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Can Tires Stop Bullets?

Can Tires Stop Bullets?

Bullets are metallic projectiles with round or elongated shapes and built-in explosive substances. Due to their strike, the standard car tires undergo puncture and sudden bursting.

Can Tires Stop Bullets? Tires cannot stop bullets due to incompatible rubber thickness, sidewall attacks, poor compression, and rim expansion. However, bulletproof tires can stop them due to sealing design, air compressors, and airless and self-inflating properties.

Tires are the most vulnerable to attack, and bullets can damage them within seconds. However, the resistant tires are compatible and repel and stop bullets. 

Why tires cannot stop bullets?

The wheels require thick tread and a specific design to stop them. Due to the following reasons, bullets will damage standard car tires.

Incompatible rubber thickness

With dual body plies, a car tire can comprise 7 to 8 layers of rubber which are thin. Moreover, they cannot withstand the pressurized attack of bullets due to their thinness. 

In such circumstances, it crosses the rubber coating and leads to a puncture. Also, a sudden tire burst happens due to a direct strike on the wheel top.

The incompatible rubber cannot withstand the strike and undergo wear. Furthermore, due to puncture, they become flat on the ground. 

In such conditions, they require proper inflation and repair. Moreover, you cannot drive a car with punctured wheels. 

Sidewall attack

The sidewall of the wheels comprises steel and aluminum according to their composition. However, due to their layout, they cannot compete with the bullets, which generate excessive pressure. 

With a perpendicular strike, a wheel can stop or resist them. But, it damages due to a sidewall attack of projectiles. 

Due to this strike, they move inside the thin rubber and cause more damage. However, the car wheels comprise protective insulation over the rims. 

But, the shot pressure is higher than the support of insulating material. So, due to more strength, the pressurized projectile moves inside the rim and stops the automobile. 

Metallic rim expansion

The metallic rims of car wheels are round and durable due to their designs and composition. However, in such circumstances, the metal can expand due to heat and cause automobile failure. 

The bullet strikes the wheel at a higher speed. As a result, it produces excessive heat that causes the expansion of the metallic part. 

Moreover, the rubber material melts and falls due to rim heating. As a result, the entire wheel malfunctions and does not fit inside the car. 

Due to a lack of connection, it removes from the automobile body. In such circumstances, it rolls over the road, which can cause injuries to pedestrians.

Poor compression against pressure

Standard car tires do not comprise higher compression to withstand bullet pressure and attack. Therefore, they cannot withstand sudden external force in their highly inflated conditions. 

Due to the penetration of metallic pieces inside the rubber, the overall wheel performance reduces.

In addition, the vehicle loses the standard balance because the rubber part separates from the metallic portion due to a lack of internal compression. 

In such circumstances, the automobile undergoes sudden accidental events. Also, you cannot fill excessive pressurized air in the wheels of a standard car. 

Despite the inflation level, it cannot withstand high-pressure strikes. 

How does bulletproof tires stop bullets?

They have distinguished designs and manufacturing components that increase their stability and strength. I have mentioned the following characteristics of these tires, which make them effective. 

Particular design with sealing

They have a specific design, due to which they can absorb the energy of a fast-speed bullet. Also, they can deflect and repel pressurized projectiles. 

Due to their absorbing effects, they can support the vehicle during an attack. Despite the crack, the rubber material develops. 

As a result, the internal pressure stabilizes, which can reduce the vehicle’s speed for a few minutes. Their design is effective for defense and provides maximum security. 

Furthermore, their manufacturing material can close the crack and seal cover it. It can stabilize the internal pressure for more than 60 minutes, and you can escape the dangerous location.

Moreover, they are self-sealing wheels due to their advanced composition and effective performance.

Air compressors and thick tread

The manufacturers add air compressors in the bulletproof wheels, which are more resilient to bullet attacks. They are built-in compressors that can provide enough compression during a puncture. 

Due to these air compressors, projectiles bounce on the rubber part and fall on the ground. However, due to their penetration, the wheels remain stable due to internal pressure. 

Also, they do not lose air due to the support of these compressors throughout driving. Their tread is ten times thicker than an ordinary wheel. 

Moreover, it can resist pistol and rifle projectiles. However, they can damage the thick tread when the projectiles penetrate the rubber from a particular angle. 

Furthermore, these wheels are heavy due to their multi-layers tread, which is resistant to weapon attacks. 

Airless properties

The bulletproof tires are airless due to their design. Due to this layout, they lack internal compressed air. 

They have a round shape with different central loops. Furthermore, they have extensive resiliency against bullets.

Due to this property, they can withstand the explosive effects of projectiles. Furthermore, they do not break down due to external pressure and heat.

Due to their effectiveness, they resist wheel bursting and punctures. Also, their rims stabilize with the tread and provide high protection. 

Metallic rings and self-inflating

For the protection of rubber material, the bulletproof wheel manufacturers add metallic rings inside them. However, due to their strength, they lack sharp edges.

With smooth corners, they can protect the rubber material. In addition, due to their strength and metallic composition, they can repel bullets. 

Also, they can deflect them and change their target. The metallic rings resist bullet penetration in the rubber. 

The self-inflating wheels are resistant to projectiles. Moreover, they have versatile designs with heavy bodies. 

They can stabilize and redevelop the internal pressure of tires. In addition, due to self-inflation, they provide vehicle stability during an attack. 

How many bullets can a bulletproof tire stop?

Bulletproof tires have different categories, and their performance varies accordingly. However, their stabilized internal compression can stop or deflect around five bullets from a 10 mm barrel.

According to their apparent condition, a few categories can withstand 3 to 4 constant fires. Furthermore, the airless and self-inflating wheels can resist up to 7 to 8 projectiles.

Moreover, they can withstand 3 to 5 bullets which are around 9mm. Their compression and resistance depend on their tread condition and overall composition. 

Also, the stability of metallic rings and air compressors can increase the resistance. These wheels can withstand a continuous attack of around 8 to 10 bullets.

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