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How Far Can a Ford Maverick Go with the Gas Light On?

How Far Can a Ford Maverick Go with the Gas Light On?

Ford Maverick has excellent fuel economy among pickup trucks making it a cost-effective choice. Often you will see a dashboard light indicating low fuel in the tank. However, there is no need to worry as there is still some fuel left in the tank when the warning comes on.

How Far Can a Ford Maverick Go with the Gas Light On? Ford Maverick can go up to 30-35 miles with gas light ON, while its hybrid variant can cover a distance of 40-50 miles with low fuel warning. Ford Maverick hybrid can also travel 1-2 miles with electric motors with no fuel left in the tank.

This article will guide Ford owners regarding the maximum distance they can cover with a low gas light indicator on the dashboard. It will be helpful for them to avoid any panic situation and make the best decision under the circumstances.

Moreover, we will also cover the various factors affecting the distance to empty and the drawbacks of driving the truck with low gasoline in the tank. 

Number of miles on Ford Maverick with low gas light

It is a compact pickup truck with above-par fuel economy than its counterparts with identical specifications.

When your truck’s fuel gauge reaches its last bar, and the low gas light glows on the dashboard, it still has 1.5-2 gallons of fuel left in the tank.

With an average fuel economy of 25-30 miles per gallon (mpg) for non-hybrid variants, you can still drive it for another 30-35 miles depending on various factors.

Since the mpg rating varies depending on factors like engine condition, driving habits, and operating in city or highway areas, the actual leftover mileage can vary under different circumstances.

Therefore, to be on the safe side, always keep in mind that you can still cover 25-30 miles with a low fuel indicator active.

Moreover, the latest models of the truck also display leftover mileage on the available fuel in the tank. Again those figures can be deceptive and variable under different factors. 

Mileage of Ford Maverick hybrid model with the low fuel light

Hybrid models of Ford Maverick have the benefit of high fuel economy and the availability of battery power with no fuel left in the tank.

It has an average fuel economy varying in the range of 35-40 mpg according to the operating conditions.

Therefore, with low gas light ON, you can cover a distance of 40-50 miles under different circumstances.

Moreover, these vehicles also have an ECO mode that gives the best fuel economy that you can activate to cover some more distance.

Sometimes remaining fuel amounts can be lesser depending on the float position in the tank sending the signal to the gauge on the dashboard.

Therefore, keeping a few gallons of extra fuel in the truck is safe to avoid getting stranded in some remote area with no gas stations in the vicinity. 

Mileage of Ford Maverick on electric only with the empty gas tank

Most hybrid vehicles shut themselves down as soon as they run out of gas. However, Ford Maverick hybrid pickup trucks can drive on battery power on electric power only with no fuel left in the tank.

The total number of miles you can go depends on the battery’s state of charge.

However, roughly speaking, you can only cover a distance of 1-2 miles with the help of electric motors. This truck will not operate to its full power with the engine OFF due to no fuel.

Therefore, you cannot exceed the speed beyond 20-30 miles per hour (mph). Although 1-2 miles of range is available with empty tanks, it is not safe for you and the vehicle to drive on battery power only.

Factors affecting the mileage of Ford Maverick with low gas light on

There are 3 main factors that affect the miles you can travel with the low gas warning on the dashboard. Therefore, the actual distance can vary depending on the circumstances under which you are driving.

Fuel level sensor

The level sensor in the fuel tank is a float that moves up or down according to the gasoline level.

It is in a fixed position and gives an accurate reading when the truck is on a flat or level surface.

However, when it is on an irregular surface or in a slanted orientation, fuel will accumulate in one corner, and the gauge will display incorrect reading.

Resultantly, low gas light and remaining miles to empty will also be erroneous.

Therefore, you should ensure that the Ford truck is on a level surface when interpreting the values in case of an empty fuel tank warning. It will help make correct decisions and to avoid any untoward situation.

Engine condition

The distance you can cover with gas light ON highly depends on the model year and its engine condition.

EPA fuel economy of a vehicle is for a newer one tested under standard operating conditions.

With time, it decreases due to the aging of components and the maintenance routine carried out by the owner.

Suppose you regularly maintain the truck, like an oil change or other servicing tasks, according to recommended frequency by the manufacturer.

In that case, it will have better fuel economy than a poorly maintained vehicle.

Therefore, the remaining distance to empty can vary from truck to truck according to its model year, engine condition, and maintenance history.

Driving conditions

If you carefully observe the driver information display, you will find out that the distance to empty keeps changing with the change in your driving pattern.

For example, if you move slowly in a city area with crowded places, its value will decrease and increase on highways or at cruising speeds.

Moreover, it is based on the average value over the last 15-20 miles of driving. Therefore, never entirely rely on the reading as it can vary under different circumstances.

It can also vary by factors like the load on the truck, fuel quality, air bubbles in the tank, and tire air pressure to name a few. Besides other factors, they can add an error of 5-10% in the estimated distance.

Drawbacks of running Ford Maverick on low gas

There are some serious drawbacks associated with driving with low gas light ON.

Fuel in the tank acts as a coolant and lubricant for the pump to ensure its smooth operation for longer.

Running the truck on fumes can result in its overheating and irreparable damage requiring its replacement.

Moreover, it can suck the sludge or debris accumulated on the tank floor, causing harm to components like filters or injectors.

It can also reach up to the engine resulting in costly repairs. In the case of hybrid truck models, driving with an empty tank can consume the batteries, causing multiple display errors and difficulty starting afterward.

It is also detrimental to your safety if the engine suddenly stops due to no gas while driving on the highway; there is a high risk of a road accident.

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