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Can I Paint My Ford F150 Fender Flares?

Can I Paint My Ford F150 Fender Flares?

Ford F150 contains fender flares, and you can also install this part as an aftermarket addition accessory. It is the extension of your vehicle, which is located on the wheel well. Moreover, these are made of plastic and stainless steel; you can paint them to provide added protection. These help protect your truck against mud, rocks, and road debris.

Can I Paint My Ford F150 Fender Flares? You can paint Ford F150 fender flares to give a customized appearance, protect against rusting, and hide scratches. You can paint these by cleaning their surface. Use 200-grit sandpaper to scuff their surface and apply primer after removing the dust. Resend the surface and wipe off the scrapped material. Apply paint coating, dry it for 30 minutes, and add a second coat.

I installed the fender flares in my Ford F150 to protect the undercarriage from rusting, which is common because of road salts and mud exposure. I purchased the red colored flares, but the exterior of my vehicle is black.

Both of these colors were complementing, but red was looking more prominent. I decided to paint both of their pairs with black color to give a uniform experience to the exterior.

How do you paint Ford F150 fender flares?

I installed the plastic fender flares in my Ford F-150 but faced color fading issues after 6 to 7 months. I called my friend to get his suggestions because he is an expert mechanic. He recommended I repaint them instead of replacing them because it is costly. I followed the method that is explained below to restore their look.

Cleaning and scuffing

Many people do not prefer to remove the fender flares from the wheel well for repainting, but I choose to remove them. I detached them because paint splashes can also come on the wheels and exterior panels, which are hard to remove.

In addition, you can also damage the exterior surface of your truck while sanding these parts. Detach the fender flares from your vehicle and make a cleaning solution to remove debris, grease, and mud from their surface.

I mixed the liquid soap in water instead of using any abrasive cleaners because they increase the risk of abrasion of their surface. I used the old cloth and cleaned it well with a soapy water mixture.

I dried it with a dry cloth and used the 200-grit sandpaper to scuff its surface. Avoid using electric sanders because you have to scuff their surface lightly.

Properly sand their corners by moving the sandpaper in a circular motion. Use an old, dry cloth to remove the dust from their surface.

Sanding helps remove the uneven and rough spots from these parts.

Primer application

Apply primer on the sanded surface for better adhesion. You can use polypropylene primer because it sticks better and is high-quality.

Apply one layer of primer and leave it to dry. Correct primer application is necessary to promote better adhesion. I used the brush for their application and filled the edges with roller.

Moreover, you should coat the surface from top to bottom. You have to add two coats of primers on a plastic surface for better paint adhesion.

However, you can also use spray primer that does not require brushes or rollers for their application. You have to keep the spray bottle several inches away from the fender flares for their correct application.

Use the low-grit sand paper and lightly scuff their surface. Remove the dust from the sanded area with a soft cloth and apply the primer again. Leave the primer for 30 to 40 minutes for drying.

Paint application

Use your finger to check the drying of the fender after the recommended time. It is wet, and you cannot apply paint on it if your fingers feel sticky after touching the treated surface.

Apply the color when you do not feel stickiness. Putting the newspaper on the ground surface is better to keep the surroundings stain-free.

Use the brushes for paint application and coat the fender flares from top to bottom. Leave it for 40 to 50 minutes to dry. In addition, you can also check the drying time on the manufacturer’s instructions because it can vary according to the type of coat you are applying to it.

You should not apply a second coat before drying the first coat because it can cause peeling-off issues. Check the stickiness on their surface with your fingers and apply a second coat.

You also have to leave it for 30 to 40 minutes to dry after the second coat application. Many people use spray paint guns to coat their surfaces instead of brushes.

Why would you paint a Ford F150 fender flare?

Many people want to coat the fender flares with different colors to enhance their appearance and make them look new. In addition, you can also paint them to give your Ford F-150 truck a customized appearance.

I performed this procedure to match their color with exterior panels. Moreover, you can also select their color according to your taste and choices to make your truck look cool.

You can also do this to protect the plastic and stainless-steel material from direct UV radiation exposure, which increases the chances of their age-related deterioration and damage.

In addition, a protective layer also prevents this material from exposure to rainwater, mud, and road salt. These are vulnerable to fading and damage with their age and exposure to road elements.

You can extend their life by coating their surface with high-quality paint. Many people also do this to increase the visibility of their trucks and make them look prominent on the road.

One of my friends also painted the fender flares of his vehicle, and he told me he did this to reduce the risk of corrosion on their surface. He added the stainless-steel flares are vulnerable to rusting because of damaged protective coating.

He told me that he used rust-resistant paint to reduce the chances of corrosion on metal material. Environmental chemicals, road elements, and adverse weather conditions also affect these parts.

How much does it cost to paint a set of Fender flares?

You require $250 to more than $450 to paint a set of fender flares on your Ford F150 truck. In addition, cost can also vary according to several factors. You need one can of paint to coat the one flare, depending on the can size and fender flare size and material.

In addition, you require an additional $700 to $800 to purchase the paint gun instead of using a brush.

You need 2 to 3 hours to complete the procedure, depending on the type of product and manufacturer’s instructions.

What type of paint do you need for Ford F150 fender flares?

You need rubber-based paints to coat the fender flares that are made up of rubber material. It provides better adhesion to rubber material and is less vulnerable to cracking and chipping with their age.

Moreover, it is non-resistant and can last longer on rubber material. One friend told me he used oil-based paint to coat the aftermarket Fender flares.

He used this because it has less treating time and dries quickly. In addition, it provides a glossier and smoother finish, which is beneficial to give your Ford F150 truck a cool appearance.

It is resistant to scratches that can come on its surface because of the hitting of rocks. You can also use enamel-based paints because they resist adverse weather conditions, harsh temperatures, and UV radiation. Furthermore, it is also durable and heat and moisture-resistant.

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