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Does Nissan Altima Have Heated Seats?

Does Nissan Altima Have Heated Seats?

Heated seats are a convenient feature that is present in most modern vehicles, including the Nissan Altima. It is a beneficial feature in winter because you can warm up the seating area. These are also best for people living and traveling in snowy areas and experiencing incredibly low temperatures.

Does Nissan Altima Have Heated Seats? Nissan Altima has heated driver and front passenger seats. It is a comfortable feature that quickly warms the seats during cold weather. You can turn on the heated seats by starting the engine. Locate the button and shift its position towards Hi and Lo to maintain the warm temperature. You can turn it off by positioning the button in the center.

Car manufacturers offer their customers various convenience features because of the increased competition in the automotive industry.

Why is the Nissan Altima equipped with heated seats? 

Several models and trim levels of Nissan Altima are equipped with heated seats instead of simple ones. These are beneficial during cold weather because you can maintain the temperature.

Leather seats are highly sensitive to temperature and become extremely cold and hot in winter and summer. It is highly uncomfortable to sit in cold places, and it can also make your driving experience bad.

You cannot drive properly because of the cold temperature. They provide warmth to you during cold weather. These can warm you up within a few minutes when you sit inside on a cold morning.

The heaters in them only heat the seats instead of the entire interior cabin. These take less time to provide warmth as compared to heaters that take a lot of time to warm up the interior.

It is equipped with the standard features to increase the resale value and make these vehicles competitive in the market.

Moreover, you feel more relaxed during long trips because of the pleasant and comfortable driving experience.

What seats are heated in the Nissan Altima?

The heated seat feature is present in higher trim levels of Nissan Altima, including SL. All seats of this car are not heated, and you can only see this feature on the driver and front passenger side.

Rear side passenger seats do not contain this feature. You can also see two buttons on the vehicle’s front side that control them. In addition, you can also monitor and regulate their temperature.

Rear-side passengers mostly rely on heaters during cold weather that are present in interior cabins. These heaters provide warmth and improve your traveling experience in the cold season.

What Nissan Altima model has heated seats?

The heated seat is a luxurious feature and is not significantly available in all models and trim levels. The 2020 model of these cars has 5 basic trim levels, including S, SV, SR, and SL.

In addition, it also contains a higher trim level, which is platinum. You cannot see this feature in the S and SL trim levels of the 2020 Nissan Altima.

SR is the higher trim level equipped with a sportier suspension but contains heated seats and a sunroof as the optional feature.

SV contains many standard features, including heated seats and a climate control system. Moreover, it is the combination of the above two trims, including S and SR.

How do you turn on heated seats in a Nissan Altima?

These heated seats are power-operated, and you can turn them on and off by using the switches inside the cars. Nissan Altima seats contain heaters on their lower side to adjust the temperature and provide warmth and comfort.

Start engine

Start the engine before turning on the heated seats in your car. You cannot turn it on without starting the engine because it can negatively affect the battery and reduce its working efficiency.

You can start the engine remotely by using your phone or key fobs. In addition, you can also press the start and stop button, which is located near the driver seat or on the center console.

These heaters are operated by switches that need power from the electric source for their functioning. Switches take power from batteries and turn on the heaters beneath the seats.

Locate the switches

Locate the switches inside your car to engage this feature in winter for a quick warm-up. The location of these switches can also vary according to different models and trim levels of Nissan Altima.

You can also locate the button by reading the owner’s manual. You can see the switches on the right side of the driver seats. Moreover, you can also see the sign of seats on these buttons for a better understanding of passengers.

These contain two buttons for the driver and passenger seats. In addition, these also contain Hi and Lo signs for adjustment of temperature.

These switches are also present near the steering wheel control. You can adjust the temperature by using these switches. You can also get help from an experienced person if you cannot find their buttons.

These seats contain the heated coil on their lower side. Electricity or power from the batteries moves to these electric coils to raise their temperature when you turn on their buttons.

Turn on the heated system

Separate switches for the driver and passenger seats are located near the driver’s side and steering column, and you can operate both independently.

Click the switch and select the Hi and Lo settings according to the climate conditions. Light starts to blink on these buttons, which shows the activation of the feature.

The light remains on until the feature is activated in your car. In addition, you can also move the switch to the off position to turn it off.

Some models of this vehicle also contain a thermostat for automatic temperature adjustment. They automatically regulate the temperature according to the weather conditions. Thermostats automatically turn the heaters on and off to achieve the desired temperatures.

Things to consider while turning on heated seats in Nissan Altima

It is necessary to consider different things to correctly use heated seats without any potential damage or injury risk. You should not use this feature if you cannot monitor the increased temperature.

Avoid using this when your body cannot feel the pain because extra high temperatures can lead to serious injuries.

Turning on the engine to activate this feature in your car is essential. It can affect the longevity and functioning of the battery when you turn it on without starting the engine.

I do not prefer to use it for extended periods because exposure to warm temperatures for prolonged periods can lead to skin burns.

Do not turn on the heated seat feature when you are not using it. My friend used to place a cushion on the driving seat for a comfortable posture.

I told him not to use cushions, towels, blankets, or any insulating stuff because it can cause overheating and damage to the heaters that are equipped beneath them.

You should also select the seat covers carefully and avoid selecting any insulating material. Do not put heavy loads or grocery items on the front and driver seat because it can damage the heaters and thermostats.

Prefer to put the grocery bags and other heavy items in the cargo area. Use the absorbent cloth to quickly clear the spillage of liquid drinks so it cannot affect the electric heaters.

Many people prefer to clean seats twice a month to give them a clean appearance. I simply prefer to use a soft cloth to remove dust and debris instead of using thinner and benzine, which are damaging for heaters.

Turn off the switch immediately if you are facing any issues and these are not functioning correctly. It is better to consult with Nissan Dealers to resolve the problem.

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