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How Much Does a 26FT Box Truck Weigh When Empty?

How Much Does a 26FT Box Truck Weigh When Empty?

Many people find it challenging to find the weight of their 26ft box truck. The curb weight of a box truck does not include the cargo load and passengers.

How Much Does a 26FT Box Truck Weigh When Empty? A 26FT box truck weighs between 15995 to 15999 pounds when empty, and a 26-ft Penske weighs about 15999 pounds when empty. Freightliner is a 26-feet efficient unit that weighs 16810 to 16818 pounds when empty, and Hino weighs 14995 to 14999 pounds.

The manufacturing material of the box truck is a combination of steel, alloy, and aluminum, which increase their curb range from the other similar variants. Moreover, it is a long truck that improves its curb limit. 

How much do different types of 26FT box trucks weigh when empty?

A standard 26 feet box truck weighs around 15995 to 15999 pounds when its bed and cabin are empty. The range varies according to the type and model of these carriers.

Furthermore, it is long with a length of 26 feet and variable heights on different models. It belongs to class four of similar variants due to its spacious storage unit and faster transportation. 

In such circumstances, the range varies according to the manufacturing material and design of the delivery vehicles. Furthermore, it has three different types with variable limits.


It has an exterior length of 26 feet and works as one of the fastest transportation trucks.

Similarly, the interior is spacious with a 4 to 7-room space, which can work as a moving home with exceptional accommodation. Furthermore, it has a comfortable interior cabin with an air conditioning system.

With an automatic transmission, it has high-speed levels with minimum swaying. Moreover, it is usually yellow and black with smooth painted walls.

It is compatible with towing heavy loads, goods, and dried freight. According to calculation and research, 26 feet Penske weighs about 15999 pounds.

Also, it is one of the best examples of a 26 feet box truck with spacious cargo and automatically controlled gears. 


A Freightliner has an external dimension of about 26 feet. Moreover, it is an efficient delivery vehicle that provides pickup services.

Freightliner Cascadia is an expensive truck, and it is a commercial-duty variant that can deliver different goods in different states. With a tinted windscreen, it provides maximum visibility at high-speed conditions. 

A 26FT Freightliner weighs around 16810 to 16818 pounds. It is the curb limit that does not include the load of the cargo compartment. Also, it does not add the load of passengers and filled tanks. 

They are fast and efficient with stabilized steering conditions. With these specifications, they have improved drivability on different uneven roads. 


They have turbocharged engines with high-speed levels. Furthermore, they have high work efficiency and deliver dried material without surface and internal damage. 

However, they are medium-duty units with spacious cuboid cargos. Moreover, with spacious interiors, they have a high payload capacity. 

The average 26-foot Hino weighs nearly 14995 to 14999 pounds when the cargo does not contain the stored material. In these conditions, the cabin does not comprise passengers.

Why should you know the weight of a 26FT box truck when empty?

You should find it for your 26FT because it determines the payload capacity. Similarly, it indicates the loading material and driving abilities of these carriers.

Before adding the load to the cargo compartment, assess the curb limit. As a result, it prevents sudden damage to the storage unit and cracking of the frame.

Furthermore, the gearbox of the 26FT delivery vehicle can fail due to excessive loads over the limit. To resolve these sudden problems, consider the curb before shipment procedures.

You should know the range of these carriers because it determines the handling techniques. Moreover, it indicates the handling skills to control the massive variants on busy roads. 

With the correct value, you can find the towing capacity. Then, you can stop them at the weigh stations according to the limits. 

The laws of weigh stations vary from one state to the other across the United States of America. 

In addition, you can select a high-performance towing vehicle that can move them with a less challenging towing procedure. 

However, keep the towing capacity nearest to the standard load of your delivery vehicle. In such circumstances, you can transfer it from one place to another with different towing techniques. 

Before attaching it behind another tow vehicle, calculate the payload and transfer it to the desired spot. Moreover, it is essential for regular drivers and new buyers. 

According to the handling skills, you can select them for comfortable driving conditions on city roads. 

The lighter options are available with easy handling. Moreover, they have less challenging maneuvers. 

However, 26 feet long are heavier with larger frames; require more controlling skills and better training. In addition, you cannot maneuver them in closed spots because they require specific parking spaces. 

You can select them for pickups and deliveries of goods. However, their curb weight is high for daily use, and a non-skilled driver cannot handle or drive them. 

How to find the weight of a 26FT box truck when empty?

By reading the manual, you can find it for your 26 feet long box truck. However, the manufacturing companies of these delivery vehicles add weight ranges when it does not have passengers in the cabin. 

The manufacturers mention the curb weight on the information document, which does not include the cargo load.

With the known capacity, you can increase the life expectancy of your truck. Also, the limitations protect the cargo compartment from sudden damage.

You can read the gross vehicle weight, payload capacity, and type of carriage specifications from the manual. The ranges vary according to the dimensional differences of these units. 

According to their layouts, the curb weight can increase or reduces. Moreover, you can find accurate values online.

For this purpose, approach the authentic website of your under-use truck and record the values on paper or memorize them to keep the structure intact. 

With a specific formula, you can calculate the curb of your 26 feet long truck, which has box-shaped cargo on the rear side. 

However, you can determine it by assessing the gross vehicle weight rating of the truck. The GVWR is the combination of loaded weight and payload capacity. Also, it includes the weight of cargo, passengers, and gas tanks. 

Its value and estimated range are available in the truck’s manual in a separate section. Once you obtain the correct value, subtract the payload from the GVWR and get a value of 26 feet long box truck when it is empty. 

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