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Does Tesla Model 3 Have Immobilizer and Tracker?

Does Tesla Model 3 Have Immobilizer and Tracker?

The immobilizer and trackers are present in all types of automobiles, so no one can use the wrong key to steal your car. Both systems are installed to alert drivers about emergencies to take timely action. But does Model 3 have immobilizer and tracker?

Tesla Model 3 has its own immobilizer and trackers to enhance its safety while parking on the road. It contains the phone keys, key cards, security alarm, and 4-digit PIN to drive as immobilizers. In addition, you can track their location by connecting the Tesla phone app with a GPS tracking chip. 

The Tesla cars contain all of the latest safety features, including these anti-theft systems, and it is challenging for thieves to steal them. In addition, it works on the smart keys to operate its various functions, including opening and closing doors and trunks.

What type of immobilizer is present in Tesla model 3?

The immobilizers are present in these Tesla cars because you cannot start them with an incorrect key. Instead, you have to use the correct key for their movement and disengage the parking brakes.

Moreover, it uses the NFE, which is Near field communication system. Therefore, it is a keyless entry system, and you can protect your vehicles from thieves.

It is not vulnerable to relay attacks because of the presence of the NFE system in which you can only move them by tapping the key card on a specific area.

Security alarms

Security alarms are also the type of immobilizer in Tesla cars to protect them from thieves, and others get stolen.

It is necessary to enable this feature while driving to improve safety. You can activate this feature by using the control screen.

Select the safety and security settings to turn on this feature. You can see the security alarm option and turn on its toggles in this setting.

You can hear the loud sound of the alarm, and external lights also begin to flash when thieve use the wrong key.

You can hear the alarm sound when someone tries to open the door or the trunk area with an unrecognized key.

The alarm is necessary to alert the drivers; it is loud so that you can listen to them. 

The alarm is as loud as the drivers can listen to them if they are nearby.

Phone key/ key cards

The phone key is the security or the type of anti-theft system that keeps your automobile safe when you park them on the roads.

You have to log in to the Tesla app on your mobile phone to use the phone key. It is specific, and you can only use it for one car.

The phone key means you can unlock the Tesla Model 3 doors and windows and start or stop your engine with your phone. In addition, the phone can control the different features of your cars.

The key card is a smart and thin card that is useful to control the different functions. The camera is present on the b pillars of the passenger seat side.

You have to tap this card on this camera to open the powered doors and windows. You cannot open them using unrecognized cards.

Using phone keys and a key card is beneficial to protect from the robber’s attack. No one can use the unrecognized key to start because the camera cannot detect them.

You can also hear the alarm if someone taps the wrong key card multiple times on the b pillar.

Specific pin

It is also better to activate the PIN to drive feature in your Tesla model 3 to protect them from thieves and relay attacks.

You can use this PIN code to start the engine and move forward. However, you cannot drive without entering this PIN because it acts like the key.

You have to enter this 4-digit code before driving your vehicle on the road. Therefore, it is essential that you should not tell this security password to anyone.

You can create the 4-digit code by turning on the control screen and moving toward security and safety features.

The PIN to drive option is present; click on the icon and create your 4-digit password for safety.

Sentry mode

The sentry mode is the safety feature present in Tesla Model 3 to monitor the activities in the surroundings.

It can react when it monitors any suspicious activity in the region where your car is parked. Open the security and safety system on the control screen and activate the sentry mode.

It can react according to the severity of the situation. Sometimes the cameras also turn on to record suspicious activities in the surroundings.

It can also turn on the alarm and notify the owners through the Tesla app.

What type of tracker is present in Tesla Model 3?

The trackers are present in the Tesla cars to determine their location. These are useful in emergencies when your vehicle gets stolen.

You can call the police, and they can track your vehicle using these specific trackers. The GPS is connected with your phone app to tell about the live location.

The company actually uses GPS to find the exact location of your vehicle. These are connected to your phone app and give real-time data.

GPS is present for navigation services, and you can get complete information about the location.

Moreover, the cars also send their location to the Tesla servers so the owners can contact them when their vehicle gets stolen.

How are the Tesla Model 3 immobilizer and tracker different from other cars?

The Tesla cars are hard to steel because of the number of safety and security features. It contains the trackers and immobilizers like traditional automobiles.

The systems in these types of electric automobiles are different and work differently than the conventional ones.

Several systems are present in Tesla Model 3 that work as an immobilizer and provide safety from thieves and robber’s attacks.

Same with the tracking system, there is no specific tracking device installed. You can only locate them with your phone app that is connected with GPS.

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