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Ford Remote Access VS FordPass

Ford Remote Access VS FordPass

People are getting more interested in apps like Ford remote access or FordPass to control their vehicles via a smartphone.

Ford remote access was an app introduced by the Ford company in 2011 that offered customers few options to control the trucks and SUVs through their phones. The company then stopped using this app in 2020 for specific reasons, and now people can use the FordPass that is more advanced and secure than the remote access app. 

You can check on your app whether a particular road is full of traffic or is it free for you to easily reach your destination without wasting further time.

Ford Remote Access VS FordPass

App Info

Ford Remote Access


Launch Year



Is it still available?



Availability in Models

2011 to 2020

2018 to Onwards

Available in Cars or Trucks



GPS Tracker






SYNC Connect



What is Ford Remote Access?

Locks on trucks are a pain as they take time to open, they get broken, and they require certain tools to unlock them.

No doubt keys have their importance, but there are several reasons people prefer this kind of remote-control access over classic truck keys.

First of all, it is convenient to use your phone for everything instead of carrying around various types of hardware. 

Secondly, controlling your truck with an app is safer than using a standard key because you do not need to take your eyes off the road.

Ford remote access is an application that allows Ford truck owners to monitor and control their vehicles from anywhere. 

If you are in an emergency and your keys get lost, or you cannot find them within the appropriate time, then using this app, you can unlock your truck.

Ford remote access is the automotive industry’s leading telematics platform that helps you access your vehicle from your phone.

Telematics is a system that connects an automobile with the internet to gather data on how it is being driven, who is driving it, and where the vehicle is located. 

The remote access allows you to start your vehicle by pressing one button on your mobile phone, and the engine will start running.

This feature is beneficial for drivers that live in a cold area and want to heat their vehicle before traveling anywhere.

What is FordPass?

Ford has been a trailblazer in the automotive industry for years now as they have always been one step ahead of their competition.

The competition with other companies is huge because all famous brands have worked hard to achieve their goals.

They developed an app, Fordpass, a better and advanced version of the ford remote access that was discontinued in 2020.

It is designed to bring you the information and services you need with ease so you can be confident that everything about your vehicle is working as it should be.

It provides an experience like no other, with features such as the ability to pre-heat or cool your vehicle remotely.

This way, you can get into a comfortable temperature before stepping foot inside, and you can also locate your vehicle.

A GPS is installed in the truck, and this technology is a great way for truckers to increase their efficiency and complete their work on time.

Using GPS, truck drivers can find the best routes, avoid traffic jams, and keep track of their speed.

People nowadays are very much worried about their safety and the security of their newly bought Ford trucks. 

The same thing applies to company owners and managers as well as they want to know where their vehicle is going and how it is working. 

Vehicle GPS tracker helps them by tracking all the locations of a vehicle and its speed and distance.

However, the real benefits of GPS come when you pair it with other technologies like your mobile phone software that provide additional information.  

If you do not want to waste your time and locate your truck parked somewhere in the parking lot, this app allows you to do so.

You can also check for available places in the parking lot using advanced technology and save time. 

It is a fantastic app that allows you to control and manage most of your ford vehicle functions like remote start and locate your vehicle if it is stolen. 

You can also send SOS alerts, and it is great for peace of mind when you travel out of town and want to keep track of your truck’s status.

The Ford company takes excellent care of its customers, and that is why they introduced this new feature of alerts in their app.

When you meet an accident, the Ford company will make a call to the emergency services telling them about your accident and giving them your current location.

You can also use this feature and tell the nearby authorities if you see an accident; this feature can help save hundreds of people from dying on the road.

It also comes with a security alert that protects your truck from thieves, and in case someone tries to steal your truck, it alerts you immediately.

The FordPass app is an excellent example of a business that wants to make the lives of its customers easier as it makes it easy for people to reserve parking spots.

Customers get what they want, and Ford gets to put its brand before more people who might not have been aware of the company previously.

Which Ford Models Offer These Apps?

Ford remote access worked on different models of Ford continuing from 2011 to 2020 when the company decided to shut this system down. 

