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Do Camper Shells Improve Gas Mileage?

Do Camper Shells Improve Gas Mileage?

Many people add camper shells on their truck’s bed for shelter purposes. It is beneficial during different seasons, including high temperatures during the summer and rainy seasons.

Do Camper Shells Improve Gas Mileage? According to our experienced and customer reviews, adding a camper shell on the truck’s bed does not improve gas mileage. Instead, it increases gas consumption due to its heavy weight and length. Their weight is 100 pounds to 200 pounds, depending on their size and manufacturing material. You can only improve mileage by proper maintenance, less idling, and maintaining the speed and use of regular gasoline than premium ones. 

You can also add camper shells to increase the height of your pickup trucks. It is suitable for people who carry a lot of luggage and want to increase the space.

What Are Camper Shells?

Camper shells are used to cover the truck’s bed for different purposes. It is the most helpful accessory for drivers while road tips.

It is easy to attach or detach them according to your need and specific purpose. For example, many people connect them during rainy weather to keep the luggage safe.

It is a box-like material that is helpful to cover the whole bed and make it a safe place. These are made of fiberglass or plastic material to decrease their weight.

It is also known as a truck cap, canopy, and bed cap. It covers the whole area like an enclosed container for safe transportation of accessories.

Why Do Camper Shells Not Improve Gas Mileage?

Many people complain that placement of a camper shell decreases your gas mileage which is economically not beneficial.

You have to spend more money on refilling gas than a normal situation. This is because your vehicle consumes extra fuel when you load its bed with these large structures.

The decrease in mileage comes from their heavy weight, which is a problem. Adding heavy-weight things to your automobiles decreases fuel economy and will take more fuel.

Moreover, these large and heavy-weight structures also decrease the air drag or aerodynamics, ultimately increasing gas consumption.

The average weight of this structure is about 200 pounds to 300 pounds. The increase in weight also depends on their size, according to your vehicle’s model.

The short bed truck caps weigh 150 and 200 pounds, and the longer ones weigh more than 200 pounds.

300 pounds is considered lightweight in the automobile industry, but it can cause a problem when you place this extra weight on your vehicle.

The weight also depends on the type of their manufacturing material.

How do camper shells affect the gas mileage of your truck?

Camper shells negatively affect its gas mileage of your vehicle. The consumption of extra gallons while carrying these canopies also depends on their size and driving conditions.

The mpg of your vehicle decreases by 3 to 4 mpg while carrying these structures. The decrease in mpg comes due to their heavy weight and taller length.

You have to spend more to refill the gas while moving on highways.

How to increase the gas mileage of your truck with a camper shell?

The camper shell is beneficial, and you can improve your truck’s mileage by different methods.

Regular maintenance

Regular maintenance and care are necessary to increase the longevity of different things. You can also maintain your vehicle to improve its gas efficiency.

Regular care includes checking the fuel level timely and refilling it. Moreover, it is also necessary to check air filters because clogged filters increase gas consumption.

It is also better to change the fuel after a specific time to decrease the accumulation of dust and dirt in various parts.

You should also lubricate the different parts that take more engine power for their work.

Maintain speed on highways

It is also necessary to maintain speed when driving on highways. You can maintain the speed by turning on the cruise control.

The sudden increase or decrease of speed while driving increases gas consumption. The engine uses more power when you suddenly increase the speed while on highways.

Highways are smooth roads, and traffic load is also less, so you can easily maintain the speed at one point, which becomes beneficial for your automobile.

The cruise control is also beneficial to maintaining the speed when you are coming down from the highways.

Apply fewer brakes

Try to apply fewer brakes during driving to save some gallons of fuel while carrying a camper shell. Frequent brakes applications while going through busy and poor roads increase gas consumption.

Avoid driving smoothly and choose alternative pathways for this purpose. In addition, you should also prefer to drive when the traffic load is less.

Avoid driving on busy roads with more traffic load because you have to use brakes frequently. The less application of brakes also increases the time of scheduled maintenance.

