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How Many Mercury Grand Marquis Were Made?

How Many Mercury Grand Marquis Were Made?

Nowadays, many people drive used Mercury Grand Marquis because the manufacturers have stopped making its new units. I have a 2009 model with rear-wheel drive and a V8 engine.

How Many Mercury Grand Marquis Were Made? 2.7 million Mercury Grand Marquis were made from 1975 to 2011; the production rate was low initially, then increased and reduced because these cars were discontinued in 2011. Ford made 200000 units from 1999 to 2002 and manufactured 3200 units in 2003, 5400 in 2004 and 300000 units from 2005 to 2008, and 155400 cars from 2009 to 2010.

Its 2010 models are rare, and you cannot find them at every dealership. You can select the used variants of this car from dealerships and private sellers.

What numbers of Mercury Grand Marquis were made?

Ford launched its first Mercury Grand Marquis in 1975, and the production continued until 2011. Then, the company stopped making them because of the model upgrades and advancement of cabin amenities.

The older variants became non-appealing to the people, and they stopped selecting them. However, Ford produced around 2.7 million units from 1975 to 2011.

The company manufactured around 17870 units in 1975 and nearly 35000 variants in 1976. Also, the production rate was about 40000 units in 1977 and 18000 cars in 1978.

The manufacturing company produced around 180000 units in 1979. You can see the minimum number of these cars in 1980.

The Ford produced about 5000 units in 1980 and nearly 12000 from 1981 to 1982. Then, the production rate increased suddenly in the further years because of their demand.

The manufacturing company made around 112218 units in 1983. Also, the company manufactured 118800 units in 1984 and 15128 units in 1985.

It produced around 94000 in 1986 and 116700 in 1987. Ford manufactured 112800 units in 1988 and nearly 134200 vehicles in 1989.

The manufacturing company produced about 364088 units in 1990, and the total production of this car was 221506 in 1991.

In addition, the manufacturer manufactured 157080 units in 1992 and made around 89000 units in 1993. The manufacturing company made four-door, high-performance, and reliable cars in 2011.

Also, the manufacturing company manufactured nearly 98000 units in 1994 and produced about 97570 units in 1995.

The production rate increased in 1996 because the company made around 99000 units of this car in 1996 and manufactured about 138750 units in 1997.

However, it manufactured about 150000 cars in 1998 and nearly 200000 units from 1999 to 2002. The Ford made 3200 units in 2003, and the production rate became 5400 in 2004.

The company manufactured about 300000 units from 2005 to 2008. Then, the production rate increased, and the manufacturers made about 155400 cars from 2009 to 2010.

The company stopped manufacturing these cars in the last months of 2010. So, the production stopped in 2011, and you cannot find the variants of this particular year.

Years Number of Mercury Grand Marquis units made
1975 17870
1976 35000
1977 40000
1978 18000
1979 180000
1980 5000
1981 to 1982 12000
1983 112210
1984 118800
1985 15128
1986 94000
1987 116700
1988 112800
1989 134200
1990 364088
1991 221506
1992 157080
1993 89000
1994 98000
1995 97570
1996 99000
1997 138750
1998 150000
1999 to 2002 200000
2003 3200
2004 5400
2005 to 2008 300000
2009 to 2010 155400

What is the production pattern of Mercury Grand Marquis over the years?

Ford manufactured the first Mercury Grand Marquis with two variable trims and particular specifications. Both trims have different amenities inside the cabins and comprise variable levels of advancement.

A few variants have Grand Sport trim with limited amenities within the passenger cabin and a versatile engine. However, the Luxury sport trim is premium with several handling and traction packages.

The manufacturing company made the four-door, reliable car for families and daily use. It has a roof and a spacious cabin with different types of seats.

A few seats have fabric covers, and others come with leather coverings. Initially, the manufacturing company made limited cars and introduced them in the automobile market. 

The vehicle is spacious, with comfortable driving, a rear-wheel driver, and better traction. These vehicle characteristics appealed to several people, which increased demand in the early years.

Then, the manufacturers launched thousands of units as the second generation of the car, which has GS and LS trims according to their manufacturing characteristics.

Ford upgraded their cabins and added several amenities that were appealing to the people. Ford introduced other vehicles with advanced and upgraded designs during production.

The decreased demand for these vehicles affected their manufacturing rate, and the company made limited units after 2008. 

You can find several cars from 2009 and a few variants from 2010, but the production was low in these years.

For example, the production was reduced to 3200 units in 2003 because of the low demand for these vehicles. However, the manufacturing company made around 300000 cars from 2005 to 2008.

It was a low number for a span of four years, which affected the sale and manufacturing rate of these cars. Also, the production rate further reduced and reached 155400 from 2009 to 2010. 

It showed the least demand for these variants, and their manufacturing company stopped making and launching them in the automobile market.

However, the dealerships sold the available variants, but the demand was low.

Why so many Mercury Grand Marquis were made?

Ford made about 2.7 million units of these cars during the production and selling span. However, the manufacturing company produced these Mercury Grand Marquis cars on a large scale because of their higher demand.

They have four doors and are specific for family transportation because of the spacious cabin and safety. Furthermore, they have durable and efficient engines and have capacities of 4.6-liter and 4.9-liter because of the trim specifications.

Both trims have efficient V8 engines and have eight variable chambers for mixing fuel with oil. Also, the eight chambers-based engine controls the combustion of these vehicles.

They have single and dual exhaust properties, which increase their appeal. However, all these characteristics increased their demand in the past.

Therefore, the manufacturing company made hundreds to thousands of units. These were appealing to several people because they were easy to use. 

Also, you can select their used variants and check their handling and stability. The old and initial variants have higher traction properties because of their layouts and different packages because of the variable trims.

It increased the demand for these vehicles because they were driver-friendly. Several people made them transportation cars for their families and used them daily.

Also, these vehicles were in demand and appealing because of their rear-wheel drive. Its variants from 1975 to 2010 have a rear-wheel drive which means the rear wheels are driving tires.

Their V8 engines deliver power to these rear tires and stabilize the equivalent load shifting on the frame. As a result, the stability of these vehicles increases because of their RWD specifications.

The rear-wheel drive provided maximum stability on uneven surfaces. It made the vehicle reliable for drivers with their families and increased its demand from the limit.

Therefore, Ford made and launched several variants of the Mercury Grand Marquis in the market of automobiles from 1975 to 2010.

These vehicles had higher sales during their production years because of the higher demand and appeal.

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