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Can a Tesla Model 3 Be Stolen?

Can a Tesla Model 3 Be Stolen?

Tesla Model 3 has one of the most vulnerable technologies with hackable signals. The thieves can manipulate the radio frequency with a tiny relay box and unlock doors.

Can a Tesla Model 3 Be Stolen? Tesla Model 3 can be stolen due to vulnerable technology, hackable Bluetooth, stolen smartphones with built-in apps, same email and known passwords of accounts, passive entry, and lost keycards. To protect them, Tesla has upgraded the software, added a PIN to drive feature, and recommended using safe codes. 

The hackers access the Tesla app through stolen phones and common passwords. Stolen cars are trackable with GPS, built-in trackers, and a mobile app. 

How can a Tesla Model 3 be stolen?

Due to hackable technology, thieves can steal these automobiles from the parking lots and residential driveways. I have explained their vulnerabilities which make them accessible to stealers. 

Vulnerable technology

Several Tesla users unlock their vehicles with the Bluetooth feature. They access the safety controls over the touch screen and link them with the mobile access units. 

They turn ON Bluetooth in the settings of smartphones. Next, tune it with the Tesla variant and application. 

The criminals use wireless techniques for these activities. The hackers utilize a relay box to copy, scan and transmit the signals of your key fob. They can do it while the key is inside your pocket or room.

It is a relay attack with wireless communication between the automobile and the transmission box. The hacker becomes the middle person between the vehicle and Bluetooth signals.

However, the relay picks the radio frequencies of a key. In such circumstances, the thieves move around the automobile to catch and amplify the signals.

They transmit the frequencies to the secondary box, which is in the control of their assistant. The door unlocks without producing warning sounds once the signals approach the box near the automobile.

The electric control system of the automobile cannot differentiate between hacking and standard signals. The thieves remove such cars from the parking spots without making driving noises. They change the locks and hide them in distant places. 

Stolen smartphone

These automobiles unlock when the linked smartphone is at a distance of one meter. However, the thieves can steal the smartphone with the help of friends.

In such conditions, they use the mobile application to track them in the hidden parking and home garages. They use the smartphone of the automobile owner. Also, they utilize their keys, send signals to the doors and unlock them.

Such hackers chase the owners on roads and spots. Then, they remove their smartphones and steal them before reports. 

Same email and known password 

Several people use similar emails and passwords on their laptops, smartphones, and other digital gadgets. In such conditions, they add an identical password to their Tesla application.

As a result, anyone can access the entered passwords and record them. In addition, the hackers make new accounts in their mobiles and use the password and emails of the automobile owner.

The application cannot separate the signals from both devices. As a result, the thief uses manipulative signals from a distance.

Through passive entry

You can enter the Tesla variant without unlocking the doors through the passive entry. Instead, the built-in sensors sense the automobile’s owner and open the door locks.

It is an advanced feature that can lock and unlock the doors when the key fob is in a particular area. It only requires the interaction between the key fob and the vehicle. However, it is a vulnerable feature that results in theft.

The thieves rob the key fobs, replicate the signals and unlock them. However, the manufacturing company upgraded the software to Model 3 to prevent its stealing. 

With the stolen keycards

The manufacturing company provides key cars to unlock the doors. They are usually black and can fit in pockets and wallets. You can approach the card reader on the driver’s side door.

An autopilot camera is on the door panel, and the card reader is below it. The car owner taps the card key against the reader and unlocks the doors.

However, thieves can rob them from different spots. They use them on the card readers and steal them.

How do manufacturers make Tesla Model 3 harder to steal?

With upgraded software and more safety feature, the manufacturers have made it hard to steal. 

Introduction of application and alarm

The mobile application with different alarms protects them from being stolen. The owner can keep the app active when the car is in the parking lot.

You can enable Sentry mode on your mobile application and get a live view of your vehicle and its surrounding. 

The enabled mode monitors the car and its surrounding. The built-in side cameras collect the view from both sides. 

The front camera regulates criminal activities. In addition, Model 3 has built-in sensors that remain active when the engine and power system are off.

The system notifies the owner through the application and informs with loud alarms. It warns the thieves and prohibits their criminal acts.

The display center turns on, and a notification of recording appears.

Sometimes, the thieves get frightened and run away. However, others keep stealing the vehicle until the owner act against their activities. 

Through pin to drive

The manufacturers have added a Pin to drive safety feature in their Model 3. With the feature, you can set a four-digit code.

It secures the vehicle, and the driver must enter it before driving. It is a verification pin and protects the car from stealing when the thief unlocks the door.

With it, he cannot drive the vehicle because the system demands a valid personal identification number. You can enable it through the touchscreen of your car.

Turn on the display center and access the control unit. Find the safety and security options and select PIN to Drive. Now, enter the four digits in the given boxes on the touchscreen. Avoid usual passwords, birth dates, and older pins. 

Usage of password and username

You can protect the account of your model 3 by setting a specific username and password. Then, you can enter it through the app on your phone.

Always set rare passwords and connect the demand with your vehicle. Then, the thieves cannot drive these cars without entering the correct passwords and usernames.

Can you track a stolen Tesla Model 3?

The built-in tracking system finds the location of your vehicle. The company’s application and the advanced GPS help in tracking. 

The cops can find these vehicles and their variable locations. With a track mode V2, the drivers can locate the position of their stolen car. It is a supportive feature that optimizes handling and improves balanced driving.

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