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Chevy Silverado Wireless Charging Not Working

Chevy Silverado Wireless Charging Not Working

Wireless chargers are present in Chevy Silverado for the ease of people, but sometimes they do not work due to various issues.

Chevy Silverado wireless charging stops working due to problems with the charging pad, use of incompatible devices, and interference with phone covers, metal equipment, or navigation system. Many people face issues because of slow charging, loss of energy due to fluctuations in temperature, and size differences of the phones. The inaccurate contact between the charging pads and phones, debris on wireless chargers, and non-updated software cause this problem. 

You should put your pickup truck into an accessory mode to activate the wireless charging. 

Problem with charging pad

Charging pads are the electrical devices present in cars and pickup trucks to charge phones.

It emits the radiations in the form of an electromagnetic field which is then converted into electrical energy and is helpful to charge the battery.

Many people complain that these wireless chargers in Silverado are not working when they place their phones on them.

The problem comes due to a fault in its internal components. It contains the receiver coil that transfers the electromagnetic field to the receiver coils of your phone.

The transfer coil also gets faulty and cannot transmit the signals. Moreover, it cannot work when you plug in the USB on your phone.

The USB causes an interruption in signals, and it cannot work well. However, you can fix it by removing the USB from your device before placing it on the wireless pad.

Slow charging

The charging from these pads is slower than wired charges in your home. This is because Chevy Silverado charges your phone after taking the energy from the magnetic field.

The electromagnetic field takes more time to travel from the transfer coil to the receiver coil of your device.

The average time taken by the electromagnetic field increases the charging time. Therefore, it is unsuitable for people in an emergency who have to charge it for several minutes.

In addition, it takes more time when the battery is zero or very low.

People get worried due to its slow efficiency and think it does not provide power its battery.

It also depends on the type of these pads and the difference in the watts.

You can install the ones that have higher watts, and it helps to increase the charging efficiency. Most vehicles come into the market with 7.5W or 9W built-in wireless chargers.

These are too slow, and you can install the 15W in your trucks to increase their efficiency.

Using non-compatible devices

Many people who have Chevy Silverado complain that their wireless charger does not provide power to the phones of their relatives.

The issue comes from incompatible devices that are not connected and provide signals.

The wired chargers of your phones are compatible with your specific device, which is not functional for other models.

These are compatible with a few devices and do not charge the others.

These pickup trucks do not provide power to the iPhone 6, 7, 8X, 12, and 13 Pro. Moreover, many of my Samsung user friends faced the same problem in this vehicle.

It does not work well with a few models of Samsung, including Samsung Galaxy S6 active, S7 edge, and galaxy S8 plus.

The signals are not transmitted between your phone’s transfer and receiver coil. Therefore, it is compatible with various models of iPhone except for a few because of its Qi certification.

It is better to purchase a device after checking its compatibility with your charging devices. You should check whether android is supporting this latest technique or not.

Wireless charger not updated

Chevy Silverado charging pads contain the software and hardware for its functioning and transmission of signals. You can often not charge your smartphones because the software is not updated.

The phone cannot receive the signals from the software that are not updated. Moreover, the phones also contain software, and you need to upgrade them.

You must check the setting menu frequently to find the new software update.

Many times, your old phones are not compatible with wireless chargers.

The updated software added this latest safety feature.

You can fix it by updating your charging devices and smartphones regularly. It is also beneficial to install their updated version in your truck for its better and quick functioning.

The phone and charging pads are not connected

Maintaining a good connection between the wireless chargers and your phones is necessary. The specific charging position of every phone is present in the owner manual for the guidance of people.

The incorrect and wrong placement can cause charging issues. However, you can charge your devices appropriately when it is present in the area of the magnetic field.

The receiver coil cannot receive the magnetic field due to incorrect positioning and placement.

Therefore, the distance between the magnetic field of the transfer and the receiver coil should be a few millimeters.

A distance of a few millimeters can cause the problem, and your phone cannot receive the electrical energy from the electromagnetic field.

These are smooth surfaces, and slipping can occur during driving. Moreover, driving on bumpy roads also disturbs the position and magnetic field between these accessories.

The problem mostly comes with inexperienced and new persons who do not know where to place the smartphones for the correct magnetic field.

You can fix the issue by reading the owner manual to identify the placement position of your specific device.

You should try to adjust it in the middle for an accurate magnetic field and charging.

Interference due to phone cover

The direct contact of the phone with the charging pad is essential to take energy from the electromagnetic field.

Many people complain that their phones do not get power as their position is also appropriate. The issue comes due to the interruption of covers.

The receiver coil cannot receive the electromagnetic field due to the covers of the phones. People use a variety of covers, and some of them are thin while others are thick.

The texture of the cases is also essential because ones with hard surfaces are thick and cannot receive power from electrical energy.

The material of the cases matters a lot because the metallic ones are problematic and cause interruption.

In addition, the interruption also occurs due to the placement of different accessories on the covers. For example, the placement of bank cards causes an interruption in charging.

Moreover, many people also place the currency in covers to make them secure. You can fix it by removing their covers before putting them on charging pads.

It is also necessary to take out the currency, debit cards, and other essentials from the covers.

Interference with other gadgets and systems

There are several systems present in the trucks that receive and emit signals. In addition, the vehicle’s navigation system is present to receive the signals.

The navigation system cause interruption in signals. The presence of several metal objects in your Chevy Silverado trucks also causes this issue, and your phone won’t charge.

You can face the issue because of the key fob because it also interacts with signaling from the transmitters. 

You should turn off the signaling systems before using this device. Moreover, turn off the key fob to prevent energy loss during its transfer.

Loss of energy due to temperature fluctuations

The loss of energy is a broad term; it usually occurs due to inside and outside temperature fluctuations.

It means energy is lost when it transfers from the transfer coil to the receiver coil. You can also face the loss of power due to temperature fluctuations.

Smartphone devices usually work accurately in the temperature range of 0° to 37°. The disturbance in temperature due to hot weather and high-temperature cause issue.

The problem mostly comes when you park your vehicles outside in hot weather and do not turn on the air conditioner.

The average temperature gets disturbed and rises from more than 37°, which is unsuitable for charging conditions.

Same as in winter when the temperature falls from less than 0°. The people living in cold areas mostly face this problem and become worried.

You can fix it by maintaining the temperature of the internal environment. 

Size difference

Mobile phones are present in the market with different sizes and features. Sometimes you cannot adjust the appropriate middle position on the pads because of the larger size.

It becomes problematic for you to charge them because of their size difference. In addition, the magnetic field gets disturbed when you do not put them in the middle position.

Dust or debris on the charging pad

Sometimes the dirt and debris on these pads disturb the signaling between the transfer and receiver coils.

The dust is a barrier between these two components, and you face the issue with charging devices.

The dust comes due to poor maintenance of your truck and driving on dirt roads. You can also face this issue when you drive in the open air with windows rolled up.

Moreover, you can also see the dust when you do not use the Silverado for a longer time and forget to close its windows.

You should close the windows while parking your automobiles. It is also necessary to clean the pads with a soft cloth to remove dust and make suitable contact between these devices.

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