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Does Tesla Model 3 Have Its Own Wi-Fi?

Does Tesla Model 3 Have Its Own Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi connectivity is the ultimate requirement of all Tesla vehicles to enhance the driving experience by providing better access to various features.

Does Tesla Model 3 Have Its Own Wi-Fi? Tesla Model 3 has its own Wi-Fi and comes into the market with Wi-Fi antennas and cellular modems. The standard connectivity is free to use the navigation feature and music streaming. It is better to unlock the premium feature to enjoy more technologies after paying the subscription fee. 

You also need Wi-Fi connections to access the useful feature of the Tesla cars. The software upgrade allows you to use your smartphone hotspot for the internet rather than LTE connections.

Is there Wi-Fi connectivity in Tesla model 3?

Tesla Model 3 provides free connectivity to enjoy different infotainment features on the screen. In addition, it contains Wi-Fi routers and cellular modems that catch signals from nearby devices.

In addition, the company is also testing the services of larger internet providers in America. You can connect them with your home network.

You can see the number of options on the screen when you open the list. Click on the one that has more signal strength.

Enter the password if it asks to add the pin code or password before the connection. You cannot use the internet service as a hotspot.

The Tesla cars have upgraded software to connect to the internet from your mobile phones.

Moreover, cellular connections are also available so that you can purchase them. These packages include 4G LTE and 3G, depending upon their number of connections and cost.

You can connect these vehicles to the internet by clicking on the icon at the top of the control screen.

The computerized system scans the data and provides the list of available networks in the range. Select and enter the password if required.

Wait for about 20 seconds to 30 seconds so the device can validate the connectivity.

Why is Wi-Fi connectivity necessary in Tesla model 3?

The connection is necessary for this modern era to make your journey memorable and enjoyable with your friends and families.

Access different features

Most of the latest technologies need Wi-Fi access, and their software cannot work without them.

A feature like a navigation system needs a proper connection to show the online map on the screen. You cannot get the directions and signals on the control screen.

The live traffic visualization is present in these cars for a better driving experience and also needs data service to assist the drivers.

Moreover, the features like notification alerts on phone apps and software upgradation to stabilize the feature also use standard connectivity.

Connect mobile phones

You have to connect the mobile phones to control screens to navigate safely on the road. It is beneficial during driving on the road because you do not need to use the phones at hand.

You can give a voice command and control different features of the phones. You can watch the different movies, TV programs, shows, and video games on the screen by connecting your smartphones.

In addition, you can also use the feature of your mobile phones by connecting them to the control screen, including YouTube, music, and videos.

Online streaming

Many people listen to music and watch movies and news channels online. The online streaming of these channels requires internet connectivity.

You need to connect them with Wi-Fi for online streaming of different news and infotainment channels.

It cannot make you bored while driving because you can watch the stuff you want without difficulty.

However, some of the online streaming features do not come under the standard package because it is basic and does not provide access to all the features.

You need to unlock the premium package for more live streaming and enjoy other features.

Does Tesla Model 3 have free Wi-Fi?

Tesla’s standard connectivity Wi-Fi is available free of cost, and you do not need to pay extra charges to the company for their access.

The company provides 8-year free subscription for this standard package. So the time starts to continue from the very first day when you purchase the Tesla cars from the dealerships.

Many people want to purchase these vehicles from the second-hand market. The sellers will surely notify you about the remaining time limit for standard connectivity access.

The standard one is only available for limited systems like navigation, live traffic visualization, and music streaming.

What is the Tesla Model 3 premium connectivity package?

The Tesla company provides a premium package for its customers to unlock the premium features. It is not free of cost, and you have to pay its subscription fee to activate it in your vehicles.

The subscription fee is monthly or yearly; you can select the one you want. In addition, you can also try the free trial of the premium version for 30 days.

The average monthly cost to update this package is about 8$ to 10$. Therefore, the purchasing price for an annual subscription is about 98$ to 100$.

The price tag also varies from year to year and model to model. Therefore, it is helpful to unlock the different infotainment features, including music streaming, and internet browsing, to see the multiple things of your choice.

After unlocking the premium version, you can see the live camera view in sentry mode. You can also access live video streaming services, including Disney, Netflix, and YouTube, when you park the Tesla model 3.

How do you subscribe Tesla premium connectivity package?

You can use the two sources to activate the premium package, including the Tesla app and the control screen features.

You need to park your Model 3 and install the latest software on it to access Wi-Fi. Open the front screen and click on the control icon to see the upgrade option.

Tap on the upgrade option, and you can see the notification on the screen, which is ‘upgrade to premium.’ Next, click on the swipe to purchase option to pay the monthly or weekly activation fee.

You can use the billing address or credit card service to pay the company.

The other method to get the premium version access is through Tesla apps. Open the app and select your vehicle type from the given options.

Click on the upgrade options and next update the software of the cars. After updating the software, you can see the subscribe button at the top of the screen.

Click on this button, select the payment option, and complete the procedure.

Most of the Tesla Model 3 that came into the market before 2018 have free premium connectivity features.

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