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How Much Does a Rotator Tow Truck Cost?

How Much Does a Rotator Tow Truck Cost?

A rotator tow truck is expensive, with an average cost of about $408000, a moveable crane, and exceptional towing capacity. It has 50-ton, 65-ton, 75-ton, and 80-ton units with variable weight holding limits.

How Much Does a Rotator Tow Truck Cost? According to our research, the average cost of the rotator tow truck is between $407000 to $408000. A century 1150 costs you $414600 to $513000; century 7035 is about $197400, Peterbilt 367 is $63500 to $703873, challenger rotator 9909 in $409000, century 12 series in $55800 to $88800, century 1140 in $93500 to $100000. Century M100 is the largest and costs you $1.39 to $1.4 million, with a height of 52 to 53 feet and a weight capacity of about 65000 pounds.

You can purchase a 75-ton unit for $840000 to $850000, an 80-ton for $64000 to $161000, a 50-ton for $740000 to $750000, and a 65-tin rotator in $750000 to $755000.

Its crane extends, rotates at 360°, connects the hook with the equipment, and transfers it to a safe spot. It is an 18-wheeler with a combination of a tractor and a trailer. 

What is a rotator tow truck?

It is one of the largest, electrically empowered, heaviest, and high-performance hauling trucks. It has different variants with variable load handling capacities.

These are heavy-duty layouts that have a non-moveable bottom section with pivoting parts. It has a long crane with a holding section and controlled movements.

It can remove the vehicles from their accidental spots. However, the dangerous free movement of the crane keeps the automobiles intact. 

It carries the vehicles from slippery roads and slick surfaces. In addition, it has specific equipment to lift the automobile and transfer them to a safe spot. 

Also, these cranes bring the vehicles back to their original positions. Their cranes can rotate at an angle of 360 degrees. 

It can extend up to 31.5 feet due to manufacturing specifications. The driver stops the tow truck far from the vehicles and holds them from a specific distance.

These are heavy layouts and weigh around 79400 to 149915 pounds. The manufacturers offer lightweight objects with less elongated cranes. According to customer demands, they have different built-in features and customized properties.

They are high-performance 12-wheelers that are about 42 feet long. It has a 15.8-liter engine and produces a horsepower of about 190 hp to 210 hp. 

A chart of rotator tow trucks, their cost, weight, towing capacity

Rotator tow trucks Cost Weight (tons) Weight towing capacity (In pounds)
Retracted Extended
Century 1150 rotator $414600 to $513000 50 100000 25000
Century 7035 $197400 35 80000 16000
Peterbilt 367 $63500 to $703873 28 80000 13000
Challenger rotator 9909 $409000 67 to 68 85000 13000
Century 12 series $55800 to $88800 30 120000 44000
Century 1140 $93500 to $100000 40 3500000 80000
Century M100 $1.39 to $1.4 100 5400000 20000

What is the cost of a rotator tow truck?

It is a towing truck with a stable bottom and a rotational crane on the top. Across the USA, its upper versions charge you around $258000 to $260000.

It has a particular portion beneath that is a long-nose unit with an average price of about $149000 to $151000. 

It has a total cost of about $407000 to $408000. Its bottom section can exceed 29 to 30 feet. 

The price varies according to the type of design, location of vehicles, and truck size. They carry the whole truck and trailer simultaneously. 

The driver can maneuver the vehicles in no parking areas with such heavy loads.


It is a high-performance hauling vehicle with an extended crane and a weight limit of about 750000 pounds. These are expensive layouts with an average cost of around $840000 to $850000.

You can find the less expensive versions but with low-weight holding capacities. Small units cannot compete in the wrecker industry.

Its versions can hold around 110000 to 112000 pounds. They have a non-stop driving capability of about 179 to 180 miles. 


It is one of the most significant hauling trucks with a moveable crane and weight limit of about 49000 to 50000 pounds.

It has an axle lift of approximately 51000 to 52000 pounds. It has an elevation reach of about zero to 73° and costs between $64000 to $161000.


It is one of the largest American wreckers, with an average price of $258000 to $259000. Its largest, advanced, and extended versions have a price range of about $740000 to $750000.

These variants can carry heavy vehicles, semi-trailers, and all 18-wheelers. They have a rotating cab which turns it into one of the most expensive versions.

They can hook heavy loads and automobiles through the cranes and launch them in safe spots. In addition, they can carry yachts, boars, and construction machinery. 


It has an arm-like crane with an axle lift of about 41000 to 42000 pounds. Moreover, it has a weight limit of 39000 to 41000 pounds with an elevation spot of zero to 73 degrees.

It is a slightly less expensive unit than 75-ton and 80-ton models. However, its price varies from $750000 to $755000. 

What are the different types of rotator tow truck and their cost?

It has multiple models with variable load-carrying capacities and Non-identical work performance. I have explained different variants of this hauling truck. 

Century 1150 

It is an ideal, 50-ton, efficient unit with an average price of $414600 to $513000. It is a famous wrecker that shows a quick response to emergency calls.

It can clear and recover small to medium vehicles and crashed material. It has an under lift rating of around 50000 pounds. 

Century 7035

It is a heavy-duty wrecker with efficient load hauling capacity and charges you around $197400 across the USA.

It is a 35-ton unit with a dual winches limit of about 35000 pounds. It has a winch pool and versatile load-carrying abilities. 

