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How Do I Get My Jaguar XJ8 Out of Valet Mode?

How Do I Get My Jaguar XJ8 Out of Valet Mode?

People put their Jaguar XJ8 in valet mode, which increases cabin and cargo safety at the parking. However, I disable it because I do not give my car to a valet attendant.

How Do I Get My Jaguar XJ8 Out of Valet Mode? You can get the Jaguar XJ8 out of the valet mode by activating the touchscreen, entering the PIN in the valet option, and pressing OK. Insert the key in the cargo lock, unlock the cargo and cancel the mode, and push the console button for 2 to 4 seconds and disable it.

Many people have old models of the Jaguar Xj8, which have button-regulated valet mode. However, I have the latest model with a touchscreen and PIN-operated safety features. 

How to get your Jaguar XJ8 out of valet mode?

Jaguar Xj8 is a high-performance car with several amenities which have technological advancement. Moreover, its variants come with valet mode. 

It is a safety feature of the vehicle. You can stop a few amenities and functions of your car by enabling it. 

People activate it to enhance their vehicle safety at different parking areas. However, I use it for its appealing functionality. 

You can use this safety feature and allow individuals to drive your car. Other individuals cannot access cabin amenities and cargo compartments. 

It keeps the luggage and valuable things safe. You can use it and give the vehicle to the valet attendant for some time. 

An attendant is a person who drives and parks the cars of different people and provides parking protocols at specific locations. 

They are trustworthy individuals, and you can give the car to these attendants after activating the mode. You can get your Jaguar Xj8 out of the safety feature by disabling it. 

You can deactivate it through the car touchscreen on the latest models. You can disable it, and other individuals can access the cargo and cabin amenities when they drive these vehicles. 

You can set a 4-digit code through the infotainment system. However, you can use the personal identification number of the company to disable the feature. 

You can set it by using the keypad of your vehicle touchscreen and pushing the OK. It is a specific PIN for its regulation and control. 

You can disable it by entering the PIN. You can touch the car screen and turn it on. Then, you can enter the 4-digit PIN on the keypad. 

You can push the OK option and get the car out of this safety mode. Also, you can utilize the key when you forget the PIN to disable it. 

The key can open the cargo section of the Jaguar Xj8. In addition, you can use the key blade to open the trunk. 

However, you can insert it inside the hole of the cargo door. You can rotate it and unlock the cargo. It instantly cancels the safety feature of your car. 

You can utilize the specific button which regulates it. You can find the button on the center console of the new models. 

The button has a specific location on the instrument cluster of the old Jaguar Xj8 models. You can push the button for about 2 to 4 seconds. 

The instrument panel shows its disabling message within seconds.

Why would you get your Jaguar XJ8 out of Valet mode?

Many people enable the safety feature on their Jaguar Xj8. You can get it out of it due to the following reasons. 


Many people give their Jaguar Xj8 to the valet attendants to park their vehicles. However, I prefer self-parking and do not require it. 

You can get the car out of this safety feature for self-parking conditions. In such circumstances, you can protect the automobiles in the parking spots without external or internal assistance.

You can disable it when you do not visit places that have valet attendants. You can cancel it through the PIN or button method. 

Then, you can drive and park the car. Other individuals cannot enter the vehicle, which keeps it safe. 

This mode annoys

The driver of the Jaguar Xj8 cannot operate the touchscreen on the instrument cluster when you activate the valet feature. As a result, you cannot use the driving assistance of your vehicle. 

A few people forget its activation on their automobiles. As a result, they cannot use the touchscreen, which annoys them. 

They disable it and turn it on again. The repeated disabling and enabling is frustrating for the driver. 

You cannot remove the luggage from the cargo when you enable it. A few people lose their keys and forget the specific PIN for disabling. 

Canceling the mode causes more stress and makes driving uncomfortable because the person cannot enter the particular PIN to unlock various amenities.

Speed reduction

The valet mode of the Jaguar Xj8 can reduce vehicle speed. In addition, it can decrease the acceleration to make the car safe. 

You can give it to another person without fear. The speed decreases to specific limitations of about 70 mph. 

The acceleration decreases by 40% to 60% to increase automobile safety. The driving person cannot use the automatic features when you activate it. 

However, you can get the car out of this feature to stabilize the speed. It prevents the reduction of vehicle acceleration. 

In such circumstances, you can drive the car in high to low-speed conditions. Moreover, you can regulate the acceleration according to road conditions. 

Disabling this safety feature cancels the speed reduction automatically. It makes driving comfortable and relaxes the driver.

Mode stuck

The Jaguar XJ8 valet feature has different sensors. They can identify the module information when you enter the PIN in the software. 

However, the power changes can break the wires. In such circumstances, the switches malfunction. 

Car batteries do not supply standard power to the relays, which reduces their performance. In addition, malfunctioning sensors affect the performance of valet mode. 

It can stop the amenities from unlocking when other people drive the car. The system enables and sticks in this position. 

In such circumstances, you cannot unlock the cargo and glove box. It is frustrating and requires a module reset. 

Also, the sensors require repair and replacement for their proper efficiency. 

Which features of your Jaguar Xj8 start working when you disable valet mode?

Jaguar XJ8 valet mode can lock the trunk of your car. As a result, the other individuals cannot open the vehicle’s cargo. 

You can put valuable things inside the cargo and give the vehicle to valet attendants.

Furthermore, you cannot open the cargo, and valuables remain safe. Disabling it can release the cargo. 

You can use the trunk by opening it. Also, you can utilize the car glove box and put your wallet inside. 

Canceling this safety feature activates the touchscreen. The other people can use the screen because it does not lock. 

It reduces vehicle safety when you give it to other people. The hood unlocks when you disable the mode. 

You can use the voice command to get your Jaguar Xj8 out of this feature. Also, you can use the navigation system after disabling this mode. 

The autopilot releases when you cancel this feature through the push button or Personal identification number method. 

You cannot give the vehicle to attendants and other people when you disable the feature because it reduces cargo safety. Moreover, it makes the glove box and touchscreen accessible for these individuals. 

Its deactivation can stabilize the vehicle’s speed, and you can drive it at different accelerations according to your demands.

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