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Does Toyota Camry Use CVT Transmission?

Does Toyota Camry Use CVT Transmission?

The Toyota Camry is a reliable car, and its hybrid version contains a CVT transmission for a better driving experience on the roads. In addition, it is better than automatic because of increased fuel efficiency and better engine performance.

Does Toyota Camry Use CVT Transmission? Toyota Camry uses CVT transmission because it is easy to drive, gives a smooth driving experience, and less wear and tear of components. The Toyota uses this transmission because of its less complex system, provides more fuel economy, is lighter weight, and gives smooth acceleration. It is ideal for uphill movement and long-distance trips. Some people do not like it because of their less sporty driving experience and the noise of belts during driving. 

In this system, the changings in gear or speed of the vehicles occur due to changes in the diameter of the pulleys. The change in diameter shifts gear from higher to normal and adjusts the speed of tires accordingly.

What is CVT transmission in Toyota Camry?

Continuously variable transmission is somehow different from the automatic and manual ones in its functioning and components.

It does not contain any gears for changing the speed of the car. Instead, it includes two pulleys that work differently and helps to change the speed during driving.

These conical-shaped pulleys supply power from the engine to the wheels for appropriate movement.

It is also known as a single-speed or shiftless transmission due to the absence of gears. Instead, these two pulleys are interconnected with the belt.

One of them is connected with the crankshaft and known as the driving pulley, which provides a signal to the other for the movement of wheels.

What year did Toyota put the CVT transmission in the Camry? 

Toyota wants to add an advanced feature to its vehicle that saves fuel and gives the best performance while driving.

The automobile manufacturing company wants to replace the manual or automatic components with the CVT.

The company introduced the first k110 belts in its cars in about 20’s. The production starts this year, and models that come after this year are equipped with these belts.

Toyota added this system in Camry vehicles in 2014 to improve fuel efficiency. In addition, it is mostly present in SUVs and hybrid cars for efficient driving.

What are the benefits of CVT transmission in the Toyota Camry?

This system differs from the already present transmission, but customers accept it due to its several benefits.

Easy to drive

Many of my friends who use vehicles with CVT transmission say that it is an ideal option over manual or automatic ones because of its smooth functioning.

It is easy to drive because you do not have to manually shift the gears frequently to adjust the speed of your car.

The no shifting of gear means no loss of power to the engine’s crankshaft. It also reduces the risk of jerky movements and decreases idling issues.

It is easy to drive for the young population because of no transmission shifting, and you can smoothly drive it.

In addition, you do not need to put your foot on the brake pedal to continuously shift gear and change the speed.

Less wear and tear

It is less prone to wear and tear because there is no frequent movement between its several parts.

The wear and tear in the component come when it comes in contact with the other, and increased friction can cause damage.

Moreover, the pulley directly receives power from the engine and supplies this power to the wheels for speed adjustment.

The frequent shifting of gears during driving also produces wear and tear in transmission and engine components.

You do not need to change the gears frequently because the engine supplies continuous power for the movement of wheels.

More fuel economy

The addition of CVT transmissions in cars makes their engines fuel efficient and increases their performance.

It is best for your budget and decreases your stress of refilling from the service stations. In addition, it saves fuel efficiency because of continuously shifting gear and adjusting speed.

The change in gear ratio keeps the engine at optimal speed and works well by saving gas.

Less complex system

The CVT system is less complex than other types like manual or automatic. It contains several gears that are interconnected with one another and engine components for better driving.

It only contains 2 pulleys or belts connected with the engine or wheels for the supply of power and forward movement of the vehicle.

The less complex system means you can quickly identify and fix their problems. In addition, the chances of damage also decrease due to a less complicated system.

Smooth acceleration

It provides smooth acceleration because CVT does not produce a high revolution per minute, and you do not have to change the gears.

The changing of gears frequently disrupts the engine’s working, making the cars hard to accelerate.

It cannot cause an idling issue when you stop at one point to buy something or wait at traffic signals.

