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How Do I Reset Central Locking on Mazda3?

How Do I Reset Central Locking on Mazda3?

The central locking is the automatic door lock system that locks and unlocks all the doors of the Mazda3 through a single button or switch.

How Do I Reset Central Locking on Mazda3? You can reset the central locking on Mazda3 by pressing the lock key on the remote for one second. Moreover, you can reset it by pressing the lock button three times after turning off the vehicle. Many people install the central lock in their cars for convenience and safety. Sometimes it does not work correctly due to faulty connection of the wires with the battery and the use of a damaged key fob.

It is convenient to provide your sedan safety with a secure lock because you will not forget keys in the car.

What is Central Locking on Mazda3?

The central locking is the electronic automatic door lock system. The mechanic connects all doors to the main point available at the driver-side door in front.

You can push the front door button to open or close all the doors. When you turn the key in your car’s ignition, the door locks will open.

You can take your remote with you and press the lock key to close all its doors. 

You can use the key fob or remote to lock and unlock the door by pressing a single button. The driver can close all the doors while driving to avoid damage to the door.

Why is my central locking not working in Mazda3?

Sometimes the central lock on the sedan does not work efficiently and locks the doors properly.

Moreover, the timing of the indicator light does not match with this system.

Faulty solenoid

The solenoid is the part of the lock present inside the door of your car. The mechanic connects it with the power battery to transfer the current so that it can work.

Sometimes the company uses low-quality material, and the insulation of the wires starts melting after a short time.

The incorrect connection of the coil with the battery will not supply the current to the locking system.

Therefore, once you turn on the switch, the current will flow from the battery to the terminal and damage the solenoid.

It also burns the solenoid, and you need to replace it with a new one. You can check the solenoid connection with the battery terminal to solve this issue.

Misplacement of actuator

The shape of the actuator is like a gun and has five wires to connect with the other door actuator.

Moreover, you can join one wire to the sensor if you need otherwise, wrap its end with the tape and leave it.

Sometimes you mistakenly misplace the actuator or put the wrong actuator.

It will not work when the knob of the gun does not meet the edge of the window.

Sometimes the button sticks in the actuator, which does not move upward and downward.

You can open the door panel using a screwdriver to separate the handles from the door.

You can pace it in a specific position or replace it with a new one.


Many people like to drive in the rainy season to enjoy the weather and beauty of nature.

When the manufacturer does not use the high-quality window sealer, it allows the moisture and rain to come inside.

Some people complain about the rust in the lock of the sedan, especially in the winter season. When you drive the car, the moisture and fog stay on the mirrors and drip down.

The moisture comes inside and stays there for a longer time. There is a little space around the lock flip button on the door.

The water will go inside the door and rust that area, including the actuator, wires, and nuts.

As a result, it will jam or lose its ability to move when the sensor receives signals.

Excessive use

You can use this button present at the door or key fob to open and close the door.

It is better to use the button when there is a need. The unnecessary pull and push of the switch break its connection with the wires.

One of my friends had mazda3 and went on the tour for many days. Then, he received a call from another friend to pick him up from his flat.

He parked his sodden in the parking area and waited there for about half an hour. He was sitting inside the car and pressing the button again and again to lock the door.

Furthermore, he was enjoying the click sound of the central lock. Unfortunately, the door did not lock due to the loss of flexibility when he pressed the button.

In the same way, if you use the key for the button, it will damage the inner side, and ultimately it will not work.

Wear and tear of wires

The mechanic used the lot wires to provide the power supply from the battery to the lock. The cables connect each door lock with the front button.

You can see the wire passing from the front to the rear. In addition, there is a network of wires under the carpet of the cars.

Sometimes its wire comes outside and between the edge of the door.

When you close the door with pressure, it breaks the wire, and ultimately the lock will not get the power to work.

You can join the broken wires with the help of tape when you are miles away from the workshop.

However, it is better to use the sticky material so that the wires remain there for a longer time.

Improper connection

There is a proper connection of each wire to the battery. You can take the direction from the manual while installing this system in your car.

When you buy this kit, the company will give you the instruction booklets for your convenience.

Sometimes you attaché the wire to the wrong terminal and press the key to lock the door, but it does not close.

It is better to read all the instructions carefully while attaching the wires and making the proper connection at the time of installation.

Use of the wrong key

The key is specific for the switch, but sometimes you forget the car keys inside. So you take the key from the other passengers and try to unlock the door.

Using the wrong key in the switch damages the internal knobs and edges present inside the switch.

Moreover, many people apply the pressure while turning the wrong key, which badly damages the door.

In addition, you can use a key fob or remote to keep it in your pocket.

How do you reset central locking on Mazda3?

Sometimes the central lock does not work when you press the button.

Furthermore, the timing of the key press and lock does not match. You can reset this locking system by following the given methods.

Take its remote and press the lock button for one second.  Sometimes the key fob does not work due to its battery issue.

Replace the battery and turn off the car. Move the key in the ignition and turn on the sedan. Press the lock button, and it will work.

Here is another method: There is a key on the side of the door for the central lock.

Turn your vehicle off by turning the key in the ignition switch and pressing its button three times without pause.

After that, turn the engine on and press the button on the key fob to reset it.

It is better to take the key in the ignition, turn on the car, and press the lock button near the driver’s seat.

Press this button until you see the blinking lights. The blinking of lights is the indication of resetting the car lock.

If your remote is not working with its sensor, press the key 4 times and hold it until you hear a sound.

Press the button again until you hear the next beep, indicating that you have reset the car lock. These are the easiest methods to apply yourself for a safe journey.

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