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Does Rhino Liner Stop Rust?

Does Rhino Liner Stop Rust?

Rhino bed liner protects the vehicle from damage caused by changes in weather like rain, high temperature, and rust. It does not allow grease, dirt to accumulate and inhibit rusting. 

Does Rhino Liner Stop Rust? Rhino liner stops rust by preventing the exposure of the vehicle surface to the environment. Most of the truck beds get rusty with time because of the loading of different materials that can be greasy, liquid, or solid. So, the Rhino linings coating restricts contact with moisture and oxygen present in the air and stops rusting. The durable coating is waterproof, airtight, and prevents air entry. In addition, it reduces the risk of slipping during the loading of material as it has a strong bonding with the truck bed surface. 

It protects the pickups from long-term damage and creates a barrier for UV light, rain, and high temperature.

These liners are highly flexible but costly; you can consider it an investment in your pickup to avoid long-term loss.

How does Rhino liner stop rust? 

Rhino Liner is a polyurethane material of an elastic nature that improves the lifespan of vehicle beds.

It is a permanent coating on the surface of beds to protect them from rust and damage due to fluctuations in weather.

Moreover, it forms a thick airtight layer that stops moisture from reaching the truck surface and avoids rusting.

The iron material is present in the metal structure; when it combines with oxygen and moisture in the air, it causes rusting.

In addition, its rubbery nature provides a soft surface and acts as a waterproof surface. Therefore, it prevents the accumulation of dust, debris, and grease on the truck bed.

It contains only solids that give it a tough texture, and no solvents are present in its chemical formula.

So, the spray forms a rugged surface that prevents iron exposure to moisture, keeps the surface separate, and stops rust formation.

How often to use Rhino liner on pickup trucks?

Rhino liner has good durability, and the coating remains for a long time. However, its warranty ends when your vehicle is not in good condition and gets damaged.

It is expensive as its single coating can cost you around 460$. However, it requires only a single coat that prevents rusting for a lifetime, so do not worry about the cost.

It is just a minor investment in your truck that prevents heavy damage. Accordingly, there is no need to apply it again after a few months if it is intact and no wearing and tearing occur.

How to use Rhino liner on the truck?

Applying Rhino liners on the pickup trucks is an easy process as it involves a few easy steps and patience.

However, it requires expertise to install it properly; otherwise, bubbles and cracks appear on the bed.

Collect required material

You cannot apply its coat on the pickup’s bed without collecting efficient tools and the material you need.

First, collect all the specific tools like you need a professional nozzle spray and brush to correct bed liners.

In addition, there is a requirement for adhesive tape to seal the openings so that coating does not enter and clog them.

Moreover, a circular brush with fine fibers is essential to clean the dust properly. Finally, for covering the truck parts, you have to use plastic covers.

Clean the pickup truck bed 

You need to clean the truck surface properly before applying bed liner for better bonding. You can use mechanical and chemical methods of cleaning.

For example, a brush having microfibers arranged in a circular direction can be used to remove the dirt from the bed.

A good quality brush is essential for better cleaning to ensure smooth coating.

In addition, the chemical cleaning process involves using Tri-sodium Phosphate (TPS), which is mixed into water, and the solution is poured onto the surface.

It removes all the strong stains of grease and debris effectively. Then, you have to remove this solution by washing it with plenty of water and cleaning the surface with a cloth or scrub.

Apply sand to remove shine

It is essential to remove the shine and smoothness of the surface so that the spray coat attaches to the surface in a good way.

You can add a good quantity of sand to the track surface and rub it on all areas. It makes the surface rough and cleans it again using a cloth.

Remove unnecessary parts 

Some parts of the vehicle are removable, like a tailgate, so it is better to remove it before applying paint. If you do not do so, you have to cover the surface with plastic covers.

After that, tape off the holes and seal them properly so that spray does not enter to prevent clogging in the holes.

Similarly, cover the surface of the pickup except for the bed with plastic covers so that paint stains cannot appear on the other surfaces.

Apply Rhino liner coat

After all the preparatory steps, apply Rhino liner to the vehicle. First, make sure that the truck is present in a good ventilated area.

Next, use a nozzle spray, fill it with the bed liner, and start spraying consistently, quickly, and evenly.

Be careful while applying paint on the bed surface because varying thickness appears not good.

Any flaws in the installation method can lead to the formation of bubbles and cracks appear.

It is better to apply another coat of paint after short time intervals for building a thick layer.

Furthermore, the thickness of the coat is 4 to 5mm ideally, and it adds almost 50 to 70 pounds extra weight to your pickup.


The last step is drying the paint. You have to wait at least 30 to 50 hours, and it needs patience.

When it dries completely, remove the plastic covers and tape from the body and holes of the vehicle.

Attach the tailgate back to its position, and it’s all done.

You should not try to apply the paint on the vehicle if you are not an expert because it can lead to a waste of money.

Why would you use Rhino liner on the truck?

There are many advantages of using Rhino linings on the pickup truck, making them rust-free and durable.

Prevent scratches and rust

The bed liner’s firm, thick, and soft coat prevents scratches on the bed surface.

In addition, it protects the vehicle from all the damaging elements like dust particles and moisture present in the air.

Moreover, it does not allow UV light to penetrate its surface and prevents dents formation.

Similarly, the scratches due to sharp objects loaded on the pickup do not affect the vehicle.

Color stability

It provides you with an opportunity to spray the lining according to the color of your vehicle, which looks more appealing. Moreover, the colors are stable and do not fade with time quickly.

Prevent moisture and corrosion

It forms an airtight layer that is attached firmly to the bed floor.

You can apply these liners in multiple places, like on the fiberglass, and make a strong bond with a wooden surface.

In addition, the surface of many vehicles have this coating to avoid corrosion and damage due to moisture.

Resistant to high temperature

It can tolerate high temperatures also as it remains intact up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit.

As its name depicts, the Rhino linings are known for their high strength and better resistance to high temperatures.

Better grip and pressure dispersion 

Moreover, these liners avoid slipping on the bed surface when you are loading the material on the vehicle.

It makes the surface tough that ensures you can stand with a firm grip on it when the bed is wet.

A matte finishing does not look glossy but provides a strong grip on the floor, so you must compromise on the aesthetics to avoid slipping.

In addition, it disperses the pressure by bouncing it back when heavy objects fall on it.

Durable coating and dampens noise

The coating is durable, resists rust formation, and ultimately avoids corrosion.

There will be no peeling and cracking in the vehicle containing bed liners on its surface.

Furthermore, the coating is permanent, and it can damage the surface if you try to remove it with force. It also dampens the noise produced when adding this material to the truck.

How much Rhino liner is required for the whole truck? 

There is no hard and fast calculation about its quantity while applying on the pickup.

It depends on the width and size of the vehicle, if you want to use it on the whole surface or just on the truck beds.

 If your vehicle is 5 feet in length, you will need almost 3000ml of Rhino liners.

However, it is just an idea, not an exact value; you have to determine the amount according to size.

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