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How Do RV Leveling Jacks Work?

How Do RV Leveling Jacks Work?

The RV leveling jacks work by uplifting the whole vehicle’s body. All the leveling jacks remove the stress of structure. They have manual settings, and a few of them have an automatic system. They allow a smooth working pattern at a certain height from the ground. 

How Do RV Leveling Jacks Work?

The types of RV levelers are enormous in number. All of them offer stability and uplifting to the whole frame. They are efficient in their performance and never let the user down. 

There are minimum chances of accidents in their use, and human negligence is one of the leading causes of any injury. Always use them precisely without any mistake. 

Consult the manuals of the devices, and all the manufacturers offer them usage details and preventive measures. 

Jacks of stabilizations

Many RV owners prefer the jacks of stabilizations, and they are manual levelers. 

They are most efficient, and the jack of stabilization comprises metal material all over their body.

They are small but are completely adjustable under the RV. Use your hand to place them under the tires.

Take the help of a friend to adjust the pressure of tires on it. They only offer stability and never uplift the vehicle.

You cannot change the tires with these specific tools. They require extreme care when you are using them because they are vulnerable to damages. A tiny modification in the speed or steering destroys this small structure. 

Cranky jacks

These are cranky as their names referred them. They are tiny but efficient in their work performance.

You can adjust them under the tires with your hands. Use a drill machine and add the cranky levelers in the sockets. 

It helps in the uplifting and down lifting during traveling without any tire damage. It is helpful for rigid surfaces and worst roads. 

Jacks with hydraulic ability

These are automatic levelers, and you can control them with power buttons. The control panels exist inside the vehicle in the front side area. Multiple power buttons offer maximum uplifting of the vehicle instantly. 

These are beneficial jacks than the manual ones because electrical power is in them. The hydraulic jacks are best for the tire change scenarios.

You can uplift the vehicle from the ground within seconds. No manual effort involves in the whole mechanism. Always bring one complete side from the ground and make it stable before going under it. 


The blocks are wooden boxes that help to uplift the tires of an RV. They are of wood material, but in contrast, they are efficient. The block jack keeps the RV in a firm and uplifting condition. 

The mechanism for manual uplifting

The process provides stability and upward movement at the same time. It is own if the safest and excellent method.

If you are planning to uplift the vehicle with manual levelers, then use this method. It includes the steps like purchase, retraction, settle under RV, select tires, upward movements, move the vehicle, and adjust the jack in position.

Select the suitable form of Jack Leveler

Purchasing the right kind of jack levelers is one of the trickiest steps. Make a plan that what the purpose of your leveler is. 

In those situations, when you require it for the tire change, and always buy the manual jack lifters.

They provide stabilization without any hurdle, and these jacks keep the vehicle at a particular height until its removal. The woodblocks and metallic jacks are excellent for this process. 


Retraction of a jack lifter is like unfolding for use and opening the parts of a jack leveler. Settle them together and check their power. Before adding them under the vehicle, test them by applying pressure.

If uplifters fold and destroy, then they are not capable of such heavy pressure and weight. You require a stable and rigid block to uplift the RV at a particular height.

It should not fall on the person at any point, or it causes severe injuries and even death. The RV is a heavy vehicle, and it is impossible to bear such a heavyweight for a casual person. 

Settle it under the RV

Once you have uplifted your RV and manual jacks are in place, start moving under the RV.

Use a trolley structure that appears like a flat metallic statue. Lay down on it and push yourself under the vehicle.

Reach to the place where you want to make changes. Select the spot and also observe the location of jack levelers.

Lay down without any movement under the vehicle. Do not check its areas by touching them, and it offers a sense of security. 

A sudden slight vibration leads to panic attacks in them because the accident is a horrible thought. 

Select tires

The selection of replacing tires is one of the trickiest and complex steps. You cannot remove the block levelers from the other tires as well.

Keep the support at its highest level and add more support under the selected tire. Adjust the blocks in this area without any distortion.

Remove the tire and check the stability of the RV. The removal of this tire is another comprehensive process that involves particular tools and techniques. The jack-up lifter makes the process simpler and comfortable. 

Upward movements

The upward movement of the vehicle is a technical thing because of its weight. Increase the level of the woodblock with the levers. 

The modification feature plays a vital role in precise approach and stability. Move it upward and then initiate all the technical proceedings.

Never harm the blocks and keep them within their limits. When you increase the weight limits, then the blocks of a wood break. These uplifters destroy, and replacing them is the only option. 

Move vehicle

Use the steering wheel and move the RV slowly on the leveling jack. It is beneficial to check the movement and pressure capabilities of the jack-up lifters.

Keep the movements straight and stable without any sudden jerk. 

Adjust the jack in position

Settle the jack in its exact position without any trembling. Make yourself comfortable under the RV without any hesitation.

Perform the tire change or any other process slowly because they never collapse in stable conditions. 

How do automatic jack levelers work?

Few automatic jack levelers have a control panel inside the recreational vehicle. The hydraulic systems are one of the examples of this system.

They help to uplift the low sides of the RV without any vibration. These levelers are best for unstable and concrete parking. 

The bottom of the RV disturbs these parking stations, and you can push the power buttons on the automatic panel.

Comprehension of the power system is the only requirement of this process. Choose the right direction button and keep the movement slow and steady.

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