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Ford F150 Compass Not Working

Ford F150 Compass Not Working

Ford F150 has a digital compass, which uses the power supply from the vehicle for its functioning. It works with the Earth’s magnetic field to show the location to the driver.

Ford F150 compass not working can be due to calibration issues, variation in the Earth’s magnetic field, loss of navigation, electromagnetic interferences, a faulty compass module, presence of metal devices, natural obstructions, power supply issues, and environmental factors.

It shows the direction according to the geographic location. I was traveling to another state and experienced an issue with a compass in my Ford F150.

It got stuck in the North direction because of loss of navigation or faulty GPS. I changed my direction several times, but it displayed the north direction. I realized that I had not updated the map for a long time. I updated the map and reset the compass to fix the problem.

Problems Solutions
Calibration issues Calibrate the compass
Variation in Earth’s magnetic field Restart the truck
Loss of navigation keep map updated
Electromagnetic interferences Limit the use of mobile phones
Faulty compass module Replace the compass module
Presence of metal devices Keep metal devices away
Physical damage Dry water with a hairdryer
Natural obstructions Move away from tall buildings
Power supply issues Inspect electric system
Environmental factors Maintain interior cabin temperature

Calibration issues

You must calibrate the digital compass in the Ford F150 to ensure its correct functioning. Chances of error are common in them because of changes in magnetic field.

You have to reset this part to decrease the risk of inaccuracy and enhance their precision. I calibrated it before going to the new location to decrease the inaccuracy problems.

In addition, it is also beneficial for driver assistance during emergencies. Resetting also increases the driver’s safety while traveling in new areas. In addition, magnetic interferences affect their accuracy.

I turned off the electric components and shut down the doors of my truck. I held the reset button for a few seconds until the “Cal” notification came on the display.

I released the button after this notification and drove my truck in a small circle. The “Cal” notification changed direction, showing the calibration procedure’s completion.

Variation in Earth’s magnetic field

An electric compass works with the Earth’s magnetic field to show the right direction and assist the driver. Earth’s magnetic field does not remain constant and changes with time.

This variation affects its functioning, and it is not capable of displaying the correct direction. Earth’s magnetic field changes because of the natural changes that happen in the Earth’s crust.

In addition, magnetic fields and magnetic jerks also cause variation in the field. It is a natural process, and you cannot change it, so restarting the pickup truck to reduce the risk of errors is better.

Turn off the truck and disconnect the negative terminal of the battery. Reconnect the battery after a few minutes and turn on the ignition.

Loss of navigation

Compass uses navigation and GPS data to function and display the direction according to your traveling area.

It stops functioning because of the bad navigation system and weak GPS. You can also face issues because of software glitches that affect the navigation feature.

In addition, many people forget to update the navigation system and maps in their trucks with time, which affects the compass’s functioning.

It does not show incorrect readings but gets stuck in the North or South direction because of insufficient data. The navigation system also stops working because of weak Wi-Fi signals.

You should ensure that the internet connection in your Ford F150 is working fine and have strong signals. Update the navigation system and software in a timely manner for map upgrades.

Electromagnetic interference

Compass works with the weak electromagnetic field that is generated from the Earth. It stops working because of electromagnetic interference from the surrounding objects and devices.

Electromagnetic interferences do not allow this device to receive the signal from the Earth and show the correct direction. These interferences come from the electric power lines that generate high-voltage current. My friend also faced the issue because he unintentionally parked his truck near the high-voltage power lines.

The compass in his vehicle stopped working and started functioning when he moved forward. He told me he realized intermittent malfunctioning occurred because of the high-voltage power lines, and it became fine when he moved away from them.

In addition, mobile phones, laptops, sensors, and infotainment parts also generate weak electromagnetic fields, which cause interruptions. It is better to completely turn off mobile phones and other devices to fix it.

Faulty compass module

A Compass module is a small sensor or a device that controls its functioning after receiving signals from the Earth’s electromagnetic field.

Sometimes, the module becomes faulty because of its age-related wear and tear. In addition, the issue also comes because of water exposure, corrosion, and electric issues.

You should replace the faulty compass module with a new one to control its functioning to navigate correctly.

Presence of metal devices

Compass displays inaccurate readings because of the interferences from the metal devices that cause changes in the Earth’s magnetic field.

Metal objects also release a weak electromagnetic field, which affects the surrounding conditions. You can face problems because of the presence of metal devices.

My friend told me he faced the issue because of the placement of a metallic phone holder on the dashboard. He removed the phone holder from his truck, and the compass started showing the correct reading.

Moreover, it can also come because of the larger metal objects that produce strong magnetic fields, including bridges and buildings.

It is better to limit the use of electronic devices in your vehicle. You can also reduce the interruptions by shielding the metal devices located near this device.

Physical damage

Physical damages also lead to the malfunctioning of compass modules and sensors. These become faulty because of front-end collisions and accidents.

Their display can also break during severe collisions and accidental cases, which prevents these devices from showing the right direction.

These are vulnerable to water-related damages, which can damage the electric components. It is better to dry the sensors with a hair dryer in case of water spillages to reduce the risk of faults in their electric components.

Natural obstructions

Some compasses rely on GPS for their functioning. They take data from the GPS to show the different directions on the display. They cannot work correctly because of weak GPS signals in your area.

In addition, natural obstructions, including tall buildings, bridges, and trees, also cause interruptions in their functioning.

You cannot remove these natural obstructive materials, so it is better to calibrate the compass and move away from the intended areas.

Power supply issues

Ford F150 is equipped with a digital compass that takes power from the electric system of their computerized system. It shows no reading on the display screen and becomes blank because of power supply issues.

These also stop functioning because of faulty GEM modules that supply power to the various electronic devices. The issue comes because of dead batteries and alternators.

Inspect the electric system of your vehicle to track the problem and ensure the power supply to these digital devices.

Environmental factors

Electronic devices need optimum temperature for their functioning. The compass in the Ford F150 is an electric device that stops working because of extreme temperatures.

It cannot show the correct reading regarding exposure to extremely high and low temperatures. The issue comes when you travel in areas with adverse weather conditions.

You should maintain your vehicle’s interior temperature with heat, ventilation, and air conditioning systems to decrease the malfunctioning of electronic components.

Turn on the AC and fan at maximum speed in summer to maintain the interior cabin temperature.

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