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Does Kia Forte Come With Leather Seats?

Does Kia Forte Come With Leather Seats?

Kia Forte is a 5-passenger vehicle and contains comfortable seats. Front driver seats are power adjustable and contain heated or cooled features, which you can activate according to weather conditions. Moreover, these are made of woven cloth or synthetic leather upholstery, which is cheaper and more durable.

Does Kia Forte Come With Leather Seats? Kia Forte does not have genuine leather seats because it is costly. These are made of woven cloth or artificial leather that is less vulnerable to fading, UV resistant, less smelly, easy to clean, stain resistant, and waterproof. GT-line, GT, and GT manual contain seats made of syntax.

Manufacturers use synthetic leather for seat upholstery because it is affordable and not made up of any animal-based product. Moreover, it is also available in a variety of colors as compared to genuine leather, which only has some basic colors. Many people do not like this material because it is non-breathable, and you feel hot while traveling in the summer.

What kind of seats does Kia Forte have?

Its seats are not made of genuine leather material. Genuine leather is costly and lasts longer than artificial ones. Synthetic one is also known as faux leather and is made of polyurethane and polyvinyl chloride, which is used to make cloth and cushions.

However, these are comfortable, and you can sit there longer. It is less reliable but has lower quality than the original one. In addition, it is not made up of animal-based products like the original ones.

Synthetic leather gives a smooth appearance. These do not contain porous surfaces, which become beneficial for better air circulation during summer and winter.

Drivers can turn on the heated and cooled features in your Kia Forte according to the seasonal variations for comfortable driving.

Why are Kia Forte seats made up of synthetic leather?

Synthetic leather is not a genuine product; it is also known as faux leather. It is made of fabric-based material, which is called polyester. This material is polished with various finishes and wax coating for a clear coat.

Less chance of fading

Car seats made of synthetic leather instead of the original ones are more reliable because of the fewer chances of fading. The color of the upholstery remains the same for a long time, which helps give a new appearance to your car.

Kia Forte sets are less susceptible to fading because their non-porous surface does not allow water or liquid material to penetrate and damage the fabric.

The non-porous surfaces do not allow them to absorb the humidity, dust, and dirt that majorly contribute to color fading.

The appearance and texture of the upholstery remain the same for years, and you do not have to use covers on them for protection.

These are coated with special chemicals for their proper finishing. These clear coats are beneficial to make them UV light resistant.

Direct exposure to sunlight and high temperature cannot affect the upholstered material of seats. You cannot see dull-colored patches on their base and backside because of the durable material.

In addition, synthetic leather has variations in its original color, which helps protect it from uneven and dull patches that give an awkward appearance to the whole interior.

UV resistant

Synthetic leather seats are beneficial in your cars because of their UV-resistance properties. Their color becomes dull and uneven with time, giving a non-uniform appearance to the interior cabin.

It also decreases the resale value because your car looks old. In addition, you have to spend more money on color maintenance and the uniform appearance of upholstery.

The color of upholstery becomes dull when you park your Kia Forte outside. Moreover, sunlight exposure from the windshield, doors, and windows can also affect the upholstery and affect their color.

Faux leather is beneficial because it is treated with UV-resistant coatings and certain elements during manufacturing procedures.

UV lights from the sun and surrounding elements cannot affect the original fabric because of the presence of a protective coating. These also contain UV-resistant additives that absorb the UV light from the sun and protect the original material from damage.

Faux leather is treated with certain chemicals and additives to give a finished appearance to the seats. These coatings also contain surface chemicals to block UV radiation.

Less smell

Its seats are made of synthetic leather with less smell than the original ones because of the difference in their chemical composition and manufacturing procedure.

The manufacturing brand used this material to make customers feel comfortable and happy. You cannot travel in your Kia Forte when the interior cabin is smelly.

Original leather releases various chemicals in its surroundings, which produce a smell. These do not contain any smelly ingredients because they are made of polymers of polyurethane and polyvinyl chloride.

Moreover, these do not contain any organic compounds or oil, which release the offensive odor in the interior cabin. I also experienced leather seats becoming smelly with age because of the aging process and bacterial growth.

Coloring chemicals, adhesives, and UV-resistant ingredients are present during manufacturing, which helps reduce the risk of smell from the inside.

Easy to clean

Synthetic leather seats in your car are low maintenance and do not require special effort and time for cleaning purposes like the original ones.

You do not need specialized cleaners and conditioners to maintain their finished appearance. My friend has a Kia Forte 2018, and he told me he uses soft and damp cloth for seat cleaning instead of conditioners and cleaners.

These are easy to clean because of their non-breathable purposes. Water cannot seep inside their internal material, which produces a smell and requires frequent cleaning.

You can also use baby wipes to collect the dust and small food crumbs from their surface.

Stain resistant

Faux leather seats are less vulnerable to staining because of a clear coat and treated surfaces. These are stain-resistant because of the absence of pores on their surface.

Water and liquid material cannot get inside and produce stains on them. You cannot see stains of liquid drinks and solid food material on their surface because of their easy cleaning.

You can wipe off the liquid drinks and beverages using a dry and soft cloth instead of spending money on a deep car wash. I always clean them with a soft, non-abrasive cloth to maintain their original texture. You can also use Luke’s warm water for cleaning purposes.


Synthetic leather seats are waterproof and last longer. Kia Forte seats are less vulnerable to color fading and cracking because of their waterproof surface.

Waterproof surfaces do not allow water to seep inside and damage their internal components.

These are waterproof because of their non-porous texture. These do not contain small holes for better air circulation because they can affect the functioning of internal components.

Natural leather seats are resistant to water, but they are not completely waterproof because of their natural material. Synthetic material is completely waterproof because of the use of petroleum-based plastic.

What Kia Forte trims come with leather seats?

Kia Forte is available in the market with different trims, including LX, LXS, GT-Line, and GT manual. These have different standard features depending on their model and manufacturing years.

LX and LXS trims of these cars contain upholstery made of woven cloth. Woven cloth upholstery is the standard feature in these old models.

However, GT-line, GT manual, and GT are made up of syntax upholstery, which is the alternative to the original value. I always check the specifications of the vehicle on their official website while purchasing a new one.

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