Peterbilt 367

It is a century unit with a crane and a sleeper cab. It has lease charges of about $63500 to $703873. It has a metallic frame with extended and retractable cables.

With a moving mechanism, it can carry heavy loads and destruction material. 

Challenger rotator 9909

It has been a part of the hauling industry for the past thirteen years. It is a 67 to 68-ton truck with an extended capacity of 16.33 tons.

It can make a turn of 360° and has a maximum angle of out 60°. However, it is an expensive unit with an average price of about $409000. 

Century 12 series

It is an advanced towing truck with exceptional design and attractive built-in facilities. The weight of a century 12 series is about 12000 pounds and can carry heavy loads without swaying.

It has an angle of less than 11° and can load lightweight vehicles without wooden and metallic ramps. It has an angle of 20° to access the dumps.

With these angles, it can remove the damaged parts of cars from the deep holes. It is a 30-ton truck with an average price of about $55800 to $88800. 

Century 1140

It is a 40-ton hauling truck with an average price of about $93500 to $100000a. It has a versatile design with two winches and a weight capacity of about 35000 pounds.

It facilitates a rotation of 360° and splits the angle into two halves. It has electric and wireless controls that can extend away from the frame. They improve the overall work efficiency of the moveable parts.

What is the average cost of a rotator tow truck for one tow?

The average cost of hiring for one tow is about $4600 to $11800. The prices vary according to the location of the vehicle, type of accident, violation of legal laws, and other state policies.

For non-complicated activities, you can get a discounted price for a single hauling condition.

However, the charges are higher for highway cleaning because the procedures are complex. Also, the hauling facility undergoes legal laws and faces challenging traffic policies. 

What is the rotator tow truck cost per hour?

It depends on the crane movement, equipment use, and complex procedures. The average cost to remove the victims from a critical spot is around $200 for one hour.

The charges are high because the driver moves these massive trucks on one emergency request. They can remove the crashed vehicles and injured people from holes.

In long-distance hauling, the charges can increase from $4450 to $4500 for one hour. However, the local charges are lower due to the intensity of hauling and less complicated removals. 

How much do you have to pay for rotator tow truck cost per mile?

The average charges to hire it are around $148 to $150 for one mile. For 2 miles, the prices are double, with an average range of about $296 to $300.

You can hire these units for hauling of 4 to 50 miles. In such circumstances, the companies offer a discounted package. The companies charge around $50 to $125 for 5 to 10 miles of local activities, 

Several portals charge around $74 to $75 for hook-up. For long-distance hauling, they increase the rates and charge about $2 to $4 for each mile. The prices are from $125 to $250 for a 40-mile activity.

The range varies according to the distance and type of location. According to a rough estimate, the charges vary from $248 to $250 for 7 miles. 

Why are rotator tow trucks so expensive?

They are one of the most expensive vehicles in the world due to the combination of tractors, trailers, and cranes. In addition, these are costly units due to the following features and advanced technologies. 

Extensive design

Rotator tow trucks are 18-wheelers with a specific design, metallic frames, and attached trailers. The moveable, extended cranes, hooks, and retractable cables facilitate powerful hauling.

They can approach the locations of accidents, holes, and digs from a specific distance. The advancement of machinery and electrically controlled features make it an attractive and costly unit. 

Weight towing ability

It has different variants with variable load-hauling abilities. They can haul a small car, a massive vehicle, and a semi-trailer by adjusting a hook.

They collect, carry and transfer the trashed material to safe spots. 

They rescue the victims by pulling them out of the dangerous spots. 


They are high-performance vehicles with intact frames, durable wheels, and effective axles. However, excessive usage, old equipment, and inappropriate control lead to structural damage.

Their maintenance is higher than other hauling vehicles due to the giant layout and complicated machinery. In addition, its replacement tools are costly and make the alteration expensive. 

Location of towing

Several people call these trucks to haul the crashed vehicles. Their hiring charges vary according to the complexity of the hauling location.

What is the biggest rotator tow truck and its cost?

Century M100 is one of the largest and most advanced rotator trucks worldwide. Miller industries have made this massive carrier of equipment and vehicles.

It is the first heavy-duty truck, with a weight limit of about 65000 pounds. These units are 18-wheelers and have an average length of about 20 feet.

The extensive dimensions make it a tri-axle with an average weight limit of 150000 pounds. It is the king of all rotator trucks with a price range of about $1.39 to $1.4 million.

Century M100 has an average height of around 52 to 53 feet. These are 100-ton units with a diversity of styles and internal equipment.

The empowered crane rotates according to manual and mechanical instructions. It can haul massive loads, vehicles, machinery, and tractor trailers.

Why do people call a tow truck a wrecker?

Several people call it a wrecker due to its identical functions and similar performance. Ernest Holmes invented wreckers in 1916. 

He was a garage employee who reduced the usage of ropes and blocks to pull a small to medium car.

Wreckers cause road hazards due to their massive sizes and weight limitations. 

Wreckers are specific trucks that can handle cars and heavyweight vehicles.

They have dual off-ground wheels, a chain, and a hook. It has an extensive neck section that can extend and approach the objects at a specific distance.

They are medium and light-duty units that can tow heavy loads. In addition, the lightweight variants can clear the non-parking spots and remove illegally parked vehicles. 

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