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How Many Shock Absorbers Does a Semi-Truck Have?

How Many Shock Absorbers Does a Semi-Truck Have?

Safety and stability are drivers’ main concerns while driving semi-trucks. Suspensions and shock absorbers are essential in stabilizing the automobile on the roads.

How Many Shock Absorbers Does a Semi-Truck Have? Semi-trucks have four sets of shocks on the front and rear axle. They help in dampening the oscillation produced by the movement. They can last for about 100000 miles. Squeaking sound and leakage are signs of bad shock absorbers.

These parts are directly responsible for the maintenance of all the parts. It prevents all the parts from unnecessary damage by dissipating the heat due to the dampening effect.

Number of shock absorbers in a semi-truck

Shock absorbers are a part of the suspension of the vehicle. Its function is to control and dampen the vibrations caused by the spring movement.

It controls the wheel’s movement whenever it encounters a bumpy area. It is essential to keep the vehicle stable and ensure the driver’s safety. Their number differs greatly in all vehicles.

The number of shocks in a semi-truck is greater than in other vehicles. It also ensures safe tire-to-road contact, which controls the steering and wheels.

These trucks require more shocks than other small automobiles. They are present on the front and rear axles of the vehicle. In semi trucks, approximately four sets of shocks are present in the tractor of the vehicle.

Sometimes they are also present in the trailer of the truck. It ensures the stability of the trailer during travel.

How do shock absorbers work in semi-trucks?

They have various types depending on their structure and function. Hydraulic and gas charged are its two main types. Most of the heavy trailers have hydraulic shock absorbers.

They consist of a piston and a cylinder that contains the fluid. They work by creating a force in the opposite direction of the movement to prevent vibration in the vehicle. The force works against the oscillation to prevent damage to automobiles.

As the vehicle turns to bumpy terrain, the suspension and spring begin to move. They move fluid inside it, and as it passes through the inside valves, it encounters the resistance that creates the force.

They get heat up while producing the force and dissipate the heat in the surrounding. In this way, they convert the kinetic energy to thermal energy. They control the spring movement to maintain contact between the tires and roads.

How long do shock absorbers last in a semi-truck?

The shocks in heavy trucks are powerful and durable. They resist wear and tear on rocky and uneven roads. But they have a life span, after which they begin to deteriorate. How a vehicle is driven on the road can greatly impact the lifespan of these parts.

Driving semi-trucks on rough and bumpy road decrease their lifespan of them. While driving on smooth roads and proper maintenance can increase their life span. The average lifespan of all types of shocks can differ greatly.

On average, the hydraulic shock absorbers can last up to 100000 miles. Driving it off roads can cause it to wear quickly. When the truck is driven off roads, it can last for up to 500000 miles.

Reckless driving by a driver can damage all the parts of the semi-trailer. In the same way, they are also susceptible to damage due to the driver’s negligence.

Signs of bad shock absorbers in a semi-truck

Faulty and worn-out shocks are not able to perform their function properly. The heavy trailer shows many signs and symptoms that shock absorbers are going bad. Here is a brief description of all of them.

A bad shock absorber can produce a squeaking noise while driving the vehicle. The squeaking noise becomes more evident on a bumpy road.

Leaking fluid or oil from the shocks is a clear sign of a fault. Damage in the seal of the cylinder can cause leakage from it. Inspect all sides of the vehicle to check for leakage. Leaking shocks are not able to produce a dampening effect to minimize vibrations.

The tires start to wear out unevenly. The vehicle also starts to lean towards one side. Check these parts if you see the truck leaning to one side. You will also feel each bump on the uneven roads, and the ride quality will also be poor.

Can you drive the semi-truck with worn-out shock absorbers?

They are important to keep the truck stable on the road. You can drive the semi with worn-out shocks, but it is not recommended. It can create many problems for the safety of the vehicle and driver.

Worn-out shocks make it difficult to use the braking system. It will take more time to stop the semi-truck with faulty parts.

Increasing the stopping distance can put the driver in a difficult situation. The probability of collision with other automobiles increases and threatens the safety of the vehicle and driver.

You can lose control of the steering with a bad shock absorber. The vehicle may feel unstable and bump excessively on the road.

It makes the handling and controlling of the steering and wheel a difficult task. Losing control can cause the vehicle to roll down from inclines.

How to make semi-truck shock absorbers last longer?

Here are some useful tips to increase the lifespan of these parts.

Checking and inspecting them at regular intervals can positively impact their performance. You should check them for any wear and tear in any part and fix minor faults on time.

Check the cylinder for leaking oil and fluid. Repair the leaking seal of the cylinder to prevent further damage.

Try to drive slowly on terrains and rocky roads. Always choose a smooth route to reach the destination. It will help to increase their life by slowing the process of wearing in all parts.

Properly maintain the tires and other parts of the vehicle to keep them functional. Keep the vehicle aligned and inflate the tires on time to prevent them from any damage.

Cost to replace the shock absorbers in a semi trucks

It is advisable to replace the shocks after every 100000 to1500000 miles. The experts recommend replacing them every 12 to 14 months to improve the working of the truck.

The cost to replace them depends upon the quality of the material and labor costs. On average, replacing one shock in the semi-trucks costs about $160 to $350.

The cost of one shock absorber ranges from $50 to $90.The labor cost to replace them ranges from $80 to $100.It can go higher depending on the complexity of the job and the time taken to get it done.

It can cost more if you are taking assistance from a professional mechanic. Always replace all of them at the same time.

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