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Can You Put Pop-Up Headlights On Any Car?

Can You Put Pop-Up Headlights On Any Car?

Pop-up headlights look elegant on cars. These started in the 1960s-80s, giving vehicles a unique and straightforward look with a flip-up and down feature.

Can You Put Pop-Up Headlights On Any Car? You can put pop-up headlights on any car with a lower height to give an extra height and a unique design. Moreover, it looks like drowsy eyes when hiding inside the hood. You can replace old fixed headlamps by removing them and attaching these headlights to the rotating support. Attach the rotating lighting system with the relay to provide power. Then, cut the covers, paint, and connect them to the light system. Fix the system in the car hood and test it by switching on and off. Furthermore, you can also make them wink by disconnecting the black wire responsible for closing them. 

With the advancement of technologies in headlights and safety concerns, these lights have disappeared from the automobile, and now you rarely see them on the vehicles.

What are pop-up headlights?

Pop-up headlights are hidden on the front end of a car close to the hood. These can open up and down quickly because it is present in rotatory housing.

Moreover, you can operate them with the help of a switch present inside the automobile. It can come out by turning on the button and quickly hide inside the hood after turning them off.

Probably, you have seen both fixed and pop-up lights, but the latter is fascinating to look at. You can hide these headlamps when they are not in use.

Why would you add pop-up headlights on your car? 

Many people have demanded pop-up headlights on their vehicles in the past to give them a characteristic appearance.

There are also some other reasons behind their preference, like getting fed up with the old round lights.

Unique design

It give a distinctive appearance to the vehicle due to their unique design. Many people have installed this type of design to provide an impressive look.

Improve gas mileage

The benefit of adding these headlamps on the hood is that it improves gas mileage, but that makes a minor difference.

You can observe a decrease in fuel consumption after folding in the fender or hood.

Replace old round headlamps

Some people get bored of the old round headlamps and find them unsuitable for their cars.

So they choose these new stylish and moveable ones that can come out and in with the help of a switch.

Look like eyes

When they get close, they look like drowsy eyes with closing eyelids.

Moreover, it adds a humanistic feature as they can also wink as humans do. Furthermore, it can also get open and close quickly like human eyes.

Provide extra height to cars

They provide some extra height to the low-lying cars close to the ground surface.

As a result, it can add some extra inches to the size of your vehicle, and it can look taller than usual.

Can you convert a car to have pop-up headlights? 

You can convert your car with the design of the old headlamp in a round shape to the new and impressive lights.

Attach the pop-up headlights

Open the hood and remove old headlamps so that you can add new ones in that place. Next, attach these to rotating metal support using the screws and nuts.

Connect to power

After that, connect the light housing with a relay system to provide power to switch on and off the system. The brown wire helps open up, while the black wire makes it pop down.

Prepare covers

Then, cut the covers and place them over the lights that help hide when they pop down. The shape of the covers should be wider from the front side.

You can paint these metal or hard plastic covers to match the vehicle’s body color. In addition, some contrasting colors also look good sometimes.

Attach covers to headlights

Next, attach the covers with the headlights system and put them in the space on the hood. Finally, fix all the things in the correct place by screwing them tightly.

Test the functionality of these lights by switching them on and off. It is better to check the system before fixing the cover and housing to make it accurate at the right time.

You can also make these lights wink by cutting the black wire by removing their connection with the relay system.

Therefore, it remains in an open position after disruption of the power connection until you fix it.

Are pop-up headlights legal?

Pop-up lights are not illegal but they are against some safety regulations. Some European countries have banned these headlamps because they are not considered safe.

However, you can add them to your car, but it should meet the safety guidelines, which is impossible.

These are not trending in Europe because they do not follow the law that states that the vehicles’ front side should contort.

The modern guidelines for safety do not favor adding these concealing devices, but these are legal in America.

Why did pop-up headlights disappear? 

These headlamps disappear for many reasons, like people have found a better alternative to them, or they are expensive to install.

Replaced with LED headlamps

An efficient and better technology has replaced them that were used widely in the past to give a glamorous touch.

LED and HID bulbs are far better than these old-fashioned lights in light intensity and functionality.

Moreover, these high-beam headlamps require a small space due to their small size to adjust to the hood surface.

Flaws in design

There were some flaws in their design and operation because when you switch on the lights, it pops-up in the upward direction and become visible.

Their performance gets poor when these come out due to increased aerodynamic drag force on their surface.

Some undesired lift forces are imposed when the vehicle moves at high speed, making it unstable.

Add weight to the car

The whole set-up is heavy and unsuitable for small size vehicles with a lower weight.

Moreover, sports vehicles need to be lightweight and rely on aluminum and carbon fiber materials. Therefore, it is not suitable to add a heavy system of headlamps.

Safety guidelines

One prominent reason behind their disappearance from automobiles is a safety concern. A deformable surface of the car protects pedestrians in case of accidents.

However, people can get injured if these lights are in an open position. So, they are not suitable to install according to the new safety guidelines.

Expensive maintenance and repairing

The installation method requires a lot of skill, effort, and money to fix them properly. First, you have to fix them inside the hood by creating a space and connection with the relay.

Moreover, it is expensive to maintain and repair if it gets damaged in an accident or becomes non-functional.

Consume extra space

It takes more space than the regular headlamps fixed at their place that do not hide inside the hood.

So, it is better to choose permanent and fixed ones that meet the safety standards and require small space.

What cars can have pop-up headlights? 

All cars can have pop-up design lights on their hood to hide inside them when turned off. Many sports automobiles have this feature to give some reasonable height to the body.

This trend was common in the 20th century, and almost all vehicles have installed them to look good. They were under the light during the 1960s and 1970s but disappeared after 2004.

I have seen this feature in many cars like the Mazda, Toyota MR2, Lotus Elan, and Ford Probe.

Furthermore, you can still see many old vehicles with this unique headlamps design, but all the modern automobiles do not contain them.

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