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How Many Lamborghinis are there in the World?

How Many Lamborghinis are there in the World?

Globally, more than 8500 Lamborghinis are sold from 2021 to 2022 in three different versions Aventador, Huracan, and Urus. Italy and USA are manufacturing hubs with maximum production and sale.

How Many Lamborghinis are there in the World? According to our research, more than 70000 Lamborghinis are there in the world, and nearly 8561 units are sold from 2021 to 2022 with 798 Aventador, 63 SVJ 63, 350 LP 780-4, 250 Roadster, 800 SVJ roadster, 1400 Huracan, 36 EVO, 2700 Spyder, 2000 Tecnica, 36 EVO RWD, and 5021 Urus with 1382 pearl and 520 graphite capsules.

Due to excessive demand, the manufacturing company sells them in India and China. Its variants have variable numbers in different states of the USA.

What is the total number of Lamborghini cars in the world?

The total number of Lamborghini worldwide is nearly 70000. The number of sold Lamborghini is 8561 globally according to the surveys for 2020 to 2021.

In Italy, its first variant was launched in 1963 by Automobile Lamborghini. In 2021, the manufacturing company increased its sales up to 13% through the highest record of 8405 vehicles worldwide. According to the calculation for the last two years, Urus is one of the most sold variants.

With a new world record, the Lamborghinis have increased in 2022 worldwide. It is 5% more than the production and shipment rate of 2021 and 31% more than 2020. In the first quarter of 2022, the manufacturing company made million do dollars.

For 2022, pre-purchased cars are on the list for production and sale. In 2020, the Lamborghinis were 7430 in more than 52 countries globally. According to regional distribution, Asia and America have around +14% of these vehicles.

However, the Middle East, Africa, and Europe include +12% of these vehicles. The USA has an individual production, advertisement, and selling market.

It has around 2472 sports cars, and the percentage is +11%. In the home market of Italy, their number has increased. The calculated figure is about 359 with a value of +3%.

China is a leading market with 935 cars, which covers +55% of the total sale and production. It is expensive in Germany, and the units are around 706 with a level of +16%.

United Kingdom has a low number than the USA. It has 706 sports cars which add +16% to the total aggregate.


It is an innovative, stylish sports car with a V12 engine and a frame of carbon fibers. Worldwide, the manufacturers have shipped around 798 Aventador.

It has a dynamic design with advanced interior specifications. It is a luxurious car with premium technologies and a significant craft.

It has the appealing and traditional features of Italian history and nationalism. It is a two-seat vehicle, can accommodate two adults on comfortable seats, have a spacious cabin, and provides high-quality performance with efficient electric features.

It has five different categories, and its sale depends on its internal amenities, cost, and demand.


It is SVJ63 with sixty-three different versions worldwide. It embraces the road obstacles with an engine rotation of 8500 rpm.

It has an attractive look, lightweight frame, and advanced technologies. Its rear has an omega shape, a wing-like layout, and spacious side skirts. Its plaque and cross-stitching are appealing features.

LP 780-4 Ultimate

It is the latest and most advanced version of the Aventador with a V12 aspirated engine, luxurious appearance, and long lifespan. In the last decade, it has left the expression with about 350 cars.

It is a classic addition, with a rear engine, harmonic designs, and a balanced layout. It has a glossy look with black and other painted parts.

It has a sporting essence, the cabin has an aesthetic look, and it consists of an advanced sound system.

LP 780-4 Ultimate Roadster

It has about 250 versions globally due to its attractive design and incomparable technologies. It is a classic addition to the legendary family of these sports cars with a V12 engine.

In the last two years, the aspirated engine, high horsepower, and stable performance have increased its demand. It is a masterpiece with an aesthetic look, removable top, and innovative passenger cabin.

SVJ Roadster

It has 800 different examples, with a classic V12 engine, minimum air drag, optimized aerodynamic pressure, and an ultra-light cabin compartment.

The SVJ63 variants add to the total number of roadsters. It provides a smooth driving experience with a luxurious seating arrangement.


It has a V10 engine with a four-wheel drive and the latest technologies. The company started its production in 2014 and has about 1400 cars globally.

It has a dual-clutch that provides maximum control over tires. It has been an advanced addition to the standard family with six different versions.


