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Common Problems with Coachmen Freedom Express

Common Problems with Coachmen Freedom Express

Coachmen Freedom Express trailers are best for long trips because of their lot of storage places in the closet area, drawers, and under beds. Moreover, the interior has a luxurious appearance with many LED lights and a good stereo system.

Common problems with Coachmen Freedom Express include improper shutting of cabinet doors, unmatched cushions in the dinette area, saggy sofas, poor cloth rods in closets, and faulty folding couches. Moreover, you can see dimming of lights, loose electric outlets, absence of struts and cheap tables.

These are best for long weekends and families because of their outdoor kitchens, love seats, bathroom widows, and small size for easy parking and towing.

Coachmen Freedom Express Problems Solutions
Improper shutting of cabinet doors Tighten and relocate the hinges
Sagging of sofa seats Refill cushion seats
Poor placement of cloth rods in closets Tighten the rods of closet
Problem with foldable couches Add fitted sheets on beds
Dimming of lights Check weak batteries
Loose electric outlets Tight screws of electric outlets
Cheaper dinette table Lubricate the locking mechanism of folding tables
Absence of struts under bed Install gas struts

Improper shutting of cabinet doors

People face issues in shutting cabinet doors because of their poor installation and faulty magnetic latches.

You cannot close them properly, and the cloth comes from the cabinets. Moreover, other accessories also fall on the floor you have placed in them.

You can face issues in their shutting due to loose hinges of the doors. This is because the screws of the door hinges become loose after some years and cause a problem in their proper closing.

In addition, the magnetic latches also lose their strength after some and cannot latch correctly. The presence of dust and corrosion also makes these latches faulty.

You have to replace the entire cabinets if you cannot identify the real problem. Check the screws of the door hinges and tighten them.

Furthermore, check the position of the hinges because these can also cause interference in closing windows.

Sagging of sofa seats

The seat cushions on the dinette and living area are of bad quality and become saggy after some years. Moreover, the color of the seat cushions is not matched properly with the remaining interior.

These cushions are not placed and secured correctly, making you highly uncomfortable sitting on them.

These do not remain in their proper position because of their incorrect fastening. As a result, the sofa cushions do not stay upright and leave space behind them.

The saggy cushions make sitting on couches difficult because it disturbs your sitting posture. The saggy occurs due to the low quality of seats and their poor installation.

The broke strip of the sofas and webbing increase the risk of sagging. In addition, one of its seats also becomes saggy when you use it more than others.

You can face this issue in Coachmen Freedom Express when seat cushions become old and are not filled correctly. You can fix the saggy couch by refilling the cushions with foam.

It is better to check the broken frame of the couches because poor underneath support makes the seats saggy.

Poor placement of cloth rods in closets

The long rods are in the closet, so you can hang your clothes, hoodies, and pants. These rods can come off from the closets from one side, and your accessories come on the floor.

These can fall off the wardrobes due to their poor adjustment. Moreover, the weight of the cloth and other accessories also causes this issue.

The mounting brackets and screws are used to adjust them, which become loose with time. For example, the closet rod comes off due to its loose screws and mounting brackets.

The holes also become large with time and cause poor adjustment of closet rods. You can fix the issue by replacing or readjusting the rods in the closet.

Tighten its screws or add the thick rod in a closet that can bear more cloth weight.

Problem with foldable couches

Folding couches are multipurpose furniture that is converted into a sofa and beds according to the requirement of people.

Most RVs have this furniture because it can perform dual functions while taking up less space.

Folding couches are present in these trailers that are converted into a bed. The fold-out sofas have thin mattresses compared to the normal ones on our beds.

In addition, these can also come closer to the walls when you convert these couches into beds. It becomes difficult for people to put bed sheets on them because of insufficient walking space around the wall.

It is not comfortable to sleep on thick mattresses or folding couches. You can resolve the problem by using fitted sheets on their beds.

It is better to use thick fitted sheets to improve the comfort of folding sofas.

Dimming of lights

These trailers have a lot of LED lights on the interior and exterior side to make them luxurious and illuminated.

Some of these lights on the interior side become dim during the trip, which can make the interior less illuminated. The dimming of the interior LED occurs due to loose connection of the wires and issues in the electric circuits.

In addition, you can face the dimming problem when the RV battery is weak and provide insufficient voltage or current in outlets.

The poor adjustment of bulbs in LED lights causes their dimming and makes them faulty. You can resolve the problem by checking the voltage supply in the battery.

Connect the voltmeter to the trailer’s battery and note the reading on the screen.

Loose electric outlets

The electric outlets become loose and come off the walls, which is highly challenging.

The electric wires also come outside due to loose outlets, and they can produce electric shocks when you touch them with wet hands.

Electric sockets are mounted with bolts and nuts on the walls that become loose and cause this issue. Damaged or broken contact points also cause their poor connection with the wall.

Moreover, these can also come off from the walls when you pull the switches or plugs hard.

Therefore, you can protect against the loosening of electric sockets by carefully inserting and removing the plugs and switches.

Tighten the screws that are present on their boundaries for their mounting.

Cheaper dinette table

The free-standing foldable table is in the dinette areas, so you can fold them at night to extend the sleeping area.

These are of cheaper quality and become faulty when you use them for some time. Also, you can see small dents on their top surface due to their cheaper manufacturing material.

Moreover, the paint on the table rust starts to peel off due to improper application. The locking mechanism of the table leg also gets stuck, and you cannot open and close them according to your need.

In addition, you can also see the wobbling issue in these tables because of their lightweight and loose screws on the table legs.

You can fix the wobbling issue by tightening the screws of the table legs. Lubricate the locking mechanism of the folding tables for their correct functioning.

Absence of struts under bed

The beds in the Coachmen Freedom Express do not contain any hydraulic and gas struts under the storage area to raise them.

These are heavy, and you have to put a lot of effort into using the storage area under the bed. In addition, sometimes people do not utilize the storage space in these areas because of the absence of struts.

The company forgets to install these struts and does not have any idea about these components. The installation of gas struts makes the lifting process easy and decreases the effort of people.

You can fix the issue by installing the gas struts under beds for easy raising. Purchase the struts and brackets from the markets and check their weight-holding capacity.

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