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Does Tesla Model 3 Have a Spare Tire?

Does Tesla Model 3 Have a Spare Tire?

Tesla is producing the best electric cars with great innovation. However, many people ask if its Model 3 comes with a spare tire.

Tesla Model 3 does not have a spare tire because it can decrease the interior space and its cargo area. In addition, these cars do not need it because the company provides free roadside assistance and a tire pressure monitoring system.

Most of the latest cars nowadays do not contain spare tires because these are in less use. Instead, the company’s primary focus is to enhance the wheel’s longevity by installing various sensors and monitoring systems.

Is there a spare tire present in Tesla model 3?

Most automobiles are equipped with spare tires attached on their backside or present in the inner cargo area.

These spare wheels are beneficial during long-distance trips and driving in hilly areas. However, these are more prone to damage when you drive on poor roads.

Small objects like the presence of nails or other harsh objects on the roads cause damage and an explosion.

You cannot drive more with the exploded wheel, so it becomes necessary to change it. The situation becomes challenging when you are far from the repair shops or service centers.

Tesla Model 3 has no spare tires or inner cargo space on its backside.

You have to cover many miles for the repair procedure. However, the presence of spare wheels on the back side resolves the issue, and you can also adjust them because it is a straightforward procedure.

Why does Tesla model 3 not have a spare tire?

The wheels of the Tesla cars are durable and last for a longer time. This is because the poor road surfaces and debris on the roads do not produce wear and tear in them.

Decrease interior space

Installing an extra tire on the inner side minimizes the interior space, and you cannot feel comfortable sitting in them.

These are smaller-sized cars and already have less space than conventional vehicles. Therefore, you cannot decrease this area by installing an extra wheel in it.

The manufacturers do not add them because they want to maximize the interior space and increase people’s comfort level.

Less legroom space is problematic for people planning long-distance trips because it can tire them.

Tiny cargo area

The addition in the cargo area bounds the space, and you cannot place your luggage and bags in them. Therefore, it becomes problematic for you to arrange the luggage in a tiny space.

Mostly the issue comes when you come back home with lots of grocery bags and cannot find a suitable place to adjust them.

Moreover, the problem also comes when you plan the weekend trips with your friends and have to place the different accessories.

Not usable

Many people complain that the extra tires in their automobiles are not in use. They do not even use them once in their whole traveling.

These only bound spaces and do not provide a significant advantage.

It is not a worthy investment because of the lack of usage. However, you can install a system that can increase longevity and decrease damage chances.

Presence of TPMS

The Tesla cars are equipped with the TPMS system to increase the longevity of the wheels. In addition, the tire pressure monitoring system monitors the air pressure on the front and rear sides.

The system works through the sensors that are present on the wheels to monitor the leakage and the air pressure.

Moreover, it also decreases the risk of slow puncture that occurs due to the presence of harsh objects on the roads. The TMPS also monitors air leakage and alerts the drivers about them.

Most of the problems with the wheel come from their improper inflation. Excessive and low pressure are both problematic situations.

Driving with low pressure puts pressure on them and causes premature wear and tear. The TPMS detects the low pressure and alerts the drivers timely about the alarming situation.

You should move to the service stations for the refilling of air pressure. It is also necessary that you do not drive your Tesla Model 3 with low air pressure because it can damage them completely.

Add weight

These are designed to make them lighter in weight and decrease the pressure on their battery and electric motors for power consumption.

The manufacturing industries do not want to add extra features to increase their weight.

Tesla cars are not equipped with spare tires because these are heavy accessories and can increase the load.

Heavy things add weight to the vehicle and need more power for running.

Free roadside assistance

Tesla does not add spare tires to their vehicles because of its latest facility. Instead, it provides free roadside assistance to its customers.

The free roadside assistance means you can call the company representative if you face any issues with parts of their automobiles.

You have to dial their number to take help from the experts in case of damage. You do not need any extra wheels in case of any damage.

The mechanics have enough knowledge and experience to fix the issues. These can reach your provided location within a few minutes.

You can call the company so they can send an expert to solve the problem. Then, you can take help from them on one phone call quickly.

It gives 24-hour services on all days of the week. Moreover, the roadside assistance services are valid till the warranty of the car.

Can you add the tire repair kit to Tesla model 3?

The Tesla repair kits are available in the market, and you can quickly put them in your vehicle. It becomes beneficial while driving Tesla Model 3 on highways and other types of roads away from the service centers.

You do not have to return to repair shops, and you can quickly fix the problem with this kit. It contains the air pressure pump and the sealant.

The sealant helps cover the punctures and prevent the tires from leakage of air pressure. In addition, it can cover small holes, seals them, and keep the air inside.

The sealant can patch up the punctures and little holes for safe driving.

The other part is the air pump, which refills the air pressure if you feel any of the wheels underinflated during driving.

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