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How Much Does a Roadtrek 190 Cost?

How Much Does a Roadtrek 190 Cost?

Before buying a Roadtrek 190, you should know its cost and features. It is a moving home on roads with exceptional living comforts, traveling facilities, and maximum cargo space and bathroom facilities. 

How Much Does a Roadtrek 190 Cost? Roadtrek 190 costs between $46000 to $118000, with an estimated weight of 6400 pounds to 7900 pounds. On average, the price of a used Roadtrek 190 is $90000 with a 316-hp engine and size of 243x74x98 inches.

In addition, a Roadtrek 190 has a horsepower of around 205 hp to 325 hp with high engine performance. Also, it is among the most expensive camper vans due to its high wheelbase, high-quality tires, and appealing bedrooms with 2 to 3 beds. 

Also, a well-known organization Groupe Rapido took over these vehicles, and today the company supplies the setups with standard qualities.

On average, it can accommodate around 5 to 6 adults and 2 to 3 children by facilitating convertible sofas and soft sleeping mattresses. Also, it has a cabinet-equipped bathroom with doors, a constant water supply, and a drain passage. 

Typically, the cost depends on the Camper van exterior, interior facilities, engine performance, speed, and tire support. Also, you can purchase used models for around $46000 to $49000, but they have few defects. 

In addition, heavy appliances like a refrigerator and electric oven add multiple pounds in total weight and affect the standard cost.

27 Examples of Roadtrek 190 models with their cost, weight, size, and horsepower

Roadtrek 190 models with year



(In pounds)


(L X W X H)


1995 Roadtrek 190


6400 pounds

241 x 73 x 97 inches

205 hp

1996 Roadtrek 190


6500 pounds

242 x 73 x 97 inches

202 hp

1997 Roadtrek 190


6550 pounds

242 x 73 x 96 inches

205 hp

1998 Roadtrek 190


6770 pounds

243 x 75 x 95 inches

205 hp

1999 Roadtrek 190


6780 pounds

244 x 73 x 97 inches

210 hp

2000 Roadtrek 190


6900 pounds

243 x 74 x 96 inches

230 hp

2001 Roadtrek 190


7300 pounds

244 x 73 x 98 inches

223 hp

2002 Roadtrek 190


7400 pounds

243 x 73 x 97 inches

225 hp

2003 Roadtrek 190


7650 pounds

243 x 72 x 96 inches

302 hp

2004 Roadtrek 190


7680 pounds

244 x 73 x 97 inches

302 hp

2005 Roadtrek 190


7660 pounds

242 x 73 x 94 inches

305 hp

2006 Roadtrek 190


7700 pounds

244 x 72 x 97 inches

302 hp

2007 Roadtrek 190


7720 pounds

242 x 73 x 95 inches

305 hp

2008 Roadtrek 190


7750 pounds

244 x 74 x 97 inches

302 hp

2009 Roadtrek 190


7760 pounds

243 x 73 x 98 inches

320 hp

2010 Roadtrek 190


7770 pounds

244 x 71 x 98 inches

310 hp

2011 Roadtrek 190


7790 pounds

244 x 74 x 96 inches

315 hp

2012 Roadtrek 190


7780 pounds

241 x 73 x 96 inches

320 hp

2013 Roadtrek 190


7800 pounds

243 x 72 x 97 inches

326 hp

2014 Roadtrek 190


7820 pounds

242 x 73 x 96 inches

330 hp

2015 Roadtrek 190


7830 pounds

244 x 72 x 98 inches

325 hp

2016 Roadtrek 190


7845 pounds

242 x 73 x 98 inches

326 hp

2017 Roadtrek 190


7849 pounds

244 x 74 x 96 inches

325 hp

2018 Roadtrek 190


7855 pounds

243 x 73 x 97 inches

325 hp

2019 Roadtrek 190


7870 pounds

242 x 73 x 96 inches

325 hp

2020 Roadtrek 190


7890 pounds

242 x 72 x 97 inches

325 hp

2021 Roadtrek 190


7900 pounds

243 x 74 x 98 inches

325 hp

Why is it essential to know the cost of Roadtrek 190?

The Roadtrek 190 has multiple variants with different specifications and cost ranges. Also, the manufacturing company offers a comprehensive and negotiable price list of these vehicles. The price list shows different cost ranges and relevant detail about the setup.

In addition, the information provides detailed data that helps in the selection of standard setup. With this cost list, you can compare the prices with other companies and also check the advantages included in the package. 