It provides better acceleration and can start the car quickly without any jerky movement.

In addition, it provides smooth acceleration during driving by taking the maximum power from the engine or driving pulley.


It decreases the total weight of automobiles and makes them efficient.

The presence of lighter-weight components is beneficial because it is helpful to enhance fuel economy.

The decrease in weight makes the cars easy to drive and smoothly because of less load on all the systems.

The engine also takes less power to run the lighter-weight components than heavier ones. It has lighter components that provide ideal fuel economy.

People are satisfied because it can save extra gallons of fuel during long tours.

Ideal for uphill movement

Many people plan the trip to mountainous regions for adventure or to see nature. The temperature of these regions is low in the summer seasons, and people go there to enjoy the weather and vacation.

The uphill movement is difficult because it stresses the engine and suspension components. As a result, the vehicles use more power from the engine to move the wheels.

In addition, it is beneficial because it reduces the speed and continuously supplies power to the wheels from the engine.

The wear and tear in components are also less because of the maximum number of RMPs. After that, you have to put your car into Drive mode and move smoothly in hilly areas.

Good for long-distance trips

It is best for long-distance driving due to its smooth ride experience, which is necessary for comfortable driving.

It provides smooth and quick acceleration, which is essential for long distances. In addition, it also saves fuel by maximizing the RMPs of the engine.

The engine also runs smoothly and performs better than driving with manual transmission.

It is an ideal option for driving on highways at high speed because of the excellent performance of the engine and increase in fuel efficiency.

Why some people do not like CVT transmission in Toyota Camry?

Many people dislike CVT transmission cars because of their different functioning from manual and automatic ones.

Lack of gears

You do not feel changing of gears in the engine, which is not a fun driving experience for drivers.

Most drivers like the manual transmission because it provides a sportier experience during driving because of the shifting of gears.

Many people think that automatic is the best choice for a better driving experience, and you feel shifting of gears.

Sometimes the drivers also become distracted due to smooth driving and the absence of shifting gears. In addition, people are not familiar with this system, which is hard to drive.

Moreover, people do not like it because of slipping gears and overheating issues.

Droning sound

Many people also complain that the droning sound during acceleration makes them worried. You can hear this sound when you start your vehicle.

The sound of shifting gears is less, and you cannot hear it while accelerating the car. Instead, the droning sound comes due to the movement of the pulley or the belts.

Expensive to maintain

It saves fuel in everyday use but is expensive to maintain after damaged components. So you have to spend more money to fix the damaged or worn-out parts.

The maintenance cost depends on the type of the repairing centers and the extent of the damage. The belts are electronic equipment, and these are costly to replace.

You have to move here and there to find authorized and experienced mechanics.

Less towing capacity

It is not suitable for towing different vehicles because the engine cannot produce as much torque.

More torque or power is needed from the engine to haul the heavy objects. You can only tow cars that have manual and automatic transmissions.

The problem can come when you add heavy loads in the cargo area or tow anything with them. The towing can also damage its pulleys or belt during driving.

How long does CVT transmission last in Toyota Camry?

It saves your maintenance and repair costs. Most of my friends who used the vehicles with CVT transmission also say that it lasts with the length of the cars.

On average, it lasts more than 999,000 miles to 110,000 miles.

Its overall reliability is more due to the longevity of the components. In addition, longevity also depends on the driving habits and types of roads.

You can increase longevity by regular maintenance and changing the fluids.

Do all Toyota cars have CVT transmissions?

All the Toyota vehicles are not equipped with the CVT transmission. However, it is present in some of its latest models to increase their reliability and performance.

It is not present in 4Runner, highlander, and non-hybrid variants of Toyota Camry.

Yaris, Supra, Tacoma, and tundra are famous models, but they do not have the CVT system. In addition, it is present in RAV4, Toyota Corolla, Prius, and C-HR to make them fuel efficient.

You should check these features before purchasing the new automobile by reading it from the owner’s manual and visiting the official website to check the specifications of its different models.

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