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Dodge RAM Headlights Not Working

Dodge RAM Headlights Not Working

The headlights of the Dodge RAM have halogen bulbs with high-beam properties. In addition, they have clear lenses with amber shade and are resistant to cracks and dust. 

Dodge RAM headlights do not work due to damaged halogen bulbs, older headlights, faulty fuses, and contaminated lenses. It happens due to a broken harness, faulty photoelectric sensor, and incorrect wiring.

The headlights connect in the factory-installed connectors, stabilize inside the mounting assembly, and have a lifespan of 48000 to 49000 hours.

Malfunctioning electronic components alter the circuit and current flow inside these lights, which reduces their life expectancy. However, they do not work due to the following reasons. 

Damaged headlight bulb due to heat

The Dodge Ram trucks use halogen bulbs in their headlights due to their standard designs. In addition, the manufacturing companies use quartz glass that can withstand high limits of heat.

Continuous electric changes and overload inside the circuit increase temperature above the standard level. Due to the current load, the built-in socket of the light melts.

It loses protective insulation and cannot enlighten the surroundings. You cannot use high wattage with a low-performance option.

It can cause overheating that lead to severe internal faults in the system. Furthermore, it melts and breaks the cords.

You cannot drive your Dodge truck with a broken headlight bulb. For replacement, turn off the electric flow of your pickup truck. Open the hood, approach it on your malfunctioning headlight, and remove the connectors. 

Pull the three connected electric wires that hold it and push it slightly downward. Remove the holding clip and covering from the housing. 

Add a new bulb to the mounting assembly, connect the electric wires and stabilize it with the clamps and pins. Stabilize the power supply and check its performance with the factory-installed circuit. 

Older headlights

The older Dodge headlights are dimmer due to excessive usage. Their lenses are vulnerable to various damages and fails without a warning sign.

Due to excessive use, their internal components break. As a result, they cannot resist dirt particles and moisture, and Dodge Ram headlights stop working.

You cannot use a broken headlight because it reduces driving performance. Their replacement is essential to keep the truck stable during dark driving. 

You can use restoration kits, remove the mounting housing, and detach it from the assembly. 

Then, add a new bulb and wipe the lenses with a commercial cleaning agent. 

Faulty fuses and plugs

Headlights malfunction due to excessive pressure of wattage on the tiny fuses. A few people replace their factory-installed fuses with incompatible options, which are vulnerable to failures. 

Due to malfunctioning fuses, these headlights flicker and dim the brightness levels. You should change it within 2 to 3 hours of flickering. 

Open the hood compartment, approach the fuse box and remove it from the connector. Install an efficient fuse inside the relay box and connect it to the circuit with wires. 

Due to faulty controls and broken plugs, the headlights start malfunctioning. In addition, the connection between the wires and the plug contaminates.

As a result, they malfunction with reduced brightness levels, and the headlights do not work. You can stabilize these plugs with a commercial degreaser. 

Remove the dust particles and re-tighten the connectors. For their replacement, contact an expert or change them with DIY procedures. They have plug-and-play installations and take around 10 to 15 minutes for replacement. 

Faulty headlight lenses

Over time, headlight lenses become dim and less effective due to long-term use. In addition, due to incorrect usage and dust, lenses become contaminated and hinder the light passage. 

The bulbs break due to incorrect use and frequent on-and-off conditions. For optimized and maximum light, clean the dirty lenses of your Dodge RAM.

However, you can change them for restoration. Approach the front side of the headlight, assess the screws, and remove them with counterclockwise rotations. 

Hold the lenses, pull outwards, and remove them from the assembly. Add a new lens, fix the mounting position, adjust screws and tighten them with a screwdriver.

Malfunctioning switches 

The beam of these lights has an electrically empowered switch that can regulate and monitor the current flow according to the input signals.

However, the incorrect flow of electric power and internal corrosion can damage the switches. As a result, they do not respond to input signals. 

For adequate wattage flow and optimized beam performance, replace the faulty switch. Open the engine unit and find the relay box.

Follow the passage of electric wires and consult the manual to assess the relevant dimmer switch. Remove the connectors of cords from the backside of the switch. 

Pull it out from the housing and adjust a new switch, connect the connectors and wires and stabilize the voltage flow.

The procedure is slightly complex and takes around 20 to 25 minutes. However, the replacement cost of a headlight switch is about $155 to $248.

Broken harness

The manufacturers install a high-performance harness in the circuit of Dodge RAM headlights to control the entire equipment. It is a middle passage to transfer the amperes in the plugs, sockets, halogen bulbs, and overall assembly.

The system has a built-in 20 gauge that draws the volts from the circuit and delivers them to the bulbs. However, it is a tiny gauge and fails due to fluctuation of electric power.

Its connectors lose from the mounting positions and resist the signals of the circuit. As a result, the internal temperature rises from the standard limits, burns the bulb, and melts the harness.

You can reassemble a new and efficient harness in the OEM circuit for optimized brightness.

Loosen the factory-installed harness from the connecting point and attach the end of the new cord in a similar passage. A beginner can take nearly 25 to 28 minutes to complete the rewiring. 

Faulty photoelectric sensor

It is a specific sensor that detects the intensity and brightness of the light. Light detection depends on these OEM sensors. They are sensitive to environmental heat, road gravel, and moisture. 

The penetration of water droplets can alter their physical appearance. Therefore, they require protection to resist environmental hazards.

Change the failed and contaminated sensors by locating them in the dashboard compartment. They are in the dashboard center, and you can find them closer to the windshield area.

Rotate the relay of the sensor and remove it from the dashboard housing. Install a new sensor and connect it to the detection system. 

Incorrect wiring

Halogen bulb-based headlights have current lines, connectors, fuses, switches, and electric wires for maximum wattage flow. 

Due to collision from the front side, the electric wires break. In addition, they lose their functionality due to sudden collisions and high external pressures.

They lose the connection between the circuit and the battery of the pickup truck. To stabilize the system, you should replace the broken cords and assemble them according to manual instructions.

Short circuits are one of the significant reasons for damaging the wires that attach to the bulb. This is because they are thin, vulnerable, and cannot resist a sudden change in the ampere flow. 

For replacement, open the assembly, approach the broken wires and remove them by loosening the connectors. Then, add new cords and connect them at different positions. 

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