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Does a G Wagon Fit in a Garage?

Does a G Wagon Fit in a Garage?

Many people select G Wagon for its high performance and monstrous layout and park them in their residential garages. I selected a G Wagon two years ago and assumed it would not fit in my garage because of its size.

Does a G Wagon Fit in a Garage? G Wagon can fit in a garage of 16×24 feet (192×288 inches), with a size of 15.8×6.34×6.49 feet (LXWXH). You have to do garage door modifications because standard garages have space for 2 to 4 vehicles, and you have to leave enough walking space.

I park my G Wagon in my home and spare space for two other standard cars. However, my friend has a small home-based garage, and the SUV and storage unit ceiling have a minimum gap.

How does a G Wagon fit in a garage?

Many people fit and park the G Wagon in the small to large-sized garages for the SUV’s storage. You can fit it in your residential garage with the following techniques.

Fit inside a standard garage

Many people like Mercedes G-Wagons because they are high-performance SUVs with appealing designs. They have more frame heights than a standard car, which makes fitting challenging in a small garage.

You can fit them because of their variable dimensions according to their layouts. However, they have an average length of about 15.8 feet (4817 inches) with a width of nearly 6.34 feet (1931 inches).

Their height is higher than other vehicles, and the calculation is 6.46 feet (1969 inches), and you can fit them in storage units.

Their wheelbase has a size of about 9.48 feet (2890 inches). However, several people have standard garages in their houses with dimensions of 14×22 feet (168×264 inches).

The dimensions vary with the number of vehicles, and the range reaches 14×24 feet (168×288 inches), and you can fit them.

The large-sized residential storage units have dimensions of 16×24 feet (192×288 inches). Therefore, the 15.8×6.34×6.49 feet G Wagon can fit in 16×24 feet of space.

It has a length of about 16 feet and leaves two feet in front of it. Also, the height of this standard home-based garage is 8 feet.

It leaves two feet of space between its roof and its ceiling. However, you cannot fit it in the residential garage when the doors of your SUV remain open because they need more space of around 15 inches (1.25 feet).

With door modifications

The Mercedes G Wagon has two prominent variants with an average height of about 6 feet. These SUVs require the specific height of the garages and the doors for proper fitting.

Their doors have tilting properties and can move upward with their power regulation. These doors should have a height of more than six feet for safe entry and fitting of the SUV in your residential storage space.

Its heights are high, but its doors have a minimum gap from the ground. You should modify the height of its door and make it specific and compatible with your Mercedes Benz G Wagon.

The modification includes the removal of old and small-sized doors from it.

Then, you should install a door with a height of about 8 feet for fitting this SUV in the driveway.

Enough garage space for multiple vehicles

The standard garage has space for two and four vehicles according to the dimensions. However, this size is enough to accommodate four cars.

It can accommodate a Mercedes Benz G Wagon because of its dimensions. The height of these SUVs determines the size of their storage spaces.

They have more frame heights than other vehicles. Therefore, their requirements for frame height are different in residential storage units.

You can fit this SUV in your residential storage space because it has specific width of around 6 feet which varies according to their designs.

The height of residential garages should be 8 feet because it has an average height of 6.46 feet.

You can fit other standard cars with this SUV because its widths do not disturb the parking and storage conditions.

By leaving walking space

Fitting this SUV in a garage requires proper measurements of the SUVs and the length, height, and width of the space.

You should leave enough space in the front and backside of your SUV. It is a walking space for drivers and other individuals.

In addition, it prevents SUVs from wall-based scratches and keeps them safe.

It is less challenging to fit your high-performance Mercedes Benz G Wagon by leaving a space of about 37.2 inches (3.1 feet) in the SUV’s rear and front sides.

You should leave an area of about 29 inches (2.41 feet) on both sides of your SUV for the door opening.

Which G wagon does not fit in a garage?

Many individuals select the Mercedes Benz AMG G 63 because of its design and cabin accommodation space.

Furthermore, its cabin has five seats and can accommodate 5 to 6 people. It is an expensive G Class SUV with an efficient engine and higher performance than other variants of similar categories.

The average height of the Mercedes Benz AMG G 63 is 6.5 feet (78 inches). It does not fit in a garage with a height of six feet.

It requires a storage space of 8 feet in height to maintain a gap between the roof of your SUV and the storage unit’s ceiling.

The Mercedes Benz AMG G 63 has specific gear shifting with low-range properties. They have 2 to 3 differentials because of the manufacturer’s recommendations.

The Mercedes Benz AMG G 63 suspension is non-identical to other variants of similar categories. Therefore, these SUVs have variable dimensions than their standard models.

Furthermore, their height is around 6.5 feet, and their width is nearly 6.6 feet (79.2 inches). They have a length of about 16 feet (192 inches), which means they do not fit in standard residential garages.

They have variable sizes according to their accommodation space and layout. But, none have a 16 feet length or more than this value.

Therefore, you cannot fit the Mercedes Benz AMG G 63 in the residential storage spaces because they are small-sized. The SUV and storage unit heights can match but have significant length differences.

They do not leave space on the SUV’s front, rear, and sides during the parking and storage conditions. The parking spaces in public spots have reduced depths.

It means their heights are lower than other storage units. As a result, this makes the Mercedes Benz AMG G 63 fitting challenging.

You should not drive these SUVs in public parking spaces because they make the entry and exit of other vehicles challenging.

The standard public parking lots have space for about 20 to 30 vehicles. But, the Mercedes Benz AMG G 63 takes more space because of the variable lengths and widths.

It does not fit in these parking lots, and you should never drive them inside this storage unit because they can cause traffic jams.

How to check if a G wagon will fit in a garage?

You cannot park the G Wagon in a garage without evaluating its heights, lengths, and widths. Also, it is challenging without taking measurements of your SUV because a few variants have more heights than others.

Moreover, a few variants have variable lengths than the other models because of their designs. You can find its measurements by evaluating its length and height.

Also, it is essential to take measurements of its width before fitting it inside the storage unit. You should calculate the garage length, height, and width.

Comparing the values of the storage unit and SUVs determine the compatibility.

You should check these values, compare them and estimate the space required on the SUV’s rear, front, and sides. Using a digital online calculator is better, and you can use it free of cost.

Measuring the lengths, widths, and heights of your storage unit and G Wagon is essential. Then, you should enter these values in the calculator and find the compatibility.

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