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Can You Put a Dog Door in an RV?

Can You Put a Dog Door in an RV?

Most RVs are dog friendly, and the installation of a new dog door makes the pets happier. 

Can You Put a Dog Door in an RV? In general, you can put a dog door in an RV through proper techniques. First, check the height and size of the dog and then install it. Next, adjust the dog door in any side door of the living areas and tight the screws.

These animals have living compartments and dogs can enter and go out of the vehicle by these structures. They can live and grow there more effectively than the other conditions. 

Can You Put a Dog Door in an RV?

People like to keep pets with them for various activities. However, the emotional attachments and concerns compel them to adjust the dogs in the RV.

Here are easy steps to add this door to your vehicle:

Select an RV dog door

The dog doors are different than the standard human doors. They are beneficial for the security and convenience of the dogs inside an RV.

Its selection includes multiple factors, and the size and height are significant parameters. 

You cannot avoid these things due to beautiful and appealing door designs, and it causes time reductions and money loss.

Always consider the size of your dog so that it can cross the door. The openings of the door should correlate with the width of the dog body.

The smooth and quick movement of the pet is essential. It is suitable for the support and convenience of the pet to cross the door. Make sure the sides never harm the pet on its body. 

Bring the dog while selecting a pet door for it. You can check the crossing and movement of the dog through these openings.

Check and observe different doors and show patience. It can save you from future hazards, and the dog remains safe. 

Select accurate spot

You can select the door of a store or any other room to make such setups. The surface of the door should insert the pet structures.

Make sure before adding such tools to the door. Future errors can occur that are irreversible. The RV door gets damage permanently, and it is not in a suitable condition.

The shutting of the human door allows the blockage of the surrounding area. Thus the pet cannot move outside, and the process becomes convenient. 

Make space for the dog door

Take a non-permanent marker or caulk to make spots on the human door in an RV. Then, measure the door and add its structures.

Always leave 2 to 3 inches in these dimensional procedures. It prevents the loss of strength and time simultaneously. Use a sharp tool and cut the marks from the corners.

Make an opening according to the size of the door. You can adjust it on this opening for observation.

It is a testing technique that can reduce multiple errors. The system stabilizes due to such observation methods. Remove the excessive wood pieces from the edges and corners of the door. 

Drill holes

Check and identify the number of screws and holes on the pet door. It provides a clear picture of the leading steps in this particular procedure.

Use a drill machine to generate the sharp holes in the wood. Make the same number of holes as the pet structure comprises.

The less number of these openings leads to time consumption. You have to remove the whole device, and it is not beneficial for any performer.

Follow the instructions precisely to prevent yourself from future problems.

Remove the template and push it in the hole. Adjust it on the preexisting openings and then lead to the next step.

Tight its Screws and secure it

Add the screws in the holes, and then use a screwdriver. Take the support of a family member or any other passenger, and adjust and tight all the screws with the tightening tool. Finally, press and push the door to check the stability.

In the case of any instability, add more screws and tighten the front template. Next, attach both doors and then open the lock. 

Make the door pet friendly

The pets cannot move through these doors without any familiarity. So, first, the owner must open the locks and make the pet friendly.

Then, drag and cross it from the small door. Repeat the process until the dog learns the crossing movements. This will make your RV pet-friendly.

Things to Consider when adding a dog door in an RV

Size of the door

The door size must correlate with the pet size. The weight of the dogs also determines this feature.

The ability to cross these structures is necessary. You cannot buy a vast or narrow pet door because it is not suitable. The effects are deadly because the door can kill the pet. 

The big doors are not suitable because the purpose of installation dies. The avoidance of such rules can lead to various accidental conditions.

The treatment cost is expensive on the budget. The dog can fall ill, and you can also lose your pet in such situations. 

No sharp edges

Always consider the external structure and design of the door. You cannot buy doors with multiple sharp nails or wood edges.

All of it can result in various harmful conditions. The sounds can happen to the pet, and it may lose its life. 

Few sharp edges are part of the design, and the manufacturer makes them for friendly dogs. They can pass through such crossing devices with minimum chances of errors.

However, the presence of such openings for those pets who are unfamiliar with the results is a deadly process. Never install the sharp wood structures.

Always check the door template. It may contain few nails that can stick inside the dog’s body.

The attack can occur on various parts of the pet’s body. The results are dangerous, and you may lose the pet in all conditions. 


Observe and identify the locks of these doors before buying them. These are essential tools, and you cannot avoid them during the purchasing process. 

The inadequate door structures can lead to protection problems. The dog or cat can move outside due to big openings all the time. 

The locking property keeps them inside and protects their lives from various issues. 

It may cost a bit expensive on the total amount. However, the results are worth this money, and you can secure the favorite animal. 

Electric lock systems

Check and install the electric lock system for the luxurious camper. These designs are protection tools with various benefits. 

Resistance against bumping

Make sure that the woody door has enough resistance against the animal bumping. It cannot open once the owner puts it inside. It is for pet security in all possible ways. 

No escape

The dog door must not contain any other opening than the door. Make sure the escape of the animal is not possible. 

Why would you add a door dog in your RV?

Here are the main reasons that make people add this door dog in their RVs.

Safety of appliances

People install these to keep the dog inside their home sections. It protects various appliances in the vehicle.

Protect the pet

They provide maximum protection from outside invaders. In addition, it keeps the animals safe in their houses for security. 

Reduction of waste matter

The dogs can throw their waste anywhere in the RV. It is not suitable for the owner in terms of cleaning. RV dog doors keep the dogs limited, and it can throw the waste in the home sections.

Sleeping place

The separate sleeping place provides the dog a comfortable zone. It can grow during long-distance trips, and the outside invaders cannot affect the sleeping dog due to the closed door.

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