Check the compatibility of prices and consider your budget before purchasing them. Also, before investing an amount of money, check the used Motorhome and their prices. It helps to get desired results at moderate costs and prevents time consumption.

Also, during the selection process, check the internal features and carefully spend money. After all, it is a massive investment, and you cannot afford to lose a considerable amount of dollars on an unattractive living setup.

In addition, the high prices are due to several high-quality specifications, appealing designs, and advanced technologies. Therefore, a person can make an appropriate purchase decision by knowing cost differences and advantages.

Its average cost

Generally, the average cost of these Camper vans changes according to models and the number of internal features. Also, you can purchase them directly from the authentic selling portals with warranty policies and spare parts. They also provide relevant documents and a manual full of instructions. 

Its average cost is around $73000 to $123000. With high-quality features and more cargo space, the price increases. It directly increases the overall weight, and the heavier camper vans are expensive. Also, its maximum cost is around $117000 to $119000. 

They are expensive due to extraordinary qualities, presence of bathroom, massive cabinets, and kitchen section. Also, the efficient engine, high brake system, and maximum performance increase the total price range. 

Also, they are innovative camper vans with moderate price models and limited specifications. The minimum price is around $46000 to $53000. In addition, they have a minor difference among the cost limits.

Moreover, the options of customization are available that helps in the addition of a new item. Also, it simultaneously increases the cost of that camper van more than the original price. Many people compare the Roadtrek 190 and 210.

Roadtrek 190 average weight

Typically, the weight limit changes according to the size of the cabin compartment and many appliances inside it. Also, it has a moderate range of weight limits. For example, the average weight of a Roadtrek 190 is around 6780 pounds to 7660 pounds. 

The latest models are heavier than the old ones due to heavy electrical equipment, lights, and other such material. Also, it has a maximum weight range of around 7870 pounds to 7900 pounds. However, the gross vehicle’s weight can reach up to 9700 pounds. 

In addition, select them according to the weight handling capacity of your parking spot or garage. Few of them are lighter in weight with fewer internal specifications. However, they have all the standard features, but the size is smaller than the heavy ones. 

On average, the minimum weight of these vehicles is around 6400 pounds to 6550 pounds. Also, the lightweight campers have low costs than the others. 

Select Roadtrek models that have lightweight, and have convenient parking positions for regular use, without any weight interference. In addition, they have convenient handling with maximum steering control. 

Also, they provide comfortable maintenance and service conditions. In addition, consider the expert guidelines for the best model according to your parking space size and other relevant factors.

Its average size

Generally, there is a negligible dimensional difference among all models, but they are different in size. Also, it changes with the variants, kitchen size, cabinet height, and length.

The old models are smaller than the latest Roadtrek due to the addition in the length of the Motorhome. The new models have maximum accommodation space with comfortable sleeping compartments. The average size of these campers is around 241 x 73 x 97 inches to 243 x 74 x 98 inches. 

The new variants have a lengthy living area with surrounding appliances and provide maximum comfort in one setup. As a result, the size increases, and they stand out as a prominent Motorhome among all similar living setups. 

Is the Roadtrek 190 still in business?

Yes, it is still in business from the introduction year and is making similar variants. Also, it has multiple manufacturing and selling headquarters in North America.

Since 2019, the Groupe Rapido family has manufactured these Motorhomes with numerous innovations and techniques.

In addition, they have a manufacturing plant in Canada that makes and supplies these setups across the USA. They use advanced technologies in manufacturing procedures and provide customization options with negotiable price lists.

Where are the Roadtrek 190 made?

Generally, North America is one of the biggest portals for the manufacturing, dealing, and selling these Motorhomes. In addition, the manufacturers make them in bulk quantities and supply them throughout the USA. 

But, it has headquarters and supplying facilities in Canada, with similar facilities and work procedures. Also, the company is a well-established organization with a staff of around 350 to 400 approximately. 

Furthermore, the symbolic representation is through a block crossed with a red square. In addition, Roadtrek 190 models are available in several colors and designs. 

Who makes Roadtrek 190 RVs?

Since 2019, the manufacturing company has become a part of Groupe Rapido. Also, it is a family-owned business with billion-dollar sales per year.

Also, the company supplies motorhomes according to the customer requirements, the staff is client-friendly, and they never compromise over the quality. 

In addition, Dane Found works as the CEO of this company and manages the transportation of these setups for an excellent living experience during traveling. 

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