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Do Subwoofers Ruin Cars?

Do Subwoofers Ruin Cars?

Many people upgrade the stereo system of their cars by adding subwoofers on the trunk side. It is necessary to know about the size of subwoofers before purchasing them for your cars.

Do Subwoofers Ruin Cars? The installation of subwoofers can ruin your car because it needs a lot of space, is heavier in weight, drain the battery, needs more electricity, and make the alternators bad. In addition, it is also damaging because it can cause structural damage and loosening of doors, windows, rear-view mirrors, and body panels. Subwoofers make the rear end saggy due to heavy weight, increase car sound production, and cause the dashboard to loosen.

The larger ones can drain much power and cause the failure of different components. Select their size according to your vehicle for appropriate working.

Why do subwoofers ruin cars?

Subwoofers are interesting electrical components that are beneficial to upgrade the stereo system of your automobiles. However, using this accessory has several drawbacks, which can cause irreversible damage.

Need a lot of space

Subwoofers are not reliable for placement in large cars because they will take a lot of space. As a result, many people place them in the trunk area.

It completely bounds this space, and you cannot place your luggage and other accessories in this space. So it means it can decrease the cargo space of the vehicles.

You need to select their size after measuring the dimensions, including the length and width of your automobile.

Drain battery

Many people add subwoofers as an aftermarket addition in their vehicles to upgrade the sound quality. The addition of these devices drains too much battery and decreases their life.

Many friends with subwoofers in their vehicles also said that these gadgets pull juice from the battery source.

The amplifiers of these devices need more current for their working compared to your vehicle’s standard stereo system.

The excessive use of batteries and draining of the power supply can also cause their failure, and they cannot charge the other components.

The old model cars have the major problem of battery draining when you add subwoofers.

Subwoofers are heavy

These are also larger and heavier, putting pressure on automobiles’ components.

It is not good to put extra weight than its weight-bearing capacity. The addition of extra weight increases fuel consumption.

Moreover, the automobile needs more power to run as compared to normal. Adding these devices feels like you have put weight on extra passengers.

It can also decrease the longevity of suspension components, rear axle, and rear wheels.

Damaging for alternators

These also damage alternators due to the need for more power supply. These are installed in vehicles to increase the bass frequencies, which requires more power.

It puts an additional load on your alternator to recharge the battery again and again. The alternators cannot provide enough power to the battery, which can cause their failure.

It can also cause the failure of alternators, which cannot function well. Therefore, it is better to replace the alternators and install the new ones.

Structural damage

It can produce structural and mechanical damage in your automobiles because of high bass sounds. It helps to increase the bass of low frequencies.

The high bass sound produces more vibration, which can produce structural damage. For example, the vibrating sound during driving can cause the loosening of nuts and bolts.

In addition, the vehicle’s body also becomes loose and shakes when you drive at high speed. Structural damage is more prominent in old model cars than in new ones.

Loosen parts

It can also cause the loosening of different parts of your car, including the windows and rear-view mirror.

These are in the trunk area, so excessive vibrations due to low-frequency sound can cause damage to the rear-view mirror.

The rear-view mirror starts to rattle when you use this sound system for a longer time in your vehicle.

The window mirror also becomes loose and vibrates due to this low frequency and high bass sound system.

The vibrating windows mirror is not good because it can also cause breakage; sometimes, they fall due to excessive shaking.

Draws electricity

The up-gradation of stereo system with these parts draws power from electricity source. Their amplifiers use electricity for the conversion of sound.

The amplifiers use the electric current and reproduce the sound to the low-frequency one to increase its audibility and clarity.

Moreover, when you increase the volume, it requires more power from the electric current.

Rattling of car

The car starts to rattle when you turn on the music system during road trips. The rattling or vibrating sound produces due to the production of sound waves.

The low-frequency sound produces car waves to increase bass and clear the audio. However, when they come in contact with the metal part of your automobile, these sound waves produce a vibrating noise.

You can easily hear this shaking noise while using these subwoofers.

Cause problem in the trunk

People install subwoofers in the trunk of their cars due to the presence of more space there.

The adjustment in the trunk is problematic because you cannot place your accessories and luggage in the cargo area after installing this oversized equipment.

Installation in the cargo area damages the car’s interior component. In addition, the damage becomes severe when you fond of listening to music at a loud volume.

