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How Do You Keep a White Car From Getting Dirty?

How Do You Keep a White Car From Getting Dirty?

Many people prefer a white car as it looks incredible to see the clean vehicles moving on the road. Many automakers showcase white-colored vehicles as it looks more attractive and boosts their sales.

How Do You Keep a White Car From Getting Dirty? You can keep your white car from getting dirty by avoiding drive on muddy and dusty roads. It stirs up the dust, which gets stuck to the vehicle’s body. Moreover, cover the car and prevent direct exposure to sunlight. In addition, clean its surface regularly to prevent dust buildup and avoid parking under trees or on busy roads. Furthermore, avoid driving during bad weather, keep its wiper blades clean, and drive slowly on unpaved roads. 

Furthermore, you have to make many efforts to keep them shining and free of stains to make them look appealing.

How can a white car get dirty? 

The cars can get dirt on their surface when moving on dusty roads. It begins to accumulate when you do not maintain your vehicle correctly.

You have to park your automobile in a safe place to avoid direct exposure to dirt and grime with the vehicle.

In addition, in summers, you must maintain your vehicle frequently when the weather is dry.

The flying birds and the tree saps can make it dirty when standing close to a tree or in an open environment.

Is it challenging to keep a white car clean?

White things like a sofa cover and clothes can quickly get stains that become more visible compared to the darker ones, which can hide the spots.

In the same way, the spots of dirt and grime can make your vehicle dirty when it moves out of the service station.

You have to make more efforts to keep your white car clean and free of dark spots as the accumulated dust look bad.

How to keep a white car from getting dirty?

There are many preventive measures to keep your car safe from getting dirty. You can follow these measures to protect your automobiles from mild damage.

Avoid driving on dirty roads

It is better to avoid driving on dirty roads that can help prevent the dust from reaching your vehicle.

Moreover, you can slow down the speed to avoid spreading the dust particles.

It can give the new automobile a poor appearance and an old look.

So, you can avoid rough track driving to improve the lifespan of your vehicle and make it look clean and shining.

Regular cleaning

Everything needs care and maintenance to retain for a long time, so the automobiles require the owner’s attention.

You have to maintain them frequently after an interval of a short time to remove the spots of dust.

Commonly, automobiles can get dirty when you take them on the road, but you have to clean them quickly to avoid permanent staining.

Cover the car

There are many chances of accumulation of birds dropping on the paint that forms stains on the shiny white surface.

A cover can protect your vehicle from damage to high-intensity sun rays and restrict the direct falling of leaves and birds dropping on the surface.

Therefore, a cover acts as a barrier and prevents exposure of its paint to dust and water.

Many people use bubble covers for better insulation that stops air from reaching the body efficiently.

In addition, it can act as a shield that protects from natural hazards and human interventions forming scratches and dents.

Avoid parking on a busy road

It is better to park it in a non-busy area, away from the supermarkets and crowd of people.

The dirty hands and the melting ice cream in a child’s hand can affect the paint.

Moreover, it reduces people’s access to your vehicle when you park it at a distance.

Avoid driving in bad weather

You can protect it from stains due to exposure to the snow that contains salt.

However, it is better to avoid driving on snowy roads as they are slippery and covered with mud.

It can accumulate on the vehicle during a snowfall and covers the whole frame.

So, the presence of moisture and salt cause rust on the metal body.

Additionally, there is a lot of muddy water on the streets when it rains, and the water splashes can make your automobile look bad by leaving dirt stains.

So, you can avoid driving in bad weather to reduce the frequency of washing.

Clean its wiper blades

Wiper blades protect the car from accidents by cleaning the front windshields.

In addition, it can help remove the accumulated debris and dirt from the glass by wiping it out smoothly.

It can also efficiently remove the snow, frost, and rainwater falling directly over the glass, blurring the driver’s vision of the road.

Therefore, it wipes out water down the glass and improves visibility. You have to maintain them so that they can efficiently remove dirt from the surface.

Protect from sunlight

The Sun rays are damaging to the paint and initiate a chemical reaction after combining the oxygen in the air and warm temperature.

The paint begins to oxidize, dries the oil, and reduces the shine. So, you have to park it in the shade or the garage when not in use.

Improve driving habits

You can improve your driving habits and avoid fast driving as an increase in speed stirs up the dust on the road.

It blows up and accumulates on the vehicle’s body. So, you have to reduce the speed or choose another paved road with little or no dust.

Avoid parking under trees

There is a risk of falling leaves, ripening fruits, and birds dropping on the vehicle while standing under the tree.

They leave dark stains due to high visibility on a clear surface. So, you can avoid these factors by parking an automobile away from trees.

How do you clean a dirty white car?

You can clean your white car at home by washing the vehicle’s body. Grab all the related tools like a washing bucket containing soap or detergent mixed with water.

In addition, you need a bucket of water to wash after cleaning. Then, a microfiber cloth is essential to wipe the surface after washing.

So, wash it by pouring a washing solution and rub the surface gently with a cloth to remove all the hard stains of dirt and grime.

You have to wash the wheels before washing the body. Then, pour water and remove the detergent solution.

Check its surface and remove all the scratches and blemishes, if any, by using a particular spray.

After that, apply polish on the surface to give a shine, followed by waxing the body to remove dryness.

Wash the windows in the end and make them look brighter and shinier by removing all the dust stains and dark grease spots.

How often should you wash a white car?

Any delays in the washing process can make them challenging, and you have to make more effort.

You can clean it 1 or 2 times after every 15 days depending on the vehicle’s exposure.

You have to take it for a car wash once a week when you go down a dusty road to reach your office.

Moreover, the summer season is dry, and the roads have more dust that sticks to the surface when you go out.

So, the frequency of washing depends on your driving habits and the preventive measures you follow to protect it.

What do reviews say?

I surveyed 968 people to know how they maintain their white cars.

Out of 968 people, 719 people (74%) said they drive slowly when moving through dusty roads and clean their vehicles once a week.

However, 182 people (19%) said they park vehicles under shade to protect their paint. They clean their cars after two weeks.

While the remaining 67 people (7%) said they do not bother with preventive measures and take them to a service station twice a week.

White automobiles require regular maintenance efforts to retain their shine and glossy look.

“I used to clean my white car frequently to maintain its look. It helps remove the dirt on wheels and the body.”

You have to follow the basic preventive measures to keep them neat and stain-free for a long time.

“I do not prefer to drive during bad weather conditions to protect my vehicle from stains”.

You have to spend money on washing when you do not practice the preventive measures.

“I prefer to take my vehicle to the car wash every week to keep it clean.”

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