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How Many Semi Trucks are on the Road?

How Many Semi Trucks are on the Road?

Presently, more than 4 million semi-trucks are on roads in more than 50 states of the USA. Their day cab and slope nose are famous designs of these class 8 trucks. 

How Many Semi Trucks are on the Road? According to our research, nearly 4.5 million semi-trucks are on roads, while Kenworth has 531000 to 534000 units, Freightliner has around 190000 to 192000, Navistar has 22000 to 22031, Western Star has 220000 to 240000, Volvo has 203500 to 203700, and international LoneStar has about 6000 units.

Around 44099 to 46000 electric semi-trucks are on roads; the company sells nearly 36000 to 40000 tractor-trailers annually, had sold 41000 to 47000 units from 2018 to 2019, and 39000 to 41000 trailers in 2021. 

They are commercial trucks with an average gross vehicle weight rating of about 33000 pounds. They can haul heavy trailers, loaded material, and heavy boxes. 

What state has the most semi-trucks on the road?

You can see a lot of semi-trucks due to improved demand for freight and extra transportation activities. They have different cab styles and variants that run on regular traffic roads.

They are dangerous for medium-sized vehicles and affect the surroundings. According to the surveys for 2019 to 2020, they are around 288000 across the states of the USA.

In North America, around 17600 to 18000 trailers are on the roads.

They make up 13% to 14% of the total count. Texas has the highest number of these semi-trailers on highways and city roads. It has about 171000 to 172000 semi-trailers with high performance and efficient transportation. 

You can find about 368000 to 369000 semi-trucks in Florida. According to the surveys for 2019, their number was around 365000 to 366000. 

There are 4.1 to 4.2 million class 8 trucks with supportive trailers in the North USA. According to the surveys for 2019 and 2020, they are about 3.97 million in different states of the USA. 

What are the different brands of semi-trucks and their number on the road?

Kenworth and Peterbilt are famous brands of tractor trailers across the USA. Following are a few brands of semi-tractors that facilitate high-quality and safe transportation. 


The USA is the largest manufacturing and selling unit of Kenworth, with more than 400 dealerships. The manufacturers have launched these high-performance transportation trucks for the past several years.

Class 8 tractor-trailers have advanced applications, high-quality features, and exceptional stability on highways. They are one of the most demanding units due to their durability and versatile work efficiency.

The company has made around 531000 to 534000 units during its manufacturing history. It has a W900 model that has a conventional cab style. 

Kenworth launched these variants on its 50th anniversary. It is a class 8 truck that provides extra performance on highway roads and protects the surrounding vehicles.

The company made about 260 units of Kenworth W900. The company has improved its sales with a sale of 2920 variants every year.

Its more than 80 trucks supply food to the East Coast. Its T680 version provides food, goods, and heavy material with efficient fuel economy. 


With its style modifications, the company has launched Cascadia, Argosy, Class M2, Fld 112, and FLC 112. 

In America, the manufacturing company sells about 190000 to 192000 semi-trucks annually. It shares about 40% of the total manufacturing and selling market. 

It is the largest portal with 702 different service stations. According to the calculation for 2020, the Daimler Freightliner sold around 71770 to 72000 Class 8 models. 

The variants have a GVWR of about 32000 to 33000 pounds, and the drivers need a commercial driving license. 


The manufacturing company provides reliable and customer-centric facilities. In North America, it has more than 1100 dealerships at different locations.

These portals provide a different number of tractor-trailers according to their internal policies. Currently, it has about 22000 to 22031 tractor-trailers on the roads of the USA. 

According to the calculation for 2019, these units were about 19000 to 20000 in the Northern states. The industry is growing with an average sale of about 3046 to 3050 units annually.

Western star

In Ohio, its manufacturing company has been working since 1967. Presently, it has around 220000 to 240000 tractor-trailers in different states of the USA. 

In 2020, the manufacturing portal celebrated the launch of its 200000th unit. 


