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Can You Fit a Wheelchair in a Toyota Camry?

Can You Fit a Wheelchair in a Toyota Camry?

Toyota Camry has foldable rear seats that allow you to put larger items in the cargo area. It is easy to adjust the wheelchair inside the trunks without damaging the interior cabin. Moreover, you can also install the wheelchair carrier on the rear side.

Can You Fit a Wheelchair in a Toyota Camry? You can fit a wheelchair in a Toyota Camry for family trips, transportation from one location to another, personal mobility issues, and save renting costs. Measure the dimensions of the chair and cargo area and remove the clutter from the trunk. Detach the footrest of the wheelchair and fold these by pulling their seats upward. Put it inside the trunk, tie it with straps, and close the trunk.

It is better to select foldable wheelchairs when you want to put them inside the trunk. You can easily disassemble their parts and decrease their size, making them easy to adjust behind passenger seats.

How do you fit a wheelchair in a Toyota Camry?

You can put the wheelchair in your car if its dimensions correspond to the size of the cargo area.

Measure the dimensions of the wheelchair

Wheelchairs are of different types and have distinct dimensions depending on their size and manufacturing brand.

Measuring their dimensions while adjusting is necessary to ensure that they can easily fit inside the Toyota Camry cargo area and behind the driver seats.

Check the length and width using a measuring tape from its front and back. However, you can also tow the larger ones with your vehicles by attaching the carriers on the rear side bumper.

Remove clutter from the trunk

Open the trunk of your car using a key fob to access the cargo area. Clear the trunk before placing wheelchairs inside the cargo area. These cannot fit properly when debris and dirt are present on the ground.

These cannot maintain stability because of uneven surfaces. You should also arrange the bags and other accessories on one side so they do not cause hindrances in their placement.

Clean the floor mat properly to remove small debris and residues from their surface.

Remove footrest

Disassemble the chair when you want to put it inside your sedan. You cannot fix these without detaching the parts because these take up more space, and you cannot close the trunk lid.

Disassembling decreases their size and makes them easy to fit in a small area. Footrests are pedal-like structures that are connected with right and left poles.

You can slide the footrests from their poles to take them off. Moreover, some of these have removable wheels that you can install and detach conveniently.

Read the manufacturer’s instructions to detach their parts and maximize their fitting chances in available space.

Folding of chair

Foldable wheelchairs contain collapsible structures that allow their folding for size reduction. Pull the seat upward from the center, and the poles that are present on their sides come close to each other.

Lift it upward and put these on the side of the trunk. I also prefer to open the rear seats to maximize the cargo space.

Engage brakes

Some of these wheelchairs do not have detachable wheels, so you have to apply brakes to avoid their unnecessary movement.

It is a better option to remove their wheels for their safe adjustment. The chances of their movement increase when you load these without applying brakes.

Their back-and-forth movement can also damage the various components and glass windows. Moreover, these can increase the risk of wear and tear on the seat’s upholstery.

Tie with straps

It is necessary to secure the position of wheelchairs when you are putting these in the cargo area. The chances of unnecessary movement increase when you do not remove their wheels.

In addition, these can also move forward and backward when you place them in the vertical direction. It is better to use tie straps or bungee cords to hold these so they cannot collide with other parts and cause damage.

Things to consider while loading a wheelchair in a Toyota Camry

You should consider several factors while loading a wheelchair inside your Toyota Camry for safe transportation from one place to another.

Safety of the vehicle’s components while loading anything in the cargo area is necessary.

Moreover, these can also void your car’s warranty and resale value. Check the weight and dimensions of the chair when you want to put it in the cargo area or tow it with carriers.

The overall weight should not exceed the maximum towing capacity because it can also affect braking conditions and safety during driving.

Why would you put a wheelchair in a Toyota Camry?

People with mobility issues have to take their wheelchairs with them to survive independently without seeking help from other people. Moreover, you can also fold these to minimize their size and put them between the space of the rear passenger and front driver seats.

Family trips

People with mobility issues often cannot enjoy family trips and gatherings because of their restricted movement. Isolation can negatively impact their health, and they get bored while remaining at the same place.

However, the Toyota Camry has a larger cargo area of over 15 cubic feet, allowing you to put larger items. Caregivers and family members can easily put the wheelchairs in the trunk area by disassembling them to minimize size.

It allows disabled persons to enjoy trips and gatherings with family members and friends.

Transportation from one location to another

You can put the wheelchair inside your sedan when transporting them from one place to another. People usually do this when they shift their home from one location to another.

You also have to move all of your accessories to the new location with minimum costs and time. You can load some of the components in the cargo area of your car to save transportation costs.

In addition, it is also the best option when you purchase a new wheelchair from the market and have to take it to your home.

You can save your budget and carefully fold them to fit inside your vehicle easily.

Personal mobility issues

Mobility issues and restricted movement can affect your routine activities. You need support from other people to walk and move around.

You cannot perform your daily tasks independently because of restricted movements. It is better to keep your wheelchair to do your task without relying on others for help.

You can easily fit them in the cargo area or space between the driver and passenger seats, depending on their size and weight.

Save transportation cost

You have to spend a lot of transportation costs while moving your home. You need vehicles that can haul your furniture and other accessories, and you have to pay for them.

Toyota Camry helps save your transportation costs by providing more cargo and interior spaces.

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