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Do Newer Cars Last Longer?

Do Newer Cars Last Longer?

Some people prefer to buy new cars while a few like to purchase old and trusted models. Different car manufacturing companies launch their new models every year with advancements in features.

Do Newer Cars Last Longer? According to our research, newer cars last longer because of their safety features, anti-corrosive coating, efficient engines with fuel injection systems, and modern onboard electronic system. These are equipped with metal timing belts rather than rubber, vinyl coating, all-season tires, and regular maintenance programs. In addition, these are larger and have better quality interior and exterior features.

You should check the quality of different parts according to specific models when you want to purchase new vehicles. You should prefer the new ones for quality and comfortable rides.

Why do newer cars last longer?

Modern cars last for longer because of their structural design and manufacturing material. People prefer to see the model of vehicles when they purchase the used ones from the market because older ones are unreliable.

Safer choice

Modern vehicles are safer than older ones because of the addition of safety feature in them. These are equipped with many safety features that can decrease the chances of collision.

These automobiles’ manufacturing materials are also high quality and can easily withstand crashes and accidental collisions.

These are equipped with safety warnings that can make you aware and decrease the risk of serious problems.

The air bags, safety or emergency brakes, and antilock system decrease the risk of collisions, and your vehicle lasts longer.

Anti-corrosive coating

The old cars do not have an anti-corrosive coating, which can cause rust. Rust on their surface can produce cracks and make them fragile.

It decreases the reliability of metal frames and makes them more vulnerable to breakage. In addition, the new models now have an anti-corrosive coating on their exterior surface.

The anti-corrosive coating is also present on the lower side of the chassis because more rust accumulates there due to their contact with road salts and mud.

These anti-corrosive coatings also protect the paint from damage.

Good engines

The engines of modern automobiles are also better and more efficient. The overall working of the engine is also improved, which can decrease the risk of wear and tear in its components.

Old models have carburetors that can cause oil dripping into the engine. The dripping issue comes because there is no proper control for oil flow.

The unburned fuel can damage the rubber hoses and valves. It can also corrode these parts and can damage them.

Modern vehicles come up in the market with fuel injection systems. The primary function of the fuel injection system is to control the oil flow.

The oil enters into the specific system due to this fuel injection system which can increase the longevity of engine components.

High-quality exterior material

The different automobile brands change their manufacturing design to add quality to their products.

The new vehicles come on the market with high-quality exterior material. The older ones are equipped with heavy steel material that only increases the weight of the cars.

The latest ones have low tensile strength steel and a combination of alloy to increase durability.

Modern electronic system

These contain modern electronics and an onboard dashboard system that can decrease the risk of damage.

The presence of a warning system can make you alert timely if there is a problem with some system. So you can get alert and try to resolve the issue as soon as possible before any serious damage.

In addition, it tells you about when there are low fluid levels, oil levels, and air pressure in tires. 

The engine issues are also represented by the check engine light on the onboards dashboard system.

These onboards systems have a specific sensor that can take signals from the different components about their performance.

Replacement of timing belts with chains

The timing belts are present in the engine compartment that controls the position of the camshaft for its working at appropriate times.

The old models of vehicles have timing belts made up of rubber material. The rubber material is not long-lasting and can break.

The leakages of oils and greases can also cause damage to these rubber materials. The automobile manufacturing brands resolve this issue by adding metal timing chains in engine compartments.

These chains cannot break early, perform better than the rubber ones, and last longer.

High-quality oil

A few years back, the oil in the refilling stations was not of good quality. It is not refined, which can damage the engine and its components.

The machinery in that area is not advanced and technical, producing refined oils with high octane and free from foreign particles.

It contains small particles and dust, damaging the fuel lines and causing an idling issue. The oil refineries are equipped with high-quality and technical machinery producing pure oil.

It helps remove the fuel impurities and make them better for engines. In addition, the cars use this appropriately refined oil, making their parts durable and more longevity.

Vinyl coating

Most famous brands also coat the exterior of their vehicles with vinyl coating. The vinyl coating benefits paint and provide an extra protective layer.

