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Ford F150 Moonroof Problems

Ford F150 Moonroof Problems

Moonroof acts as windows of the Ford F150 that allow air and sunlight in the truck. You can experience many problems in your truck moonroof that can be frustrating.

Ford F150 Moonroof Problems include the hardening or locking of the glass panel due to the accumulation of dirt and grease on its side area. In addition, the moonroof can get loose due to the tearing of rubber brackets present around the panel. It can also produce a knocking sound when there is no or lesser lubricating fluid or uneven rubber. Water leakage can occur due to the clogging of drainage channels. Its panels can auto-bounce or get jammed due to dirt in the gears. Finally, corrosion on the corners of the glass surface interferes with its smooth movement. 

Furthermore, it slides along the vehicle’s roof and can be tilted to a slight angle. Moonroofs are present in modern vehicles, and the color matches the truck’s inner body.

The rattling of a moonroof 

You can hear some rattling sound that is unpleasant for the ears while driving. This kind of noise can be due to poor lubrication.

In addition, a loose moonroof can create noise and allow cool air to reach inside the Ford F150. It seems frustrating when chilly air and a rattling sound enter your truck.

Similarly, a loose nut can cause rattling in the glass panel that needs to be tightened up. Finally, the uneven rubber wires may cause vibration in the moonroof, which is sometimes very loud.

One more prominent reason behind the noise is rotting due to moisture.

You can fix this rattling issue by applying weather strips on the ends of the glass or adding lubricants to reduce the knocking sound.

Locking of a moonroof

Ford F150 moonroof gets locked or stuck in between due to many reasons. You can face problems like it is not opening or closing and got jammed in a single position.

This problem arises due to the dirt on the sides of the panel that may accumulate. It creates a barrier for its panel to open or close quickly.

Furthermore, a motor is responsible for its smooth operation, and any fault in the engine can affect its functioning.

If it is stuck and you cannot close it, the situation can get worse. You can solve the jamming problem of the glass panel by closely visualizing it with a torch.

Then, clean the dirt with a towel or cleaner if the debris is present. In addition, you can take your pickup to the mechanic to analyze the motor.

Tearing of rubber brackets

Due to lesser strength in the rubber, the rubbers brackets around the moonroof glass panel may tear. As a result, the rubber loses its strength and cannot stop air from coming inside the Ford F150 truck.

Moreover, the situation gets complicated when the rubbers tear and are not attached to glass panels. It is the right time to change your rubber brackets around the moonroof.

The glass expands in the day and contracts at night when the temperature goes down. Accordingly, the seals around the glass corners can break due to continuous expansion and contraction.

The rubber stays longer if you have adequately taken care of the seals by cleaning them properly.

So, you can change the rubber strips with a new stretchable one by applying glue on the corners of the moonroof glass before fixing it. You can also ask experts to change the broken seals.

Bouncing of glass panels

The glass panels can bounce, which means they can close automatically when you are trying to open them.

This problem occurs when the springs attached to the panels lose their strength. As a result, they cannot bear the pressure of stretching.

Moreover, the switches responsible for moving the moonroof back and forth can be faulty. The problems can arise in the circuit and allow the panels to be stuck in a single position, open or closed.

If the lights on the switch are lighting up, it shows that your system is all set and working correctly. Then, you can analyze the condition of springs and figure out the problem.

You can assess the condition of springs associated with glass panels if you face such complications in your Ford F150. It is not so difficult to evaluate the functioning of switches to do it by yourself.

Water Leakage

The glass panels can leak, and the rainwater or moisture can enter the truck. It can happen due to clogging in the drain taking water outside the vehicle.

Dust particles or debris accumulate in the drainage pipe, and clogging occurs. The worn-out seals around the glass panels allow water to pass through them.

Therefore, you can seal the leakages by adding caulk on the seals to fix them with the glass of the truck window.

Similarly, weather strips and adhesive tapes are good alternatives to protect your truck from moisture and water.

The moisture enters the truck due to broken seals, but the dirt from the air also interferes. A glue resistant to water works best in controlling water transfer into the truck.

Cracking of the glass

The glass panel of your pickup can break by a stone thrown by the passing vehicles’ tire.

The same situation occurred when I was going back home, and a rock shattered the moonroof of my pickup truck. It was small in size, but the glass panel was cracked due to its high velocity.

You can fix the crack only if it is a minor one by using a repairing kit. Cracks can remain in the same size for days or even months, but sometimes they spread.

Once a crack spreads, there is no other way except to change and replace it with intact glass. At this time, you can call a mechanic to change the glass panel.

Mechanical problems

There can be some mechanical errors in your truck system interfering with the smooth working of the moonroof. Faults in the motor and switch issues can affect its sliding movement.

A switch button is present on the truck relay to open and close the moonroof. After pressing the switch button, the spring behind it connects with wires and allows current to pass through it to act.

You can tilt the moonroof up and down or open and close it by sliding it along the vehicle’s rooftop by turning the switch on.

The connection of the spring with wires disrupts, and the current cannot pass when your turn off the switch button.

So, any errors in the spring and wires allowing the current flow can affect its functioning.

Grease accumulation

Ford F150 moonroof cannot slide smoothly if grease is present on it. My friend had faced a problem of grease accumulation in the glass panels due to negligence towards the cleaning process.

You can use a light source like a torch to check the accumulation of debris in the glass panel. Then, use some grease removers to wipe out the grease from it.

It is difficult to remove hard grease if it is present for a long time. However, you can effectively use a screwdriver to clean the roof panels.

Broken cable

In addition, the cable connecting the switch to the moonroof panel can break. In such a case, a connection between the button and window disrupts.

For example, I had faced a situation where I pushed the button to open it, and the cable broke.

At that time, you need a technician to analyze your truck. So, it is better to contact your mechanic or drive your pickup and go straight to him.

Corrosion in the glass panel

When you ignore the cleaning of the roof, it can corrode. The corrosion occurs due to the adsorption of moisture on the surface of the glass that changes its pH. 

You can prevent corrosion by cleaning the panels regularly.

Do not allow moisture adsorption on the glass surface. A towel is sufficient to clean the glass, or you can also use glass surface cleaners.

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