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Ford F-150 AC Smells Bad

Ford F-150 AC Smells Bad

Many people complain that they can feel bad smells from the Ford F150 AC when they turn them on. It is an irritating and disgusting situation for the passenger and drivers when you feel offensive odors from your trucks.

Ford F-150 AC smells bad because of moist carpets, food materials, cigarette smoke, molds and fungal growth, dirty filters, dead animals stuck in ducts, and condensation. In addition, it is due to refrigerant leaking, faulty compressor units, electrical issues, and oil leakage.

It is necessary to check the various components because you cannot drive with open windows in the scorching heating temperature of summer. Moreover, dust also comes inside when you drive on roads with windows up.

Causes Solutions
Faulty compressor components Lubrication to reduce overheating
Electrical issues Check ac fuse and relays
Moist carpets Keep the floor mats clean and dry
Food materials and cigars smoke Open windows while doing these
Molds and fungus growth Use ac odor eliminator sprays
Dirty air and cabin filters Unclogging with compressed air and cleaning with vacuuming
Dead animals in ducts Remove the blower motor
Dirty evaporator coils and clogged drains Compressed air and metal wires
Refrigerant leaking Coat heater core and anti-corrosive material
Oil leakage Replace gaskets and filler caps

Faulty compressor components

The compressor contains various components, which collectively compress the refrigerants throughout the air conditioning system and allow them to blow cold air.

The compressor clutch contains the switch for proper power supply and its functioning. These switches burnt out and produce a bad smell when you turn them on.

You can also feel the odor because of overheating compressors and their parts. Overheating occurs when coils get clogged and do not allow refrigerant to move freely.

The lack of proper maintenance causes their metal parts to rub against each other and increase the friction between them.

The heat produces during the increased friction of metal parts. Therefore, maintain the metal parts and lubricate them properly to prevent rusting.

It is also necessary to clean their coils to reduce overheating and smooth refrigerant movement.

Electrical issues

Several fuses and electric wires run across the heating and cooling system of the Ford F150 trucks for their functioning and supply of cold and warm air according to the need of passengers.

The faulty or burnt-out components produce a wired smell when you turn on the ac. The issue comes because of malfunctioned switches and relays.

Moreover, you can face problems because of loose wiring connections that produce electric shocks and a burning smell. The burning of the insulated coating of wires produces an irritating smell.

Check the fuse and relay of the cooling system and replace them with new ones. Track the wirings and replace the damaged and oil wires.

Moist carpets 

The moist floor mats of your pickup trucks can also make your ac smell terrible. You can feel the damp odors from the vents because of the excessively humid air.

In addition, humid air travels through these vents, allowing molds and bacteria to grow on the inner side. The floor mats of the Ford F150 become damp when doors and windows are not sealed properly.

The rainwater that comes inside makes them wet and increases bacterial infestations. Moreover, the problem also comes when you step in with wet and dirty shoes.

Keep the floor mats clean and remove the dust so they cannot enter the vents with air. Remove the carpets when these become wet and dry them in sun heat.

Food materials and cigars smoke

You can also feel the AC smell because of food particles. Many people eat inside their vehicles with windows and doors correctly closed.

The stinky smell of the foodstuff entrapped the air, and the air also moved in the ac. Moreover, cigarette smoking has a strong odor and is mixed with air.

The problem comes when you blow out cigarettes and do not open the windows and doors for fresh air entry. The air entrapped with these smells moves inside and causes awful situations for passengers.

Open the windows and doors of your Ford F150 while smoking and eating food items. It allows for better fresh air exchange and removes contaminated air inside.

Molds and fungus growth 

Many people complain that they feel the musty odor from the ac after turning them on. The musty smell comes from molds, bacteria, and fungi growth.

The moist and condensed air moves in various parts of the cooling system, making them moist and cold. The low temperature and humid environment in the Ford F150 pickup are the most suitable conditions for the growth of these organisms.

The issue comes when you do not turn off the ac for longer. The evaporator and other parts do not find time for drying and venting warm air.

Turn off the cooling system and shift to the heating system for 3 to 5 minutes. The heat can remove moisture and condensation from the coils.

You can also use ac odor eliminator sprays and keep them in their trucks.

Dirty air and cabin filters

Air filters are part of the air conditioning system that allows air movement from the blower motors to the vents. These become dirty and clogged with dust and foreign particles.

These also become dirty when you do not clean them for longer and replace them on time. These produce a musty odor because of moisture in the air.

The cabin filters are also inside the Ford F150 to filter the air the passenger breathes. These become clogged because of dust and the presence of pollen. This causes AC smell in your pickup.

Use the ac disinfectant sprays inside the vent to remove the smell from the air filters. You can keep the cabin filters clean with blow dryers and a vacuum.

Replace them if they are completely clogged, and the air is not coming from them.

Dead animals in ducts

The dead animals and rodents also enter the engine hood when you park them outside. These enter the blower motors from the hood of the pickup.

You can feel the odors from the air conditioners because of the urine and feces of these rodents. Moreover, they can also die inside when they do not find any way to their escape.

Rodents and animals come in the blower motor when you park your truck under the trees and in open grounds for longer.

The dead rodents and animals produce stinky odors, and you cannot stay inside the cabin for a few minutes.

Check the blower motor by locating it under the dashboard of the passenger side. Remove the dead rodents and spray them with disinfecting and air freshener sprays to decrease the risk of germs and odors.

Dirty evaporator coils and clogged drains

The evaporator coils are the tube structures and air or refrigerant passes through them for heating and cooling purposes.

The evaporator coils become dirty when you do not maintain them and keep them clean. The poor truck maintenance causes the dirty air to come in contact with these parts.

The issue also comes when drains responsible for moving water or condensation outside are clogged with dust and debris.

The still water allows bacterial growth, and you can feel the foul odor from these parts. In addition, dust on evaporator coils also becomes the best environment for breeding molds and bacteria.

You can unclog the drains with compressed air or metal wires. However, it is better to call a mechanic to clean of evaporator coil because these are complex components and hard to maintain.

Refrigerant leaking

The heater cores are also in the interior cabin to provide warm air during summer. Sometimes you can feel the sweet and musty odor from the interior cabin because of the dripping of coolant on the lower side of the vehicles.

The hot coolant that moves around the heater core coils starts to come on the floor. The issue comes from damaged coils of heating cores and small invisible holes.

The corrosion on coils can also deteriorate them and make cracks in their structures. You can see fogging on windows because of coolant leakage.

It is better to coat the heater core tubes with anti-corrosive material to prevent cracking.

Oil leakage

Many people complain about the burning smell from the air vents of their trucks. The problem comes from the oil leakage in the hood.

The engine compartment is hot, and it causes the burning of leaked oil. Bad smell from these leaked oils heating travels into the ac air intake system.

The leakage of oils in the Ford F150 comes from the poorly installed and damaged oil pans. Moreover, the worn-out gaskets and seals also cause their entry under the hood.

The problem comes from loose or damaged filler caps and old air filters. Check the filler caps and tighten them properly after oil refilling.

Replace the worn-out gaskets and seals with new ones to keep the oil entry in the engine bay.

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