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Ford F150 Push Button Start Problems

Ford F150 Push Button Start Problems

A Push button start in Ford F150 is located near the steering wheel, and it is helpful to start the engine. There is no need to keep a key with yourself and hold it in the lock for giving an ignition.

Ford F150 Push Button Start Problems include broken wires, corroded terminals, and loose parts due to poor quality material. The damaged solenoid and blown-out fuse are some reasons behind the problematic start of the engine. Its defective connection with the Powertrain Control Module inhibits the transmission of the signals from the sensor. In addition, the accumulation of dirt and the absence of sufficient lubricating fluid is a leading cause of its freezing.

It does not work if the brake switch and steering wheel ignition switch are not working appropriately for an efficient start.

It has a start and stops marking on the above surface, and by a simple push, you can run your Ford F150 truck without using any key fob.

Broken button

Generally, people use every type of button by pressing it hard and are unaware of its sensitivity because of its small size.

Similarly, drivers make a harsh blow to press the push-button start but the frequent hard pressing may be damage causing.

The frequent use can lead to some scratches on the outer surface that are more prone to breaking and making it disabled to work.

Mostly, it is a plastic product that is not as durable as the metallic ones, and it has more danger to face general wear and tear.

The metallic switch is more sustainable, and you have to use it to start the Ford F150 battery and engine.

Avoid pressing it with your full force, be gentle as it is not supposed to be a stiff object which can bear your harsh blows.

Accumulation of Debris

The push-button start is present on the front side near the steering wheel, and it is more exposed to the outside dirt and debris.

It may have mud coming from the side doors and spreading all around the seats, including the small parts and crevices.

At times, there comes a situation that you press it, but it does not give a response because it has a layer of dirt.

This situation becomes worse in the heavy dust storms on the long roads without having a stop to park it at a suitable place.

The mud often gets stuck inside the parts and prevents them from working because of unwanted particles.

You have to make a thorough clean once a week, but try to have a general cleaning regularly, providing you with a neat and clean surface to press.

Keep a soft cloth or a duster with yourself and use it before starting your Ford F150 and this habit will make you punctual to clean.

Poor lubrication

Most people are not well aware of the components and the problems associated with these parts of their vehicle.

Poor lubrication is the cause of non-working switches and buttons, but most people ignore it.

Appropriate adhesive material in the inside assembly is necessary to start your Ford F150 with the push button start.

In the absence of the lubricating agent, the inner surface has to face extreme vibrations and frictions that are hazardous, leading to the broken button.

You have to use a perfect lubricating agent in sufficient amounts concerning the type of material where you are doing lubrication.

Do not overuse it because it will lead to a greasy assembly which can flood the outside surface during pressing, and you must know that excess of everything is not good.


You get up in the morning and start your Ford F150 but it does not get started, and the reason behind this is your frozen push-button start.

It is more frequent in the winter season as, during foggy days, the moisture condensation brings water inside the vehicle and ultimately inside the starter.

The ice crystals in the product do not allow it to work up to the mark, and it starts a spark to get a start for the engine.

You can solve this problem by applying a deicer or a de-freezer, but it is easier to keep a fire flame with you, especially on the long journey.

Park your vehicle in the garage to have a smooth start in the morning.

Loose Start Button

Sometimes, you press for switching on your truck, but it does not start the engine because the push-button start is loose.

The inferior quality products are more prone to damages leading to the loosening of the whole assembly.

Its repeated usage also brings this problem, and you will feel un-comfort because you have to try more than once.

You can feel this by pressing with your finger as it starts to blink and does not stay at its original position in the housing.

Stuck-in button

The accumulation of dirt and lack of lubrication makes the push start button jammed, and it does not feel free to switch on and off.

The stuck-in button does not move up and down, demanding a suitable replacement with a new and better quality product.

You have to lubricate it, remove the dust and repair it by a technician.

Blown fuse

A blown-out fuse in the assembly of the push button start does not start the Ford F150 engine.

This damage is due to the high voltage, broken circuit, an overloaded circuit, corrosion, and debris inside the components.

The high voltage burns the wires leading to the fuse demanding its replacement with a new and long-lasting fuse.

You have to check that the battery is in good condition for standard transmission of the voltage and there is no broken circuit inside.

In the case of a damaged fuse, you must remove all the components because the fuse is in sequential order.

Broken wires

Several wires are there in the push-button start structure, and these wires help connect with the engine and brake pedal.

The broken wires are not suitable to make this connection for transmitting the signal of switching the vehicle in on and off mode.

The inferior quality of the wires, high voltage, sudden accidents, and a blown-fuse is responsible for the broken wires.

You have to inspect for the actual reason, and before considering any other cause for a bad start, you must notify the damaged cable.

It is easy to repair them, but many people want to replace these broken wires with a one-line cable.


The accumulation of water content by freezing is a problem in pickup trucks as it can destroy the switches and buttons.

It is a prerequisite to removing the water after applying a deicer, but it remains on the button.

If stays for a few hours leading to the appearance of rust inside the assembly of the push-button start.

The corroded terminals, wires, connectors are harmful to the appropriate working because these can make the button stuck in.

You have to remove the moisture by drying it with a hairdryer or a fire flame but be careful in using it in front of the children.

Damaged Solenoid

A solenoid is a part of the Ford F150 push button start assembly, and it is helpful to energize it at the time of ignition without using any key.

Sometimes, it gets burning patches due to high voltage, and these patches make it defective in its working.

Its broken connection with the connecting wires is also the reason for the problem leading to the difficult start.

You can repair the loose connection by removing it from the structure and allowing an easy fix to connect it properly.

You can replace a blown solenoid with a new and good-quality solenoid.

Clicking noise

A loud click comes after pressing the push-button start because of the damaged solenoid and dirt particles.

A bad start in the pickup creates an annoying noise, and the engine does not start even the lights are on.

It usually takes time to start the vehicle, and the only solution is to replace the damaged solenoid for cranking the engine appropriately.

PCM problem

The Powertrain Control Module is a system present on the dashboard of the Ford pickup trucks and is used to receive analog messages from the sensors.

The defective programming of the Powertrain Control Module for the push-button start can create a problem for the efficient start.

The wrong settings may result from personal interference, and a small act of ignorance is sufficient for a problematic start.

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