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Common Problems with Flagstaff Super Lite

Common Problems with Flagstaff Super Lite

Flagstaff Super Lite trailers are spacious, with a lot of space in the dinette area to enjoy a meal with your family and friends. In addition, the interior paint color scheme is soft, giving these RVs a luxurious appearance.

Common problems with Flagstaff Super Lite include failure of slide-outs, poor flooring in high-traffic areas, low-quality glass doors, broken burner of the stove, and thin mattresses.

Many people like them because of their comfortable furniture, including two large leather recliners. These are the best thing during long trips to relax when you are feeling tired.

Flagstaff Super Lite Problems Solutions
Failure of slide outs s Lubrication
Poor flooring on traffic points Move furniture in different areas
Faulty burner of the kitchen stove Use mats on the glass top of the burner stove
Thin mattress Add customized mattress
Broken refrigerator handles Tighten the screws of the refrigerator handle
Broken chairs Replace chairs with foldable sofas
Cheap faucets Change the upper end of the faucet
Lack of full couch Replace recliner with couch

Failure of slide outs

Slide-outs are present in these trailers to make the interior roomy. These are the extendable component that increases the space of the interior cabin.

It creates extra room for sleeping, and more people can sleep in this area. Most people complain that slide-outs failed in the middle of the journey, and these cannot come out.

Slide oust are powered by electric motors and become faulty due to malfunctioning of electric motor. In addition, the poor lubrication from its sides causes an issue in its opening and closing.

Sometimes the debris and foreign particles get stuck on the sliding mechanism and fail to perform their function.

You can fix the issue by properly lubricating the slide-outs corner for smooth movement without clunking noise.

Check the motors if these are not retracting and replace the burn-out motors.

Poor flooring on traffic points

You can see the poor laminate flooring in the high-traffic areas because of the poor-quality manufacturing material.

You can see the laminate flooring near the entry doors, kitchen sinks, and near bathrooms become soft and start to move inward.

It can make the floors uneven, which can also creak when you step on these points. Moreover, these cannot bear the weight of heavy furniture like recliners and beds.

You can see softness and uneven surfaces from these sides. The issue occurs due to poor sealing of the laminate floors and the use of low-quality laminates.

Avoid placing your furniture in certain places for a long time. Instead, change their direction after some time so they cannot damage laminate flooring due to their weight.

Add plywood layer under subflooring in high-traffic areas like the kitchen, bathroom, and entry door.

Faulty burner of the kitchen stove

The burner stove of the kitchen becomes faulty due to food spillage during food preparation. The spillage of food, oils, and greases damages them and causes issues while cooking food.

The spillages and greases move into the burner receptacles through cracked glass sheets. The glass sheet is susceptible to wear and tear due to its age.

Moreover, these can also get damaged from the stove’s heat, and grease or liquid material moves into the burner stove.

The stove cannot ignite due to the faulty burners and cause a problem for you. You can resolve the issue in Flagstaff Super Lite by using a countertops mat on the glass tops of the stove to protect the glass top from cracking and damage.

Thin mattresses

The bed mattress is very thin, and people cannot sleep on them comfortably.

You can feel the hard surface because of the thin mattress and hard bed frame. Moreover, people also complain that you can see the bedframe marks on your skin when you wake up.

The company added thin mattresses in the bedrooms because these are less expensive and put less pressure on the frame.

The frames are under more pressure when mattresses are thin and do not have any thick support.

You can add topper mattresses or comfortable sheets on them, but I prefer to replace the mattress with comfortable sleep.

You can select soft and thick mattresses to form the markets according to the frame size for their proper fitting.

Broken refrigerator handles

The handles are present, so you can grab them to open and close the refrigerator. These are attached in the middle or on the side of the refrigerators.

These can break due to their low-quality plastic material. In addition, the poor handling during the opening and closing of the refrigerator breaks them.

The handles of the refrigerators come off due to their loose screws and improper adjustment. The screws become loose due to their age and frequent use.

You can resolve the problem by tightening the screws of the refrigerator handles for their proper opening and closing and preventing the seal from damage.

Damaged chairs

Four chairs are in the Dinette area so people can sit on them and enjoy their meal. These are uncomfortable because they are not upholstered with any fabric.

Moreover, these are made of cheaper wooden materials that can break easily. These can break due to their low weight-carrying capacity and frequent use.

The legs of the chairs become wobbly due to poor fixing of the joints. The wobbly issue becomes severe when you sit on them and move on bumpy roads.

You can resolve the problem by removing these chairs and adding foldable multipurpose furniture to convert the dinette area into a sleeping area at night.

Moreover, this foldable multipurpose furniture is more comfortable than simple wooden chairs and lasts longer.

Cheap faucets

The faucets in the Flagstaff Super Lite bathroom and kitchen sink are of cheap quality, and their handles can break after a few trips.

The handle can break due to poor fitting of faucet handles. In addition, people often unconsciously pressure them during their opening and closing, which can affect their fitting.

These become loose when you open and close the handle hardly. The handle can also get separated from the faucets when it becomes loose.

You can fix it by replacing the broken part of the faucet with a new one. The upper part is replaceable, and you can purchase them from the market.

Lack of full couch

These trailers contain two full-size leather recliners to make them comfortable. These two recliners can only adjust two people on them because of the limited space.

These are single-seater recliners, and more than 2 people cannot sit on them. In addition, they do not contain full 5-seater or large couches so people can sit on them.

All family members cannot sit in one place because of the lack of a large couch.

The absence of a full couch creates a lack of sitting space for family members. You can resolve the issue by removing the one recliner and adding 5-seater or 3-seater sofas.

Recliners also take up more space because of their large size and reclining function. However, it can easily leave extra space for the placement of a simple couch.

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