It can decrease the chances of scratches and marks on their surface. The chances of corrosion also decrease because of the protective coating on metal.

In addition, it also protects the paints of your vehicle from sun heat exposure damaging them.

High-quality parts

These cars also have high-quality parts that are less vulnerable to wear and tear. In addition, you have to spend less on repairing these parts because of their better quality.

The parts do not break easily and are not fragile, and they can lose their strength after some time. The suspension and transmission components are also of high quality.

Schedule maintenance program

Most automobile companies also offer scheduled maintenance programs for the ease of their customers.

It provides different packages every six months, and you can avail of these packages for the maintenance of your vehicle.

These include the monitoring of tires, brakes, and suspension components. Moreover, it also provides a maintenance schedule for the change of different fluids and fuels.

Equipped with all-season tires

Their tires are also of good quality rubber that can withstand all types of road conditions and temperature fluctuations.

You can freely drive them in the summer season without getting worried about their melting.

In addition, it is also better for the summer season because of their better grip on the snowy and slippery road.

Larger in size

These are larger, which provides roomier space for the headrest. As a result, you can easily relax while driving for a long time.

Moreover, the larger size is also beneficial because it contains more steel that absorbs energy from collisions with other vehicles.

More energy absorption makes you less likely to damage when you collide with other road hurdles.

Better interior

The interior is also made up of high-quality material to reduce the cracks in interior materials. In addition, the leather seats are also of good quality.

The leather lasts for more time and cannot get damaged early.

How long should a modern car last?

The new cars are specially designed to last for a longer time to increase their reliability. The engine is the major part that is redesigned to make them more durable.

These are designed to last for about a quarter of a million miles. So on average, modern cars last about 200,000 miles to 300,000 miles.

The longevity of the engine depends on its scheduled maintenance. However, the completely maintained engine and use of high-quality fuels will easily be useful for more than 8 to 10 years.

The life span of tires depends on the driving conditions and the types of roads. However, the high-quality and good brand tires can easily last 14,000 to 15,000 miles.

What are the names of some newer cars that last longer?

Several brands in America make long-lasting vehicles. These companies try to increase the quality of their product according to the market and customers’ demand.

Nowadays, people always select the vehicles of famous brands so they can last longer.

I have added names of different vehicles that are reliable and worth buying. These are a bit costly, but it is better to invest money in them.

  • Toyota Camry
  • Honda Civic
  • Subaru Forester
  • Honda Accord
  • Mazda
  • Honda Odyssey
  • Honda CR-V
  • Honda ridgeline
  • Toyota Sequoia

What cars do not last longer?

The cars that are not from famous brands do not last for longer. Some brands are only working to earn money from their customers.

They use low-quality manufacturing materials and parts in their vehicles. A few models of Honda, Toyota, KIA, and Suzuki are not good.

These have less reliable scores, and people cannot want to purchase them after seeing their rating.

In addition, these models have problems with their various systems, which can decrease their reliability.

You should have to do complete research about the vehicle before purchasing them so you can invest your money in a good thing.

Does driving your car less allow it to last longer?

The longevity of cars does not depend on driving time and their mileage. There is a wrong myth that driving for a long time decreases the durability of its parts.

The durability depends on the manufacturing brand, driving conditions, and the quality of its parts.

Moreover, it also depends on the scheduled maintenance program. It is necessary to maintain its different parts so you can use it for more time.

What do reviews say?

I surveyed about 523 car users in America to take their reviews about the quality and longevity of different car parts.

Out of 523 people, 351 (67%) said it is best to purchase newer cars because of their efficient engines with fuel injection systems.

140 people said (26%) that the newer car models last longer because of their all-season tires that can easily withstand the high temperature of the roads.

The remaining 32 people (7%) prefer to buy their vehicles and do not check their models before purchasing them.

One of the drivers mentioned: “Cars from 2014 to 2020 are better because of their safety features and long-lasting engine.

The second one said: I prefer to purchase the latest models of cars because of the fuel injection system in their engines”.

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