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Has Toyota Fixed The Tundra Wastegate Issue?

Has Toyota Fixed The Tundra Wastegate Issue?

Wastegate is the valve in turbocharged vehicles to control the flow of exhaust air and decrease the risk of engine wear and tear. Many Toyota Tundra users complain about the Wastegate failure because of their faulty components and manufacturing defects.

Has Toyota Fixed The Tundra Wastegate Issue? Toyota fixed the wastegate issue in their latest Tundra trucks. They changed the turbocharged vehicle’s wastegate supplier in 2023, and there are no reported problems after that fix. This problem was due to the failure of the actuator. This problem is common in trucks that are manufactured in the year 2022. You can see this issue in the V6 and SR5 trim of the Toyota Tundra.

My friend also owned the 2022 Tundra and he told me once he was coming back to his home after doing a hectic job. He saw the illuminated check engine light on the instrumental screen while driving on the road.

He stopped there to check engine temperature because the engine overheating could also cause it. The engine temperature was normal, and he came to know that the issue in his truck was because of a wastegate failure. He reported the problem to Toyota’s official website so they could find ways to figure it out.

When did Toyota fix the Tundra wastegate issue?

Many people reported the wastegate issue in their Tundra trucks to Toyota.

Most of the vehicles that were launched in 2022 come up with this problem. However, Toyota always tries to satisfy their customers with the convenient features of their pickup trucks.

They fixed the issue in 2023 years by changing the supplier of the turbocharged wastegate supplier. They realized that the issue in their pickup trucks came because of the low quality of the wastegate valves.

They changed the supplier in 2023 and did not find any reported complaints after that year. It shows that changing the supplier fixed the valve failure.

What is the wastegate issue in the Toyota Tundra?

Wastegate is a significant part of the turbocharged engine, keeping exhaust gasses away from the turbines. Turbines are connected with turbocharged engines that help compressors function.

Turbines run faster when more exhaust gasses draw towards them. Turbines spinning at a faster speed boost the pressure on the engine and increase the risk of their failure.

It shows that valves control the turbine speed by diverting the excessive exhaust gasses away from them, which is necessary for efficient engine performance.

People face the wastegate actuator failure issue in their trucks. The actuator controls the functioning of the specific component to adjust the turbine speed and enhance turbocharged engine performance.

It also controls the compressor speed to reduce the risk of engine damage. The problem comes in these trucks because of using the low-quality products. The low-quality parts do not last and are vulnerable to failure within a few months.

What are the symptoms of wastegate failure in Toyota Tundra?

Wastegate failure causes several engine issues that can affect normal driving conditions, and you feel difficulty on the road. Check engine light comes on the screen because of unusual changes.

Compressed air pressure inside the engine increases, producing more power than its optimal range, which increases the risk of wear and tear of their components.

In addition, you can also see sudden power loss because of incorrect speed adjustment through the compressors. Compressors cannot deliver smooth air pressure to the engine for its functioning, which causes power loss or engine parts wear and tear.

Moreover, it can also affect the fuel economy, which disturbs your budget. It increases the fuel economy of the Tundra truck because of the presence of unburnt fuels.

Furthermore, more fuel comes from the fuel injectors because of boosted air pressure. My uncle also experienced the same issue, and he told me about the decreased fuel economy and smell of unburnt fuel mixture.

He complained he had to fill the fuel tank most often. He replaced the wastegate valve to fix the issue, and fuel consumption became normal.

It causes erratic changes in boost pressure, which affects the engine power. It also increases the risk of wear and tear of turbocharged components.

What are the causes of the wastegate issue in Toyota Tundra?

Wastegate failure is significant in Toyota Tundra because of the failure of the actuator. The actuator helps control its functioning so the valve can control the speed of the turbines and compressor to maintain the boost pressure.

Actuators are vulnerable to failure because of carbon deposits. Carbon accumulates on their parts because of an unburnt fuel mixture.

In addition, these are electric components and can be damaged because of water exposure. Water can come on the engine parts when you drive over the water puddles during the rainy season.

Water also causes contamination of electric actuators, and they do not allow the wastegate to control the turbine speed. Rust can also come on these metal parts because of water exposure.

The actuator can also fail because of the burnt-out and failed motors. You can also face problems because of incorrect fuel ratio and worn-out or contaminated valves.

However, many people solved the problem by replacing the turbocharged actuators of their pickup trucks.

When did the wastegate issue come in Toyota Tundra?

Toyota Tundra is considered a reliable pickup truck because of its powerful turbocharged engines that are more efficient than diesel-powered ones.

They used compressed air for ignition, which enhances the engine’s working efficiency. In addition, people have not faced any serious issues with Toyota vehicles in the past years because of their high-quality manufacturing parts and reliability.

However, many people reported the wastegate failure issues to the Toyota owners through their official website and Facebook. They became worried because it was disturbing their reputation in the market.

You can see this issue in pickup trucks manufactured in 2022. My childhood friend owned the 2009 Tundra model, and he told me he did not face any issues with the turbocharged engine in his vehicle, which works fine. Moreover, it is also significant in several models of Toyota Tundra, including V6, V8, and SR5.

Many drivers complained about the wastegate valve failure issue. Toyota did not resolve this issue till 2022, and people were extremely frustrated with this problem.

However, many drivers complained that they would hit the lemon law for Toyota owners.

Is Toyota fixing Tundra’s wastegate issue free of cost?

Toyota fixed the wastegate issue in the Tundra pickup truck in 2023 by changing their supplier. However, they are offering valve replacement free of cost.

You can contact the Toyota dealerships for replacement of this part under warranty. The company provides free-of-cost replacement of wastegate of 2022 model pickup trucks.

You do not have to spend money on their costly repairs to solve the problem. Valve replacement is not easy because you have to remove the wheels, fenders, bumpers, and headlights, which can cause obstructions during the replacement procedure.

Number of Toyota Tundra trucks with a wastegate failure

Knowing the exact number of Tundra trucks that had wastegate failures is challenging. Not all drivers reported the issue because they repaired it by contacting the dealerships instead of getting free repairs under warranty.

More than 40 owners of this vehicle reported the wastegate valve failure issue through different forums. They submitted the report directly to the Toyota official website, Toyota dealerships, or Facebook. Some of these drivers also reported their problems on the owner’s pool.

However, there are many unreported cases, and the total number of vehicles exceeds 50 and less than 100.

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