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Fuel Filler Funnel Location on Ford F150

Fuel Filler Funnel Location on Ford F150

Recent models of the Ford F150 from 2009-onwards come up with an easy-to-use capless fuel filler system. It has a spring-loaded door that automatically opens when you insert a fuel nozzle in the port. However, if you have to refuel it from a jerrican or add any additive from an external container, you have to use a specially designed fuel filler funnel.

The fuel filler funnel location on Ford F150 is under the right side front seat in regular cab models. While, for SuperCab and SuperCrew configuration, it is under the left side rear seats in 2009-2014 models and behind the right side rear seats in 2015-onwards models of the truck.

We will guide drivers regarding its location and the steps to use it for refueling the truck. You will also find the differences in the funnel design for gasoline and diesel engines in Ford F150.  

Purpose of fuel filler funnel on Ford F150

The fuel filler funnel on a Ford F150 is an accessory to help drivers easily and safely fill up their trucks with gasoline or other fuels using portable gas tanks like Jerrican. You will find it in Ford F150 models with capless fuel filler systems.

The funnel allows drivers to put it into its port and direct fuel into the tank without causing spills or other safety hazards.

Moreover, it is an essential component of the capless fuel filler system as you cannot open its port without inserting it in case of refueling from an emergency can.

Its purpose is to help refuel a Ford F150 more efficiently, safely, and conveniently. Moreover, you can use it to add other fuel additives like cleaners and anti-knocking agents to the gas tank.

Ford F150 models with fuel filler funnel available

It is available on most Ford F150 models that come with a capless fuel filler system. It has been a part of the Ford F150 trucks since the 2009 model year and, since then, has become a standard accessory on most models.

However, its specific availability can depend on the year, trim level, and other factors that may vary between different models.

In general, though, most recent models from 2009 onward that have a capless fuel filler system will also have it available for use.

Location of fuel filler funnel on Ford F150

The location of the fuel filler funnel on Ford F150 models with a capless fuel system depends on its particular model year and cab configuration.

Therefore, you will find accurate information in the owner’s manual. Commonly you can find it in 2 places according to the Cab configuration. 

In a Regular cab

In regular cab models, the fuel filler funnel location is behind or under the right-hand front seat.

To access it, you can lift the seatback, and it should be visible. You can easily remove it from its storage location and put it into the fuel filler port to aid in refueling.

Once it is complete, you should remove it from the port and return it to its storage location after cleaning or disposing it. 

In SuperCab and SuperCrew

In 2009-2014 models of the truck, the fuel filler funnel is under the left side second row of seats. Therefore, you have to lift the seat up to access it.

While 2015-onwards SuperCab and SuperCrew models of Ford F150, it is present is behind the passenger side 2nd row of seats attached to the cover of the jack and other tools.

To access this location, you can simply tilt the back of the seat forward and remove it from its storage location.

You can then insert it into the filler port for use during the refueling process with a Jerrican or external container.

Steps to locate the fuel filler funnel

You can easily locate it on a particular model year of your Ford F150 pickup truck by following these steps.

First, consult the owner’s manual to find information about the exact location on your vehicle. Moreover, it also has pictorial representations for its shape and usage.

Usually, it is under the right side seat in a regular cab and behind the passenger side rear seats in SuperCab and SuperCrew models.

Therefore, the next step in Regular Cab models is to lift the right-side front seat, and you will find the white-colored funnel secured in its place.

The 2009-2014 Ford F150 with a 4-door cab configuration has it under the left rear seat. You have to lift the seat to access it.

In the 2015-onwards SuperCrew and SuperCab models, open the 2nd door to access the right-hand side rear seats.

Give the seat a tug on its side to bend its backrest forward. Behind the backrest, you will find this funnel, along with a spare tire jack and other tools. 

Steps to use fuel filler funnel on Ford F150

If you have a Ford F150 with a capless fuel filler system, here are the steps to use the funnel for refueling.

The first step is to locate and access it following the mentioned instructions.

The next step is to open its door and put it into its port. It will fit securely into the channel and make it fully open.

With the funnel securely in place, you can now refuel your truck using a gasoline can or other fuel source.

Once you’ve finished refueling, carefully remove it from the fuel filler port. Be sure to hold it level to avoid spilling any remaining fuel.

After you’ve removed it from the fuel filler port, carefully clean it and return it to its storage location from where you have accessed it. If you don’t want to clean it, you can get a new one by spending a few dollars from the Ford authorized dealers.

Fuel filler funnel for diesel engine Ford F150

It’s important to note that the fuel filler funnel for diesel engine Ford F150 models will differ from the gasoline engine models.

It has a different shape or size to accommodate the unique fueling requirements of diesel engines.

Some of its distinguishing features are gray plastic instead of white, a large diameter nozzle, and the capital letter “D” marked inside a circle.

In addition, the nozzle size for a diesel funnel is 15/16″ compared to a gasoline one with a smaller diameter of 13/16″. 

If you have a truck with a diesel engine, you should consult the owner’s manual or contact a Ford dealership to determine its correct type.

It will ensure that you use the proper funnel for your specific engine type and refuel your truck safely and effectively. Moreover, using a gasoline funnel for the diesel engine will not work as it will not open the filler port.

Can you use an aftermarket fuel filler funnel on Ford F150?

Ford strictly prohibits using any aftermarket fuel filler funnel with Ford F150 models, as there can be differences in size and design.

Moreover, it can damage the seal or filler neck, resulting in leakage. In severe cases, it can void the warranty because of damage caused by not using the recommended parts.

Therefore, it’s always best to use products provided by the manufacturer for your Ford truck.

Sometimes, you can use an aftermarket design if it meets specific criteria.

First and foremost, any aftermarket design you use should be specific to your make and model of the Ford F150.

It should be of the appropriate size to fit securely in the fuel filler port to prevent fuel spillage and avoid any potential damage to the fuel system. Its nozzle length should be sufficient to open the port without applying excessive force.

Additionally, you should ensure that it is made of materials safe for gasoline or diesel fuel use. Its construction material should resist corrosion, heat, and other potential hazards. 

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