The vibrating noise is also annoying for people sitting in the rear seats.

The vibration disturbs the steering control

Many people also complain that when you increase the volume, the ass or vibrating sounds become more so that you can feel the shaking of the steering wheel.

The shaking of the steering wheel can cause distractions during driving. Moreover, it can also decrease the control over the steering wheel, and you cannot drive smoothly.

The contiguous vibration of the steering wheel disturbs the stability and increases the risk of accidents.

Loosening of dashboard

It disturbs the functioning of the dashboard and its various components that are present in the whole panel.

The vibrating sound affects the dashboard and causes its loosening. You can hear the rattling sound from the dashboard.

Losing the dashboard is damaging because it can cause breakage of electrical wires or internal components, which can affect the whole functioning of your vehicle.

Increase noise

It can increase the noise production in your cars compared to the standard stereo system. This is because you cannot listen to the person speaking on the rear side.

In addition, you cannot hear any sound from outside, which is not suitable for your safety. Moreover, no one from outside can hear you when you need help in an emergency.

You have to lower the volume repeatedly to talk with other people, which can cause distractions during driving.

The vibration of body panels

Two types of body panels are present in your car’s exterior and interior sides. The exterior side includes its rear door, trunk, or whole exterior.

The rear side panels are made of metal material to make them durable. Outer side body panels also contain steel material in their manufacturing.

When the sound waves from subwoofers strike these metal or steel parts, it can cause their vibration.

The vibration is most common in old vehicles because of more use of steel in manufacturing outside body panels.

Sagging of rear end

The sagging of the rear end occurs due to the placement of this upgraded stereo system on the trunk side. The sagging of the rear end is harmful because it can increase the risk of rollover.

Moreover, you also face problems during the uphill movement. For example, your car requires more power from the engine during movement on sloppy roads.

The saggy rear end also disturbs the balance of the steering wheel during driving.

Why do people add subwoofers in their cars?

Many people add subwoofers in their cars to upgrade the audio system of their automobiles for enjoyable journeys and road trips.

Listen clear sound

Many people add subwoofers in their vehicles to increase the clearance of the sound system. These devices convert the lowest sound into clear ones so you can hear it.

In addition, it also produces low-frequency sound with clear audibility and high bass production. The high-quality woofers can reproduce clear bass sounds.

The low-quality ones cannot produce clear bass. Moreover, it can also decrease the load on the small speakers.

Luxury appearance

These devices make your vehicles look luxurious and modern. In addition, it also looks like you turn on music with subwoofers in your cars.

Everyone gets attracted to you because of the high base and clear sound production.

Decrease distortion

The distorting sound is disturbing for people during driving. Moreover, it can make the journey uncomfortable and boring because you cannot enjoy the lyrics of your favorite music.

The reproduction of a low-frequency sound system decreases distortion and makes every lyric clear.

As a result, you can get into the depth of the music and enjoy your journey without any distortion in the audio system.

How can you prevent subwoofers from damaging your car?

Most modern and latest automobiles come on the market with soundproofing materials to decrease rattling noise and risk of damage.

Use of soundproofing mats

The soundproofing mats are available in the market that is helpful to dampen noise production.

The primary purpose of these mats is to install the insulation layer between sound waves and the exterior structure.

The installation of these mats is a cheap, inexpensive, and easy process. These are made of foamy material that can absorb the noise of vibrating sound and protect your vehicle from further damage.

Installing soundproofing mats makes your cars less vulnerable to damage due to the subwoofer’s vibration.

Sound deadening materials

Sound deadening materials are specifically helpful in reducing the vibrating and rattling sound in vehicles. There are various sound deadeners available in markets for installation in automobiles.

These are present in the form of plywood material, foamy mats, polymer membrane, and gypsum or chipboards.

These are the most suitable options to reduce vibrations and increase the longevity of exterior body panels.

What size of subwoofers do I need for my car? 

The size of subwoofers in cars depends on various factors and people’s choices. For example, you can go for more than 10 inches if you want to listen to loud music.

In addition, it also depends on the size of your vehicle and its cargo area. You can purchase the larger ones if your vehicle is larger and have more cargo area.

It is also necessary to check the power supply and then buy the subwoofers according to this power supply.

Many people also purchase them according to their budget and maximum price range.

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