation system.

I also face the issue because of dust accumulation in its surroundings. I used the hair dryer to remove the dust from its surroundings but could not solve the problem.

I removed the dial knob and ran the compressed air to remove the small dust and debris particles. It is better to keep your BMW X5 clean to maintain its parts.

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