It is a limited edition with around 36 units, a V-10 engine, improved performance, and aerodynamic properties.

It has higher tailpipes, produces monstrous sounds, and has a stylish front bumper and variable colors. Its 20-inches rims support the entire frame, keep it near the road and facilitate a sportier look.


It has about 2700 units worldwide with a powered V10 engine and a horsepower of about 640 hp. It has advanced aerodynamic qualities, streamlined properties, and a topless roof system.

It sacrifices the torsional effects with front hoods and high-quality exhaust systems. However, you can buy this used Lamborghini for under $100k.


It is the latest addition with the maximum sale rate in the world. According to a survey of 2022, the manufacturing company has sold around 20000 units yet.

It is a combination of older and new versions. It provides exceptional performance with an empowered engine. The front and rear have restructured modifications, fine lines, and a glossy look.


It has only one option with customization properties. However, it has a 5.2-liter aspirated engine with a V10 cylinder system. It produces a horsepower of about 631hp with dynamic handling properties.

With racing features, it has high-speed levels, panels over the body, and maximum performance.


It has a rear-wheel drive and a V10 power engine. It has a sophisticated and iconic passenger cabin with several amenities.

It has about 36 variants with classic designs and other features. The CO2 emission system produces loud sounds during acceleration.


It has about 1540 to 2419 units with fluctuating calculations. It has an adaptation of RWD variants with a gratifying design. It is a perfect sports car with rigid rims and advanced control units.


It is a super SUV with bestselling variants. Globally, it has about 5021 versions with a sportier appearance, comfortable cabin, and versatile performance. It is one of the first SUVs by Automobili Lamborghini.

It has a peaceful driving experience on off-roads and racing. With elegant looks and distinct engine noises, it has two variants.

Pearl capsule

It has crossed a figure of 1382 over the world. It has more than 100 variants in India because celebrities prefer pearl capsules for their stylish look, variety of colors, and comfort.

It has an attractive look, glossy front bumper, and stable wheels. 23-inches rim supports the wheel well, protects the frame of the SUV, and improves its lifespan.

Graphite capsule

It has more than 16 colors with around 120 variants in India. It has an identical rim size to pearl variants. With more than 500 units, it is popular in India and USA.

A chart of Different countries with the total number of Lamborghinis sold

Names of different countries Number of Lamborghinis
China 935
Canada 376
Germany 562
USA 2472
Italy 370
UK 658
Japan 641
India 400
Australia 147
South Korea 303

What is the production rate of Lamborghini year over year in the world?

The manufacturing company has achieved double-digit growth in the last 24 to 25 years. In 2019, it had a revenue of $1.6 billion approximately.

It has increased from 2020 to 2021, and the company improved its revenue from $1.8 to $1.9.

Aventador has crossed a production mark of 10000. Urus has crossed a threshold of more than 10 thousand units from 2021 to 2022.

Huracan variants have passed the mark of 14022 models in the last 3 to 5 years.

According to the annual sales report of the USA, its sales rate was from 36 to 653 from 2001 to 2004. The growth has been higher in recent years due to its demand and advanced design.

In 2019, its sale was 1095 in different regions. Its annual production rate is about 28 in Arizona. It varies according to the number of employees and the size of the business.

How many Lamborghinis are made every day?

The manufacturing companies make six Aventador per day because it is one of the most popular versions. Their manufacturing rate is low due to customization and complexity. They take more time for completion than Huracans.

Their production rate varies according to the type of car and required specifications.

According to the information on revenue, the Italian company delivers about 27 sports cars in one day. Across the USA, the manufacturers make around 13 Huracans each day.

What is the largest Lamborghini market in the world?

It has more than 200 dealerships globally due to the addition of 2014 Huracan and 2011 LP 700-4. The USA is the largest manufacturing and selling market of these sports cars.

Urus is one of the most popular and sold addition. The company launched it in 2019 and has crossed an unexpected threshold of 15000 units.

The company celebrated its record-breaking sale of 2796 cars by the end of 2021. 4852 Lamborghinis have delivered in different regions, and Urus was the most prominent unit.

In the USA, Aventador SVJ has around 800 units. Huracan Evo GT has about 36 variants in the United States of America due to frequent production.