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Enable or Disable Auto Fold Side Mirrors on Ford F-150

Enable or Disable Auto Fold Side Mirrors on Ford F-150

Many people find it annoying to fold and unfold the auto side mirrors on Ford F150 through manual controls. Instead, they prefer their automatic regulation by activating the sensors. 

You can enable or disable auto fold side mirrors on Ford F-150 by using the SYNC 4 infotainment system, open the main settings on the display screen, go to the mirrors option, and select auto fold on or off.

I have used these settings of my truck to enable the power side mirrors.

How to enable or disable auto fold side mirrors on Ford F-150?

Ford F150 has power side mirrors that have automatic folding properties. Furthermore, they have a specific design with flexibility. 

The electric power of the truck battery regulates them. The battery sends electrically circulating signals to them.

As a result, they move inward without manual control by accessing other vehicles from a distance. Moreover, they respond when you open the doors of your pickup truck.

I enable and disable them according to my convenience. They have buttons and controls near the Ford F150 doors. 

You can manually activate them by pushing these controls. 

You can enable or disable the automatically working side mirrors by using the truck setting. 

However, you can open the main settings on the display of your truck. You can turn on the display center and access all the settings. 

Ford F150 has the Sync 4 infotainment system according to the stock features and properties. This technology includes a large and clear touchscreen.

Moreover, it has different options and features. The screen can split according to their built-in specifications.

However, you can control and manage its various characteristics with touch properties. The infotainment system has the capability of fast learning.

It has a quick response to the signals. Furthermore, it offers relevant information and acts within seconds.

You can select the main settings on its touchscreen. You can access this setting in the middle section of the screen. 

Then, you can select the option of truck settings. Finally, it opens a tab that shows information about mirror regulation.

Therefore, you can select the option mirrors by touching it. Then, you can move the switch to enable or disable mode. 

Why would you enable auto fold side mirrors on Ford F150?

Many people activate their automatic regulation to get maximum control. However, I enable them due to the following reasons. 

No manual position change

The auto-fold mirrors have manual controls near the doors of the Ford F150. You can push them to change their angles according to the requirements.

However, their manual regulation is annoying for a few people. In addition, it reduces the safety of the driver and other travelers.

In such circumstances, you can enable them through their internal settings. Also, you can activate them by using the built-in computer system.

You can open the settings of the pickup truck. Then, you can access the automatic regulation option and activate it.

You can carry out this function through automatic enabling. The internal infotainment system supports their automatic functions.

As a result, you can remain free from their automatic control and regulation. 

Security from accidents

You can enable the side mirrors through the SYNC system. It provides their automatic operation to the driver.

It improves driver safety and protects the truck from sudden collisions with other vehicles. Also, their automatic folding provides high security. 

They can move inward, folds completely, and facilitate protection in the parking. In addition, their sensors can assess the signals of the closing doors.

They can move inward because they have automatic regulation. As a result, they protect the truck frame from striking an external object or automobile. 

Adjustable due to sensors

The auto folding side mirrors have built-in sensors. They can identify nearby vehicles and moves inward.

These sensors have detection characteristics. For example, they fold when sensors identify the vehicles nearby the pickup truck. 

However, these sensors have automatic identification properties. They can identify the automobiles and other objects on the rear of the vehicles.

Similarly, these sensors send specific identification signals to the controller of the pickup truck. The computer and its automatically regulated controller respond to the signals, and they fold automatically. 

Why would you disable auto fold side mirrors on Ford F150?

You can disable them through the settings, which keep them in a static position. However, I disable them for the following benefits.

Power loss

The electric system of the Ford F150 supplies power to the auto-fold mirrors. They draw amperes from the truck battery.

Furthermore, the power mirrors fold inwards when you close the truck doors. As a result, they use more power which affects the battery performance.

The power draw increases when you continuously open and close the doors. However, they have sensor-based regulation.

These sensors keep working until you disable them. Then, you can deactivate the side mirrors to reduce power loss. 

Also, it stabilizes the battery performance and keeps these stable for proper use. However, the drained battery is dangerous because it affects the other electric components of the pickup truck.

The drained battery undergoes more damage. Moreover, it affects the performance of the electrically working amenities of the pickup truck. 

As a result, other electrically operated indicators and signals do not perform at the original level. This power loss is not beneficial for the circuit. 

You can reduce this power loss and stabilize the power-supplying battery. In such circumstances, you can reduce the ampere load on the battery by disabling the automatic folding mirrors.

As a result, the current flow because slow and stable. Also, the battery resists drainage, and all the electrically functioning amenities work.

Annoying for drivers

The continuous folding and unfolding of the auto side mirrors are annoying for several truck drivers. Moreover, their movement distracts them when they close or open the truck doors.

In such circumstances, they take manual control. You can turn them off for their manual regulation.

Then, you can change their positions according to your needs. They do not move inward when you close the doors. 

Their disabling keeps them in one position. You can disable them while keeping them in an inward position.

They do not unfold until you press the relevant control. In such circumstances, the safety level slightly reduces.

But, they become less annoying for the driver and travelers. 

Specific angle

The auto-folding side mirrors provide exceptional security. Moreover, they protect against accidents.

They prevent the truck frame from striking other vehicles. In addition, they can automatically fold when your park your truck.

You can require a specific angle of your side mirrors while driving the pickup truck. You can keep them at a specific angle by disabling their automatic folding. 

As a result, they do not move, and their sensors do not identify nearby vehicles. Moreover, their angle remains stable, which provides a constant rear view. 

You can change their position manually to access the modified angle. In such circumstances, you can access the rear view according to your comfort.

Also, you can get a specific angle of these side mirrors which enhances the safety while you drive the Ford F150. The proper angle adjustment provides security in the blind spots of the pickup truck.

You can access all the automobiles in the truck blind spots. As a result, you can change the truck position.

It saves from instant collisions and crashes. Moreover, it keeps the pickup truck safe from external frame damage.

You can disable them through the built-in infotainment system. However, their activation is possible with a similar internal setting.

The overall procedure takes around 5 to 7 minutes.

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