Take fewer stops while driving

You should also take fewer stops while driving because the engine needs more power when accelerating your truck.

You should avoid idling the engine again and again while taking stops. Many people do not turn off their vehicles and wait in a row to use ATMs.

In addition, some of them also do this while purchasing certain foodstuffs, especially tea or coffee, during driving.

The best way that you should turn off the ignition and park your vehicle in the parking area. You can easily save your gas in this way and purchase the foodstuffs for you.

Use regular gasoline

It is also better to use regular gasoline than premium ones. However, it contains low octane levels but increases gas mileage and provides smooth driving.

The premium gasoline is recommended for only some luxurious class automobiles. You should read the owner’s manual before filling the tank of your vehicle.

Fill it with regular gasoline if it is mentioned in the manual. It can damage the engine parts and waste your money when using premium gasoline.

In addition, premium gas is more costly than regular ones, and you have to spend more money to fill the tank than regular ones.

Why do people add camper shells on pickup trucks?

It is an essential accessory that provides several benefits, and people like to add them to their vehicle’s bed.

Keep luggage safe

It is beneficial to add this safety equipment to safely transport a variety of your luggage. This closed container is the best option when you want to deliver food commodities from one place to another.

It also works during the rainy season and protects your accessories from moisture. You can easily carry electronics and other dry materials to different places with the help of this useful accessory.

In addition, it becomes a suitable option for you when you want to maintain the temperature of different products during their delivery.

Night stay

It is a better option for drivers for night stays during emergencies and when you stay on the road.

You cannot sleep on the truck’s bed during the rainy and winter season because of temperature fluctuations.

Moreover, the drivers cannot sleep on the roads during the night due to dust and bugs on the floor, which is not suitable.

2 to 3 persons can easily spend a peaceful night in that place without fear. You do not have to take camping tools while on road trips.

Increase space

Many people only add limited things to their vehicle’s bed because of limited space and less security.

In addition, you can only place a few things on them due to the chances of their dropping down on the floor when you drive on poor roads.

It increases the space and safety for the placement of your cargo in this area. It also provides the locking facility after putting your accessories there.

Moreover, you can add more things to the beds because they are unlikely to drop down. You can lock the doors and windows after filing this cargo area.

Protect cargo from thieves

It is a closed structure and has black mirrors which can protect your luggage from the eyes of thieves and robbers.

You can load your valuables in that place, and no one from outside can see them. You can transport them from one place to other with complete safety and security.

When you place your valuables on an open bed, it becomes visible to everyone, and anyone can approach them while following you.

Why would you use tonneau covers instead of camper shells?

Many people prefer tonneau covers instead of camper shells to cover their truck’s bed and make it useful for different purposes.

These are helpful to fully cover the rear side of your pickup. These are made of vinyl, fiberglass, aluminum, and canvas-style material to maintain their shape.

The primary benefit of using these covers is that they are lighter in weight and easy to install. These cannot put excessive weight on your vehicle.

Moreover, tonneau covers do not exceed the weight of your truck than their maximum payload capacity. Camper shells are heavier and decrease fuel economy.

These are light in weight, increase aerodynamics and provide better fuel mileage while driving at maximum speed.

What do reviews say?

I surveyed about 257 pickup truck drivers in America to take their reviews about the use of camper shells.

Out of 257 people, 176 (69%) said that it is good to use camper-shells users for the safety of their luggage during rainy weather.

57 (22%) people said they prefer tonneau covers instead of camper shells because they are lighter in weight and increase fuel costs.

The remaining 24 (9%) people added that they prefer to use canopies because they have more benefits than disadvantages.

One driver said: It is the best thing for me during night stay because I do not need to book a costly hotel for my stay.

Another person mentioned: that I use tonneau covers to cover my truck’s bed because it can help to improve my fuel mileage because of their lighter weight.

The third person said: I always use canopies to cover my truck’s rear side while transporting valuable things and keep them safe and secure.

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