The total number of Volvo class 8 trucks is about 203500 to 203700 across the USA. According to the surveys of 2019, it had a final count of around 202500 in different states.

Annually, the company sells around 191000 to 192000 tractor-trailers. In North America, it has more than 403 dealerships with hundreds of service centers.

International LoneStar

These are open-deck carriers with different dealerships located in Texas and North America. These dealerships have around 502 tractors with about open-head 1600 trailers.

With a comprehensive calculation of all the trucking units, the USA has about 6000 international LoneStar on the roads. 

With around 2700 tractors, they are heavy-duty carriers of goods and massive loads. 

What are the different styles of semi-trucks cabs and their number on the road?

They have different cab styles to adjust the travelers and goods. 

Day Cab

It is a heavy-duty truck without a sleeping compartment and has a lighter chassis and spacious counterparts. They are adjustable in challenging parking spots and facilitate improved fuel performance.

They are commercial tractor-trailers with a GVWR of more than 33000. In Texas, you can find around 680 to 690 Day Cab units. 

Across the USA, you can access more than 4500 to 4600 conventional semi-tractors. 

Flat roof sleeper

They have a separate and spacious sleeping compartment for the driver and other travelers. Access more than 580 commercial flat roof sleepers on city roads and highways in Florida.

Raised roof

It is one of the most spacious trucks with a sleeper and a raised roof. It has a storage tower with extra space of 12 to 18 inches and maximum cargo.

More than 1.2 to 1.5 million raised roof sleepers are present in North America. 

Mid roof

These are comfortable sleepers with a mid-roof design. Their tractors have an average length of around 6.4 feet. There are about 192000 mid-roof sleepers on the roads. 


They have a sloppy design with aerodynamic properties, repel the wind and fight against road drag. As a result, they endure the bumps and provide maximum driving control. 

According to an estimate, you can find around 40000 to 50000 slope-nosed tractor trailers on the roads.

How many electric semi-trucks are on the road?

Freightliner and Volvo have launched their electric semi-trucks for city and highways. Across the USA, the electric class 8 tractor-trailers are around 44000 to 46000.

In 2019, the United States had only 2000 to 2010 electric units on different roads. In 2021, their number had raised to 4000 units. 

North America is the largest selling and manufacturing hub of these tractor-trailers. Of every 334 models, 281 versions have an electric battery. However, the other 53 units work on fuel cells. 

Why are there so many semi-trucks on the roads in USA?

The United States has several semi-trucks on their city roads and highway to optimize the transportation of goods. They transport goods within the state and ship the material outside the region.

Excessive freight demand

Freight transportation includes transferring goods from the manufacturing hubs to the locations of consumption. The demand is increasing in the United States due to the growing population.

The maximum production do freight improves the economy of a state. 

Lack of parking

These are class 8 massive units with extensive frames and expanded designs. However, on the roads, they lack the appropriate parking spots. In such circumstances, the driver parks them along the roadside.

They block the traffic due to their massive size and interfere in the traffic movement. 

Identical driving passages

These transportation trucks and other traffic use similar passages to approach the destination. They are appealing units that are visible from a specific distance.

Several drivers change their routes to avoid these massive vehicles. 

Infrastructure of highway

The modified infrastructure of the American highway attracts the drivers of these heavy-duty trucks. The drivers with CDL can drive them on smooth and stable roads.

Also, the highways have multiple roads which connect with surrounding regions. Semi-truck drivers prefer these routes rather than complex inter-city passages. 

How many semi-trucks are sold each year?

Annually, the manufacturing companies sell around 36000 to 40000 semi-trucks across the USA. It depends on the demand, pre-orders, and bookings.

According to the surveys of 2018 to 2019, the annual sale rate was 41000 to 47000 due to growing freight demand and different passages.

In 2020, the selling range decreased in the early few months with an average value of around 33000 to 39000. 

According to the calculation for 2021 to 2022, the company sells around 39000 to 41000 semi-trucks each year.

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