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Ford F-150 Key Fob Won’t Lock or Unlock The Doors

Ford F-150 Key Fob Won’t Lock or Unlock The Doors

Most Ford F150 trucks have remote and keyless entry systems for opening and closing doors. You can operate them by pressing the buttons of a key fob.

Ford F-150 key fob won’t lock or unlock the door because of the presence of moisture, interference of other devices, door issues, dead batteries, faulty receiver modules, deprogramming of the key fob, damaged buttons, and corrosion.

These small devices send low-frequency radio signals, and the receiver units read the coded information and work accordingly. These do not work when the issue comes to signal transmission and receiver coding.

Problems Solutions
Moisture in remote Use a hair dryer to dry them
Truck at a distance Check the manual to know about its working range
Interference with other devices Move away from interfering areas
Door issues Open the doors manually
Dead key fob battery Replace batteries
Issue with the receiver module Check the electric connections and batteries of truck
Deprogramming of key fobs Reprogram the keys
Damaged buttons Keep the key fobs away from children’s reach
Corrosive terminals of key fob battery Keep them clean

Moisture in remote

The moisture enters the key fob, disturbing their electric connections and making them faulty. In addition, it affects the circuit boards and causes an interruption in signal transmission.

It becomes difficult for people to lock and unlock their trucks when standing far from the parking side. This is because the water penetrates them when you are standing outside, and it is raining outside.

Moreover, these can accidentally fall on the flooded road, and water can enter them. In addition, sometimes people forget to take them out of their pockets while swimming in pools.

Use the hair dryer and dry their internal parts to absorb moisture. Keep them in plastic bags and your pockets when it is raining outside.

Truck at a distance

The key fobs lock and unlock the Ford F150 and work only in a specific range. In addition, these can transmit signals from a certain distance and cannot function when you are standing far from them.

The radius and signal-catching distance depend on the type of receiver unit present in different models of Ford trucks.

Most of them work properly in a radius of 88cm to 90cm. However, you cannot open and close the doors and windows with the remotes when standing far from a limited distance.

The issue comes when people do not know about the specific distance limit. Check the owner manual, and you can get information about the working distance limit of these remotes.

Interference with other devices

Sometimes the key fobs do not work because of interference in signal transmission toward the receiving module. These do not receive enough information to code the information and open the doors and windows of your trucks.

The interference issue comes in the rainy season because of satellite issues. Moreover, the problem comes when there is radio station or towers in your nearby locations, and these are also emitting low-frequency radiations.

Sometimes these do not function well when metallic objects are in your wallets and vehicles because these radiations cause coding issues.

It is better to check their functioning after moving forward and leaving the interfering area instead of replacing the batteries of remotes.

Door issues

Sometimes the key fobs cannot open and close the doors of Ford F150 trucks because of their faulty locks. This is because the lock gets stuck, and you cannot open them by pressing the remote buttons.

Moreover, these do not get any signals when their fuses blow out. The faulty actuator or solenoid also causes difficulty in latching and unlatching mechanisms.

People complain that they mostly face this issue in winter because low and freezing temperatures cause the lock to get stuck.

The problem arises from poor lubrication of the locking mechanism and dirt accumulation. Replace the blown-out fuse and lubricate the latching mechanism.

Dead key fob battery

The key fobs contain round coins like small batteries for their functioning. The batteries become dead because of their excessive everyday use.

In addition, exposure to a hot environment can also drain batteries and make them dead. The problem comes when you keep the remotes in hot places.

Moreover, these also become dead when you do not clean and maintain their contact points. As a result, the batteries weaken gradually, and you can face issues on alternative days.

It is better to replace the batteries when you face issues in locking and unlocking your truck doors frequently. Add a battery of the same amperage, size, brand, and specification to last longer.

Issue with the receiver module

The receiver module is inside the Ford F150, catching the low-frequency radio signals from the key fobs and performing the respective function.

Sometimes there is an issue with the receiver module, which does not catch any signals from the remotes. The issue in these systems comes from electrical malfunctioning.

The electrical issues prevent the receiving unit from pairing with respective devices and allow the opening and closing of doors after sending signals.

Check the wiring and fuse of the receiver unit for their proper functioning. It is also better to check batteries and alternators and ensure enough power supply.

Deprogramming of key fobs

The key fobs of the Ford F150 pickups are programmed in the computerized systems, so the receiver module catches information from them.

Sometimes these are not programmed correctly in the keyless entry system of the vehicles. These cannot recognize the devices when they are not programmed correctly.

Many times, people unknowingly and accidentally deprogrammed the remotes from the computerized onboard system and faced the issue.

In addition, the problem also comes when multiple keys are programmed into the system. Remove the other keys that are programmed into the system because these are causing interference in recognizing the correct one.

Reprogram the key if it is not present in the available list of the system.

Damaged buttons

The key fob contains a button to operate the various components of the Ford trucks. The buttons help lock and unlock the doors, windows, and tailgates.

The buttons are plastic and wear out early because of their daily routine usage. In addition, these parts are more used because of frequent trips and the excessive use of your Ford F150.

In addition, the buttons also come off and become loose when you do not handle them properly. The incorrect handling and hard pressing can cause an issue with their buttons.

Sometimes the children play with them and press their buttons frequently as fun. Avoid giving the key fobs to kids because they can also put them in their mouths and damage the buttons.

Corrosion in key fob battery terminals

Ford F150 key fob battery terminals are made of steel or metal material on the remotes’ sides, and moisture can cause corrosion.

You can see the brown spots and rust on these contact points when you open them to inspect the batteries. In addition, these also become loose and cannot keep the batteries in their place.

These can also come off from their surface due to excessive battery replacement. In addition, the corrosive contact points disturb the working and radio waves transmission.

You can replace the key fob battery terminal and add new ones if they are broken or loose. Keep them clean and wipe them off while inspecting batteries to avoid rust.

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