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How Much Does a Ford F150 Horn Cost?

How Much Does a Ford F150 Horn Cost?

Horns are an essential part of all variants of the Ford F150, mount on the outer side of the frame and alert other drivers. I use the horn of my 2015 Ford F150 by pushing its button on busy roads, which improves my driving safety.

How Much Does a Ford F150 Horn Cost? Ford F150 horn costs around $22 to $35, its maximum cost is $66 to $100, and its minimum price is $15 to $22. However, its price depends on its stability, performance, dimensions, shape, and durability.

My friend uses the horn of his Ford F150 excessively during night driving. However, I prefer electrically working horns for my pickup truck because they are 12-volt systems with 25 amperes fuses. 

What is the cost of the Ford F150 horn?

Ford F150 has electrically regulated horns with maximum performance. Furthermore, they have different decibels according to their types, layouts, and efficiency. 

A few of them are loud, and others have low sounds. Their number of decibels determines the total sound level, but it also depends on their location.

However, the horns of the Ford F150 are beneficial to alert the other people and drivers on the road. Their loud sounds make the other vehicle drivers alert about the pickup truck on the streets. 

In addition, they are small components that fit on the exterior of the truck frame because of the standard layout specifications. Their fuse is inside the fuse box of the pickup truck, which is in the hood or instrument cluster. 

Also, the average cost of horns is about $22 to $35 for Ford F150 trucks. Their price varies according to the size, weight, quality, and performance. 

Furthermore, the type and decibels determine the sound level and cost of the horns on your pickup truck. Their maximum cost can reach $66 to $100 because of the higher decibels and long-lasting performance. 

But, their minimum price is about $15 to $22, which varies because of their performance and type of retailer. In addition, their compatibility with the stock system of the pickup truck and election circuit determines their cost. 

A few come with warranties and installation kits that contain wires, connectors, screws, and other components. These kits can make the installation procedures less challenging and increase the horns cost for your F150 truck. 

A few are electrically regulated with standard designs and have low prices. But, several air horn options are with significant dimensions and specific weights. 

Their performance varies according to the stock manufacturing conditions and properties. Also, they have a different lifespan than the standard options and provide quick installation because they come with the kits. 

Replacing them on Ford F150 is expensive because they connect to the voltage circuit. Furthermore, they require several connections for their stable performance and longer lifespan. 

Their replacement cost varies from $150 to $180, which depends on the model of your Ford F150. In addition, the labor charges are high for their replacements and cost around $60 to $100.

The professional mechanics come with the horns, which cost around $66 to $100. They include the prices of the parts in the package because of their work policies. 

However, you can select them according to your convenience, and their cost does not include in the replacement package. 

Examples of Ford F150 horns with their names, cost, and size

Names of Ford F150 horns Cost Noise

(in dB)

Dimensions (LXWXH)

(In inches)


(In pounds)


Ford Genuine $66 55 dB 13x7x11 inches 1.3 pounds
FIAMM Freeway Blaster $15 133 dB
26x10x7 inches 1 pound
HK 12V air horn $30 150 dB
24x11x6 inches 2 pounds
HELLA Trumpet $22 113 dB
12x8x12 inches 1.5 pounds
Kleinn Air horns $850 150 dB
34x10x17 inches 42 pounds
Ford Genuine $57 50 dB
12x8x9 inches 1.5 pounds
FIAMM Grande $35 128 dB
11x5x7 inches 1.7
ACDelco Professional $30 50 dB
5x5x4 inches 2
VEVOR Train horn $100 150 dB
20x17x11 inches 15
Genuine Ford $70 133 dB
10x7x7 inches 0.75 pounds

Factors that affect the cost of Ford F150 horn

You can select different horns for your Ford F150 trucks that have compatibility with the voltage circuit and frame. However, the following factors can increase or reduce the horn cost for your pickup truck.

Stability and performance

A few horns are more stable and provide optimized performance on your Ford F150. Furthermore, they have different decibels according to their dimensions, weight, and composition. 

These decibels determine their sound level on the roads, which can alert the other car drivers about your pickup truck. 

However, they are more compatible, stable, and efficient. They can withstand heat and moisture with optimized efficiency and maximum stability. 

As a result, their decibels do not change over time, and they perform at maximum efficiency level. The pickup truck horns have a frequency range of 370 to 440 Hz. 

However, it varies according to their types and manufacturing design. The higher sound frequency is beneficial, which makes them more efficient and stable. 

Furthermore, they can alert other pedestrians and drivers from a specific distance, which increases their cost.

Dimensions and shape

The Ford F150 has different dimensions according to its overall layouts and manufacturing characteristics. Moreover, their size varies from 10x7x7 inches to 26x10x7 inches. 

Their dimensions change with the designs and their diaphragms. As a result, their weight increases beyond the standard level. 

These heavyweight horns have specific shapes, which make them appealing. Furthermore, manufacturing companies make their diaphragms with different techniques. 

They have circular and elongated shapes because of their manufacturing layouts. In such circumstances, their shapes and dimensions determine the total cost. 

A few are small and easy to install without the kits. Therefore, these are less expensive, and you can replace them without any challenges. 

Other options are large-sized with prominent lengths and widths. Also, they have specific heights for the proper installation in the mounts of your pickup trucks. 

Their particular dimensions and appealing shapes make them expensive. Moreover, only professional mechanics can install them because of their complicated designs. 

You cannot install them with low expertise and minimum knowledge about the truck power system. Their wrong installation can reduce their performance, and the electric circuit cannot work efficiently.

Challenging replacement

The Ford F150 has horns on the exterior of the frame, which increases its damage. In such circumstances, road debris and environmental air can damage them. 

The pebbles and moisture can crack them, and they require replacement. However, a few have bolt-on installation because of their design and fitting properties. 

You can install a few options by connecting them to the voltage circuit of the Ford F150. These installations require the expertise and skills for the maximum safety of the electrically operating circuit. 

Such replacements are challenging and consume 1 to 2 hours because of the complexity. Only expert and professional mechanics can carry out these replacements, and their charges become high. 

However, these mechanics provide better results without damage to the battery and circuit. The professionals can connect the fuse of these horns with the battery without changing the standard ampere flow. 

Furthermore, the fuse remains stable and does not undergo surface cracks and internal damage. However, their complicated installation consumes more time which increases the labor charges. 

The labor is a team of professional experts and mechanics that charge money for these installations per hour.


The horns on the variants of the Ford F150 expose them to several environmental hazards. Therefore, they undergo more damage and breakdowns, and you cannot use them in their failed conditions. You have to select a durable horn for your pickup truck.

In such circumstances, their replacement is essential when you drive the pickup truck on busy roads. 

The broken or malfunctioning horns are dangerous for your pickup trucks because they reduce the safety of drivers and passengers. 

Also, the failed horns cannot produce the standard decibels, and you lack the sounds that can alert the other drivers. In such circumstances, the chances of collisions increase from the standard level. 

The horns require more frequent replacement, which increases the cost of the procedure. Moreover, their replacement cost varies according to their types and stability. 

Their compatibility determines the cost of the replacement procedure because they have variable designs and performance.