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Does Tesla Model 3 Have a Glove Box?

Does Tesla Model 3 Have a Glove Box?

The company launched the Tesla Model 3 with a glove box in the dashboard for the storage of essential items.

Does Tesla Model 3 Have a Glove Box? Tesla Model 3 has a glove box in front of the driver seat above the footwell. The manufacturer added it to the dashboard to provide you with storage space, safety, and comfort. You can put a first aid kit, charger, watch, and documents in it. In addition, you can set the PIN code and voice command feature to make the glove box more secure.

The lockable compartment sometimes has air conditioning vents inside to keep the water and drinks cool.

Where is the glove box in Tesla Model 3?

It is inside the vehicle on the dashboard for the ease of passengers. The manufacturer adjusted it above the footwell in front of the passenger seat.

The company used high-quality material for the glove box to avoid scratches. You open and close it many times while going on a long trip, so it has premium latches and locks.

Its presence in the Tesla Model 3 made it more demanding as a passenger safety for keeping the accessories safe throughout the journey.

Many people confuse its name because they only consider putting gloves in it. However, some drivers wear gloves while driving the vehicle on the road as safety measures.

Its name came from this, but you can use it to keep important things such as watches and mobile phones. You can open it while sitting in your passenger seat comfortably.

What are the benefits of the glove box in the Tesla Model 3?

The company added new things and technology in the vehicles for the upgradation. In addition, they try to compete with their competitor

in the market and consider the customers’ demands.

The addition of this compartment in the Tesla made it valuable among the other vehicles. These are some benefits of having a glove box in the car.


You can put the thing in the glove in your Model 3 as it has enough space for the small accessories. It works as a storage box that you can use, like the drawer of your cupboard in the room.

It only has one partition having space that you can divide using the partition. You can buy the partition from the market and place it in the drawer.

It will make the portions so you can arrange the papers and documents. In this way, they will remain straight, and their corners will not bend.

Furthermore, you can use plastic scales and sticks to make the small chambers to arrange things properly.

Passenger comfort

It provides comfort for the passengers in every way, for instance, a quick button to open and close it. You can use it while sitting in the front passenger seat.

However, you do not need to bend down or turn around, providing comfort for the passengers. You can put handheld things such as remotes, devices, and jewelry in your Model 3.

It is better to utilize this space for convenience and enjoy the journey. However, many people face a problem when they do not have it in their car, which makes the front side messy.

They put the remote and keychain on the dashboard, which is harmful to the front glass. It will scratch the glass when you put the metal gadget near it.


You can secure your expensive belongings, such as jewelry, cash, and credit cards, in this box. Sometimes you have to cross the forest side to reach your destination.

It is better to put the costly ornaments in it to keep it safe; otherwise, the thief can take them away. Therefore, the manufacturer adjusted it in the interior in such a way that it is not visible.

It has internal storage space and an equal surface from the outside. Many business people put the important documents and cash while going for some business dealing to distant places.

What things can you put in the glove box of Tesla cars?

It is a box in the Tesla Model 3 where you can place essential and nonessential things. For example, many people prefer using emergency tools such as glass breakers for an easy approach.

Some people love to explore nature and visit the forests. However, they prefer to use a flashlight and smart torch in the dark.

It is better to put the branded lubricants in the drawer to apply them on the headlights and nuts of the wheels. It makes the lights dim when you drive it in humid weather.

Moreover, you can place your vehicle’s manual to follow the instruction and use the new features. Some people prefer to keep the charger of cell phones, USBs, cards, compasses, and maps in front of them.

You can save put a clean microfiber cloth for cleaning purposes in it. You can also put the first aid kits, gloves, and face masks in your Model 3 that you can use in case of injury.

I used to take some healthy snacks from the store and keep it with me. The glove box is the best place to keep the snacks and eatables.

How to open the glove box in Tesla Model 3?

You can open the glove box in Model 3 by pressing the button on the dashboard or manually from its door. It will close the box when you press the button again.

However, another easy way to close it is by pushing its door towards the dashboard. Many passengers do not use the screen icon to close it; instead, they push it.

You can make it more secure by applying the PIN code and placing your essential belongings without fear. However, it is better to check the software update before proceeding to avoid any errors and delays.

You can update the software if the new version is available in the Tesla car. First, open the touchscreen display and go to the setting menu to set the PIN code.

You will see the control command in the setting option. Press the control panel, and you will find the safety and security option.

There will be the glovebox option when you look into the safety and security panel. You can set the PIN by using its command. It will require the pin code whenever you open the box.

Moreover, you can lock it by using the voice command option. There is a voice command below the PIN reset option. For example, you can say open the glove box and record your voice.

Press the voice command on the steering and say open glove box. It will not require manual and screen effort to open the box.

You can press the voice command option on the steering wheel and say open the box while driving your Tesla Model 3. This way, you can take out the required documents and close them.

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