Remote access required the AT&T system to work online and provide customers with the best service possible, but Ford shut down that system.

AT&T system used a 3G network that was getting old, and Ford wanted to adopt something better and more secure network.

Remote access apps used the same cellular technology as mobile banking and shopping apps, so they became an appealing target for hackers. 

Anyone could attack remote access apps by intercepting wireless authentication signals to gain unauthorized entry into vehicles.

The company sent an email to all the owners of Ford vehicles informing them about the decision to discontinue this app.

The Ford company wanted to introduce a system that could control the vehicle and give you additional options to secure it.

On the other hand, it is available in 2017 and all other latest models as they have premium subscriptions and free trials.

You can get a free trial for the first twelve months that not only offers the basic features but also tells you the position of local traffic in your area.

When you are on your free trial, you do not need to pay for a Fordpass while traveling abroad, as it will still work abroad depending upon the Wi-Fi and hotspot network.

The 2017 Ford Escape Titanium is a compact SUV that is fun to drive, has lots of handy features, and is also equipped with the Fordpass.

How to Install and Set Up FordPass App?

First, you need to install the Fordpass app from the google play store or the Apple store, depending on your phone type. 

You can download this app on the Android set and then open it.

On the search bar, search the name Ford pass, and you will see certain apps, download the first one having a logo in dark blue color.

It will take you about two to five minutes if your network is slow, or it can also be downloaded within thirty seconds if you have a fast internet connection.

On the other hand, if you use an Apple iPhone and want to download it, you should look for the iOS store, the standard store where you can find different applications. 

Once you download it, the next step is to open it, touch its logo, and open it within seconds.

You will see a blue-themed app having different options on it, and the first option in the “Home” tab is “My Vehicles” while the second one is “My dealer.”

While downloading this app, you should be careful and ensure that you do not download the wrong app; otherwise, you will be putting yourself at a security risk.

Now, click on the option of “My Vehicles,” and then you will see another option of “Add Vehicles,” click on it, and then it will ask you to enter your VIN.

A VIN identifies your vehicle to the world, and it is crucial for anyone buying a used vehicle from a stranger. 

The VIN will help you find when and where it was manufactured, its original manufacturer, what year it was made, and it’s model. 

The first three digits show the country where your vehicle was produced, and the last five characters are unique to your vehicle. 

There are a total of 17 characters in your VIN code, and it is essential to make sure these numbers match up with the title paperwork you receive when you buy a used vehicle.

This VIN is on the side of your truck’s door, and it is in the form of a sticker attached on the side using glue or some adhesive.

You need to enter all those 17 characters in the space given, or you can also touch a small icon of the camera, and it will open your camera for you.

You need to take your phone near your vehicle now and put the camera on the VIN bar, and it will automatically scan the code and enter it.

Then you will see a pop-up showing “Success” and telling you that the VIN is captured and the process was completed successfully.

Below the success message, you will be given a certain space where you can enter the name of your truck.

After entering the name, it will automatically show you the details of your vehicle, indicating that it has detected your vehicle correctly.

You can also add multiple vehicles using this process and monitor them using your only app on the phone without any technical issues.

You should have SYNC connect, which will help you stay in contact with your vehicle from anywhere and any time of the day or night.

Now touch on the picture of the vehicle on the app and touch the option telling you to activate the vehicle, and after that, wait for a few seconds.

Enter your vehicle, and you will see a command on the screen of your LCD or the SYNC 3 screen asking for your permission.

Touch the “Allow” option and then get back to your app, and you will see a new option showing “Vehicle Controls” open this option.

It will show you different options for controlling your vehicle through your phone with just one touch of your finger. 

How To Install and Set Up Ford Remote Access?

People could download it on both Apple and Android phones, and the installation process was the same, just like the Ford pass app.

Once you download it on your phone, it will appear in a light blue icon; you need to open it, and then it shows a grey and black-themed background. 

When you set the app with the vehicle, then it gave four to five basic options like “Lock,” “Unlock,” “Start,” and “Stop.”

You needed to touch any one of the options; for example, if you touched the “lock” option, it acted upon the selected option within seconds and locked your truck.

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